Panties, thongs, C-Strings, push up bras, pasties, nipple tapes women's undergarments seem like a science of its own. And the terms are just the beginning. We haven't discussed yet cup sizes, fabrics, skin type, body shape and we are already gasping for air with all the topics that need to be covered. So you think guys got it lucky? Think again! As the rise of the fashion conscious man, underwear are becoming a concern nowadays to the most dapper of men. Long gone are the cavemen who don't care about the detailing, the thread count and the brand he's wearing. Fortunately for those who want some catching up to do we have made this simple guide for men to think about what to wear and when to wear it. Guys, take note and visit the sex shop, stat!

  • 1.Briefs
  • When to Wear it: Quickies, Really Drunk Sex, Random Hook Ups, and Post Game Sex
  • These is the usually underwear most people wear and encounter for those surprise sex or you when you have an erection in the most unlikely of places. Girls, please be patient and considerate, since this type of sex in usually of guard you'll often see them wearing the most comfortable of underwear. But guys this isn't an excuse to wear your tighty whities, invest in a dark colored and slim fitting undies so you'll be comfortable and stylish at the same time. Be keen on detailing too, a neon jockstrap or a bright colored trim can send a woman off to Niagara like wetness.
  • 2.Boxers
  • When to Wear it: Dates, Anniversaries, and Expected Hook Ups
  • Ok, with this one you'll need to pull all the stops as this is planned, prepared and expected. But we advised not to wear this with shorts as the risk of your butt eating your underwear is high as ever. Look for one that eliminates odor; threads infused with charcoal eliminating odor usually are usually in black which means good news as black is sexy and slimming. Loose or fitting either way is ok, because there nothing that kills off the mood than your partner stripping you underwear with their mouths and being greeted by a smelly dick by the nose. Regardless of how huge you package nobody likes a smelly dick.
  • 3.Trunks
  • When to Wear it: Sex on the Beach, Underwater Sex, Camping out Sex, Sex in a Lake or River
  • This is for the ones who are experts in having sex in any situations and any terrain. Easy to wear and strip out of to, wear this is outdoor-sy occasions. But when going to have sex in anybody of water, we recommend to wear something bright as if ever you part while mid-fuck at least you can never mistake you partner's penis to a wandering electric eel or sea snake.