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Desperate to Lose Weight Quickly?

Are you desperate to lose weight quickly? Believe me, I've been right there with you.

There was never a time when I wasn't overweight. Some of my earliest memories are of being teased at school, having to buy husky sized clothes when my parents took me school shopping, and feeling sorry for myself because of how I looked and how large I was.

No more. Once I took responsibility for my health and my life, everything changed. I learned that I really could be everything I wanted to be.

Why Are We Desperate to Lose Weight Quickly?

There are a lot of reasons we are desperate to lose weight quickly. Since everyone is different, those reasons will vary somewhat between people. For me, it broke down to several different reasons, each of which was negatively impacting my overall quality of life.


Let's face it - overweight people do not feel attractive to others or to themselves. I have a gorgeous fiancee who loves me and found me attractive even when I was over 450 pounds - I just never believed her before. Now I do.


Most of the chronic health problems facing our nation are directly related to being overweight and eating the wrong foods. Diabetes, heart disease, renal failure, and more are all much more likely to develop if you are overweight.


Anyone who is or has been overweight knows exactly what I mean. My inability to lose weight damaged my confidence to the point where I didn't believe I was capable of anything. That lack of confidence hurt me personally and professionally.

But now, that is all in the past. I made the change and took responsibility for my life, and now so can you.

Crazy Diets When We Are Desperate to Lose Weight Quickly

Every week, a new fad diet sweeps the nation. Millions of people immediately switch over to this new way of eating in hopes of losing the pounds that have been clinging to them for so long.

The problem with most of these diets is that they are impossible to stick to. It's not realistic to expect people to limit themselves to only a small portion of the food spectrum and expect that they will never stray. As such, most people drop these fad diets and go back to their old habits, gaining even more weight.

Weight Loss Equipment When You Are Desperate to Lose Weight Quickly

I tried quite a few of the weight loss products I saw advertised on infomercials that were broadcast late at night. They would promise to ensure that you had perfect form when exercising, allow you to exercise while sitting on the couch, or guarantee massive results within days.

None of them worked for me. Most of them ended up collecting dust or having clothing draped over them. But that didn't stop me. I was so desperate to lose weight quickly that I kept trying every crazy ab machine that came out in order to shrink my stomach.

None of them worked for me. Read the venus factor review to find out what really works.

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Rapid Weight Loss Ideas

Rapid Weight Loss Idea I Never Considered

During my weight loss travels, I searched the Internet a thousand times for rapid weight loss ideas. As my body ballooned and the scale tipped more and more, I began to grow desperate for a solution. For a time, I bounced back and forth between every popular fad diet over the last twenty years.

I tried them all. From Atkins to the Cabbage Soup Diet to everything in between, I tried them all without any lasting success. There are millions of pages on the Internet that are dedicated to weight loss, but there are very few that are of any real use to the average person.

And then I discovered the Venus Factor and took control of my health.

Rapid Weight Loss Ideas That Failed
I tried a thousand rapid weight loss ideas that I found online. Unfortunately, most of them were ineffective. A few were even painful.

Apple Cider Vinegar
The basic premise is to drink a bit of apple cider vinegar every time you eat. I was unable to keep up with this very long because vinegar is powerful stuff and my stomach apparently wasn't.

Cabbage Soup Diet
I could hear the groans of disgust and sympathy when you read the title of this one. Believe me, the reality is worse...but then, I've never been known to be a cabbage fan.

For a long time, nothing I tried seemed to work. I never found success until I discovered the venus factor.

Rapid Weight Loss Ideas That Backfired

Some of the things I tried were not only completely unsuccessful, but backfired on me and caused me to gain even more weight or suffer health problems.

Fat Burners
I tried a number of fat burning supplements that were offered at my local health store. What no one tells you when you purchase these is that they are not only primarily nothing more than stimulants, but in many cases contain ingredients that people can be allergic to. For example: one brand I bought contained shellfish, and I am most certainly allergic. All the rapid weight loss ideas I was promised turned out to be nothing more than empty promises.

The problem about diets that require you to follow draconian rules of conduct is that the denial causes you to be constantly thinking about what you can't have. After less than a week, I was gorging myself on sugar and potatoes, and ended up gaining a few pounds. This could be considered due to a lack of willpower, but somehow I think the same is true of many other people.

What Is The Quickest Way to Lose Weight?

This is a question that a huge number of people ask of themselves, their doctors, nutritionists, and others every day. As our bodies swell and the scales tip, we feel the minutes counting down to some point where we feel we absolutely must reach a target weight.

Maybe you're trying to get in shape so you look great in a swimsuit at the beach this summer, or maybe you want to squeeze into that special outfit for a wedding or other occasion. Whatever your reasoning, the process is much the same.

What is the quickest way to lose weight?

Are Diets the Answer?

Diets are the first thing people think of when they start thinking about weight loss. After all, all the calories that enter your body are a direct result of your diet. Doesn't it make sense that the most direct path to weight loss is through dieting and reducing your calories to a very low level?

Not necessarily. Not all calories are created equal. Different foods contain different compounds, and those compounds affect the body in different ways. If so, how are you supposed to know what to eat?

Some diets would have you believe that all carbohydrates are evil, regardless of their makeup and source. Others would have you believe that all fats are evil. What is the quickest way to lose weight and still be able to eat good, high quality food?

Is It Exercise?

Exercise is a critical component of any weight loss plan. Without it, your body simply will not burn enough calories to lose the weight as quickly as you might be hoping.

That is not to say that all exercise is created equal. Cardio exercise burns a great deal of calories when you are actively working out, but does little afterward and does nothing to build muscle. Strength training builds muscle and helps increase your metabolism. So, what is the quickest way to lose weight?

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