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The John Barban Venus Factor System Official Website

Where's The Best Place To Buy Venus Factor By John Barban?

Click here to visit the official John Barban Venus Factor System website to purchase and download the Venus Factor PDF, workout videos, and complete 12-week fat loss and body reshaping program.

Purchasing the program directly from John Barban through the official website ensures the lowest price and qualifies you for a full 60-day money back guarantee

Review by Kaley June

Venus Factor Fat Loss Cookbook Review
A Review Of The Venus Factor Fat Loss Cookbook (available as an upsell after your initial purchase)

The second upsell you’ll have the opportunity to grab at a reduced price is the Venus Factor Fat Loss Cookbook.

This was a real life-saver for me because I’m the type of person who can never have enough recipes.  I get bored with food pretty easily, especially when I’m trying to eat healthy, so it was an easy decision to pick up the Venus Factor Cookbook.

Nothing overly fancy here.  Just a collection of more than 100 delicious recipes that will help you burn fat, keep your metabolism revved up, and help you achieve quicker results from your workouts.

Many of the recipes are things you’ve eaten in the past.  In fact, a lot of them are what I would call “comfort foods” like hot dogs and baked beans, hamburgers and french fries, tuna salad, lasagna.

John describes it in the cookbook like this…

Each recipe is meant to create the same taste and experience as the ‘regular’ version but with less total calories. This is a big key to eating meals that are satisfying and feel like ‘yours’ while still losing weight.

The goal of this manual is to give you lots of options for cooking all kinds of different meals that you are already familiar with and like but with less total calories. And we’ve also tossed in some new ones that you might not have seen before (because variety and learning something new is never a bad thing).

There are options for breakfast, lunch, dinner, appetizers, desserts, snacks, and even a few drinks.  The smoothie variety, not the alcoholic kind.  Geez, what kind of program did you think this is? :)

You can get the full Venus Factor Program here...

How Can I Accelerate My Fat Loss With John Barban’s Venus Factor System?

After making your initial purchase of John Barban's Venus Factor System, you'll have the opportunity to get some really great deals on 3 different upsells.  These aren’t necessary to have success with the program, but they can help you accelerate your fat loss and achieve quicker, more targeted results. 

I decided to go “all in” and went ahead and purchased all 3.  I have a (sometimes inconvenient) personality trait of not wanting to miss out on anything and since the upsells were also covered under the 60-day money back guarantee, I figured “Why not?”  I could always get my money back if they sucked.  Good news is, they don’t.

I’ve captured a few screenshots so you’ll know what to watch for in case any of these can help you reach your fat loss goals quicker.

So what are the 3 upsells?  Let me dig into each one right now.

Click here if you want to go directly to the Venus Factor Official Website without reading my reviews of the Venus Factor upsells...

Venus Factor Slim In 7: How To Look 10lbs Lighter In 7 Days Review

A Review Of Venus Factor Slim In 7: How To Look 10lbs Lighter In 7 Days (available as an upsell after your initial purchase)

The third and final upsell is called Venus Factor Slim In 7: How To Look 10lbs Lighter In 7 Days.  While I highly recommend picking up the first 2 upsells (the fat loss cookbook and Venus Factor Final Phase), this one really comes down to your situation.

For example, maybe a hot guy asks you out and you need a quick way to fit into that super sexy top of yours.  Maybe your hubby’s birthday is coming up, and you want to look your best to surprise him with something “extra special”. *wink wink*  Maybe your girlfriends invite you out swimming or you have a pool party next week and you don’t want to be the only one totally embarrassed to be in a bikini.

There could be a ton of situations where Venus Factor Slim In 7 comes in handy.  I picked it up because I thought there could be a time down the road when I may need to slim up fast. 

Inside the guide, John Barban gives you a 1-week protocol that tells you exactly what to do each day (specific diet, workouts, etc.) for a total of 7 days anytime you need to look your best and don’t have much time to get in shape.  He also provides a lot of great tips on how to actually appear slimmer than you really are as well as many easy to implement techniques for looking sexy and attractive in pictures.

John says…

This manual is a specific step by step protocol for exactly 7 days for the purpose of dropping a significant amount of weight, tightening up the way you look, and getting prepped for a special occasion (where there is likely going to be photos taken!)

To be clear this is a full 7 day protocol meaning it is preparing you for an event on the morning/day of the 8th day.

Venus Factor Slim In 7 is one of those things you won’t always need, but when you do, it becomes a real life-saver. 

Visit the official Venus Factor website to get Slim in 7 along with the complete Venus Factor System workouts and nutrition plans...

The Venus Factor Final Phase: 12 Week Advanced Fat Loss And Muscle Toning System Review

A Review Of Venus Factor Final Phase (available as an upsell after your initial purchase)

As I’ve already mentioned previously in this Venus Factor review, the core program consists of 12 weeks of rapid fat loss transformation.  Well, once you’ve burned away a lot of your fat and have your metabolism in check using John’s workouts, diet tips, etc., the Venus Factor Final Phase program helps you further chisel, tone, and refine your body into its ideal, most attractive shape.

Click here to learn more about Venus Factor...

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