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Start By Setting Your Expectations

Everyone knows what vimax is and that you can buy buy vit from a ton of different websites out there. 

So far, it is still the first and the most popular natural male enhancement product in the world and men are lining up to try the pill for themselves.

Sex is an integral part of people's relationships. It helps men and women keep their partners close, allowing one to build trust and to foster their intimacy with each other.

However, sometimes, sex is not as satisfying as it should be, which often leads to disputes and unhappiness.


What Can Vimax Do For You?


Vimax provides an affordable, all natural option for those men who just want to improve their sex lives and satisfy their lovers.

The great thing about it is that you can just take the pill and spend the rest of your time relaxing as it only takes several weeks to see results for most men who stay the course and take it consistently.


A Warning About The Free Trial Offers


Before you buy vimax, you COULD check out some of the free trials that are available.

However, I would warn you that these free-trial sites often put a markup on their prices in order to cover the costs of the no-cost trials they offer.

It is my recommendation instead to look for the more reputable sites, that still offer Vimax at competitive prices. Even though Vimax is one of the most popular of the male enhancement products and is made of natural ingredients, it may not be effective for some men.

However, those that do want to try Vimax have to take this into mind: Vimax does not work instantly. 

You have to continuously use the product for some time before you reap the full benefits. It’s unfortunate, but many of the negative reviews we see out there are not entirely accurate - they are often from men and couples that haven’t taken it consistently.

And let's face it, if you look hard enough you will find a negative review about EVERYTHING!


Results After Month 1


Now the good news, within your first month of using the pill, you actually can and should expect some early differences. You will notice that you will have more energy and and increased libido.

Your sex drive will shoot over the roof! Trust me on this, guys :)

After the second and third months, you might notice some differences to your length and girth. Your penis will be harder and stiffer, capable of uninterrupted coitus for extended periods of time.

You will also notice that you are adding some length or girth as I said previously - but worth repeating in my opinion.


Results After Month 3


The fourth month onward is when things start to get REALLY interesting - you will notice that you have gained a couple of inches or so to your erect penis.

You will also experience more girth again. The bottom line is that most fellas will see some superb results with Vimax - but because it is made from natural ingredients, you do have to take it frequently and often.

Just stick to the recommended dosage on the packaging and you’ll be squared away.


The Guarantees


Having a guarantee for something your purchase online used to be a novelty, and a great way for companies online to convince us to buy something. However these days, some kind of money back warranty is just expected.

I don't know about you, but if someone isn't willing to give me my money back after I commit the time and money to try it out - then I'll simply move on to something else.

If you've done any type of research at all already on Vimax, it's likely you've seen all the money back guarantees being thrown around.

But are any of them worth the screen pixels they are written on?

I've seen guarantees ranging from 2 weeks, all the way up to 6 months!

When I was doing my research on deciding where to buy, I went for a reputable looking site that had a 67 day guarantee - bit of a random odd number but to me this was somewhere in the middle of all the guarantees I'd scene and I read on another review somewhere that they actually do honour their guarantees.

I don't know about you, but as long as the money back period is around 30 days and they honour it - that's all I care about really.

I knew that if I hadn't seen any results at all after 30 days then I'd be sending the bottle back.

Luckily I didn't have to as my results after 2 weeks were good enough for me to pursue with it.

For those that are interested, I'll post a link to where I purchased mine at the end of this post.


Now On To MY Results Taking Vimax For 6 Months


Ok, so the question on everyone's mind is likely "how much extra length and girth did I get?".

It's not every day that you make a public post about your length lol but I'll try to be as honest as I can.

I took mine as part of an overall detox plan, and after 2 weeks I didn't see any increase in length or girth - but I'm a little bit above average anyway :)

What I did find was that I was able to last much longer, and it was much much harder - my fiancé was the first to notice actually.

However, I was not entirely won over at this point - I read on other reviews that the placebo effect can often trick your brain into thinking your getting physical results when you're actually not.

But like I said, I'd seen enough to make me continue the course.

So here I am about 6 months after continued and consistent consumption and my measurements have increase as follows:

Length: +2.7 inches

Girth: +1 inch

This is massive to me, as I was pretty decent sized anyway.

But to all guys reading this, the key is definitely in being consistent - popping a Vimax needs to come as natural to you as brushing your teeth for about 3-5 months and I'm confident most guys will see something that makes it worth the money to you.


Where Did I Buy Mine?


I know many will ask, so here is a link to where I bought mine:

Click Here To Open In A New Tab

Like I said, this site seemed good to me - I found it in Google, their prices were good, and I know they honour their guarantee - that's what was important to me.

Good luck, and happy growing :)

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