It is not always easy to find handmade items created by artisans in this age of technological advancements. Most things are mass produced by automated machinery and processes that do not place any value on craftsmanship. Some of the old arts are dying because there is no one left who knows how to produce one-of-a-kind sculptures, weave jute into rugs, or color fabrics with stains and dyes from nature. There is still a place you can find some of these items for sale online.

A jute rug, for example, offers a neutral look and bohemian rugs a texture that will add elegance to any room in your home. Handmade rugs from different fabrics and materials offer a wide variety of colors, thicknesses, and textures. Cushions, carpets, throws, and bohemian bedding, handmade from all over the world, are offered, as are quilts, blankets, and towels. Sheets of organic cotton, some with block prints, and pillow cases to match will go well with any bedroom decor. Flat weave, thick brocaded rugs and jute rugs are but a few examples of the textures and variety you will find among the textiles.

Furniture, ottomans, brass beds, cabinets, bohemian furniture, and cupboards are some of the larger pieces available that are all handmade using old ways and techniques. Handbags, jewelry, scarves, clutches, salves, creams, and bath and body kits are some of the personal items you will find at fair prices. Hand woven baskets, wall decor, room decor, and mirrors of the highest quality, made with pride are also available. Each piece is unique and designed especially for specific collections. The newest collection is called "silpi" and has some items that are available wholesale.

The website is well organized with a sale selection, gift cards available, and a blog that follows some of the travels and discoveries of the artisans featured in the collections of works. You can learn a bit about how they practice their craft and where they originally learned their techniques. There is even a page where you can get to know the people behind the store.

Practical information is also included, such as the return policy, terms and conditions of the site, and ordering and shipping information. All items are priced in Australian dollars, and shipping is either free or at a flat rate. There is a place for questions, introductions, and inquiries. You can follow the online store via social media on Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram.