A number of years now since its introduction, the Versalift VST family of bucket trucks remains one of the most popular of all. Even highly regarded manufacturers like Elliot were seen to be playing catch-up after the VST trucks came onto the scene, with Versalift clearly having studied the market and figured out just what was lacking before making its move. Today, trucks from this line remain some of the most frequently requested of all at Aerial Bucket Truck Rental companies.

Even among the popular VST trucks, a couple stand out as especially appealing. One of these is undoubtedly the VST-50-TN, a piece of equipment that is probably more widely seen in the field than any other of its class. The VST-50-TN strikes a whole lot of perfect chords, it turns out, delivering a mix of features and specifications that make it an incredibly apt choice for a wide range of jobs.

This is true even when it comes to the absolute basics. The 55-foot working height of the VST-50-TN's boom is just the right size for many companies, offering enough extension for just about any common job without including excess bulk that would make the truck harder to handle. With the 50-foot class of bucket truck already being a popular choice among clients in the thriving telecommunications and power-line industries, the RQ606 (Versalift VST-50-TN) adds a number of features that make it stand out even amid this intense competition.

One of these is the proprietary joint arrangement that defines the entire VST series. Never seen in production before the VST family gave birth to it, this setup allows for a more compact stowed configuration for the boom. At the same time, it handles easily in the field, allowing for quick and accurate adjustment even by those with relatively little experience with such apparatus.

Another is the premium that the truck's designers placed on making its every component as accessible and transparent as possible. The VST line is famous for enabling easy, quick inspections, and the VST-50-TN is no exception. What this translates to in practice is more time spent getting revenue-generating work done, instead of fighting with a truck's shrouds, panels, and housings.

Thanks to these features and many more of a similarly well thought-out nature, the VST-50-TN makes an excellent choice in many different situations. Even while having become somewhat venerable, the VST line still stands as an excellent example of strong bucket truck design, and the VST-50-TN is no exception.