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Venus Factor Diet John Barban and his wonder program

If achieving physical fitness is your ultimate goal, then it may well be presumed that you have already some researches in this field. It's obvious that you have already come to discover a huge number of diet plans or charts, fitness regimes, work out details and much more that claim to help you attain the level of physical fitness that you are looking for. With the vast number of guides and tips available, it might be quite a dilemma for anyone who is looking to be fit – the easy way.

And this is where John Barban comes in. If you have already made some researches in this field – physical fitness, then there is a high probability that you have already come across the name quite a few times already. And if you haven't already, then here is some information dose for you.

John Barban started it out like most ordinary guys looking to be physically fit and healthy, but even though he tried a number of supplements, health products, diets, workout schedules and more over a long period of time yet he couldn't reach his dream fitness and figure. This is what frustrated him and he finally decided to study nutrition and human biology at the university and carry out his own researches, so that he could delve deeper into the secrets and unravel them too, for self benefit and that of others too.

What exactly is Venus factor?

Barban started making significant headways in his researches at the university and with the success of the Golden Ratio and the Adonis Index, he had already become a well-known fitness expert in the field on male fitness. It was then that decided to make improvements and researches on changing the way the fitness industry functioned, more so, in the field of women's fitness. For all others, this was a difficult task to pursue, but not for Barban. He was already making significant developments in the field and when the Venus factor was launched, it was like a fulfillment of all goals. Now, Barban's researches had an equal impact on both male and female fitness.

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Why a new 'women only' program?

Fitness programs and supplements have been in the market for quite a long time now, but there was nothing that was tailored specifically to suit the needs of a woman. The generic regimes or fitness programs were applied to and used by women with a goal to achieve fitness. As such, although there was improvement in the physical health and well-being of women, yet that was far from significant as these generic programs couldn't address the various 'women only' issues and concerns.

It was with a motive to do away with this shortcoming that Barban created the Venus Factor – a program that would solve every problem related to women and help them achieve fitness that's best suited for women only. It blends in the best of both worlds – a unique diet that works to modify and alter the leptin function in the body and a workout regime to supplement it.

Why is the venus factor diet so unique?

While most diet programs target foods and diets that can help you lose weight by consuming foods that enhance metabolism and increase the lean mass of the body, the Venus diet is quite different. It tries to utilize the functionalities of the leptin hormone that is known to regulate our appetites and also the amount of fat that would be stored in the body. This activity of leptin ensures that the body has an optimal amount of fat storage and whenever the storage of fat within the body increases above a certain level, the leptin hormone starts its other function – that is curbing down our appetite.

However, in case of women, although a huge amount of the hormone is produced within the body, yet there is not the proper response to its activities. As such, even though the main functionality of leptin may be to reduce hunger and regulate fat storage, in a female body, these functions are highly resisted, which is why, women have a higher chance to gain weight and continue binge eating.

This is where the Venus diet differs from other regimes or diet. Barban's formula is specifically designed so as to target the resistivity of the female body towards leptin and help the hormone perform its regular functions as in men. Fighting the leptin resistivity not just helps control appetite and fat storage, but also help in regulating the function of insulin, irregularity of which may lead to issues such as anomalies in blood pressure, infertility and a lot more, with the increasing age.

The leptin diet – what is it?

The diet regime of this method revolves around two important factors–

  • Reducing the intake of calories
  • Reducing the leptin resistivity

The first part is similar to almost all other programs that exist in the market; controlling the amount of carbs, fats, etc that you take in daily. But the actual twist in the tale comes with the second part which is designed specifically to counter the leptin resistivity in women. The important steps involved are:

  • Avoiding the intake of fructose, starches and refined sugars in your diet.
  • Trying out the reverse calorie intake method.
  • Following the rules of the leptin diet scheme as charted out by Barban.
  • Using a unique herb that has the capability to reduce the leptin resistivity in women.

Why should you opt for Barban's Venus factor?

Before you start with the program, do keep in mind that this is not any sort of magic scheme that will work wonders in a couple of days. It does need patience and if you can really abide by the rules for quite some time, the program will no doubt be the road to success – achieving that perfect fit body that will be your prized possession. You needn't opt for any strenuous workout sessions or starving diets. Just follow the simple rules set out by Barban and you can be fit and healthy.

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By Ruby Bishop

Venus Factor Workout Program: A Workout Routine that Truly Works

One of the most common health problems nowadays, especially for women is gaining too much weight. There are actually thousands and even millions of video tutorials on how a person could lose the extra fats, yet only a few of these guidelines truly works. If you are one of these people who are desperate to gain back the body you once had when you are still young, or wish to try the perfect body shape you never had ever since, then the Venus Factor Program can be of great help for you.

What is Venus Factor Program?

The Venus Factor Workout is a program, especially designed to give solution to your losing weight problem. It gives hope to anyone who has desires to be physically fit. It is an ultimate guide that you can use on what necessary workout routines you should perform that would target the specific body part that you wish to tone. The perfect diet will also be provided so you would know what to eat and which foods to avoid, so you surely get the ideal body weight and shape you always wanted.

What You Could Expect from the Venus Factor Program?

It is indeed a great guide. It would tell you what to do in details. You will not be lost nor be unmotivated to pursue your health goals because there would be a day-to-day task. You just need to dedicate your time and efforts so you could get the desired results.

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• Phase 1

These are the basic exercises that almost all fitness programs ask you to perform. Most of these workout routines are easy to demonstrate and if you are already a member of the Venus Factor Program, you will get a video that you can watch to get the necessary information on how the routines should be performed properly.The basic push ups, bowler squats, planks, step-ups are some of the sample exercises that you need to demonstrate with a specific number of repetitions, sets, and rests.

venus factor workout

• Phase 2

It would be just almost the same workout routines, but it would require you to have longer periods of repetitions, more sets, and shorter rest. This is to test whether you have improved your performance. This would also ensure that you are gaining strength and agility in terms of performing the basic physical exercises and you can already do better or those advanced workout schemes.

• Phase 3

In this phase, it would be more intensive and tougher. However, as long as you have all the energy and your body is already adjusted to the extreme workout exercises, then it would be more challenging, yet exciting.

Lose Weight Right from the Comfort of Your Home

One of the good things in enrolling in Venus Factor Program is that you can just do the routines from the comfort of your home, even in your room. As long as you could watch the video tutorial comfortably and follow the workout routines properly, then you can get the result that you need.

Of course, you will be given recommendations on the necessary food that you should eat so that it would not disrupt the health objectives you have set for yourself. According to many experts, it would be 30% of your weight loss program to do the necessary exercises, but it would 70% of your diet that would contribute mainly on how you could lose weight.

With the proper exercise that you do every day, with the perfect diet plan you follow, nobody could stop you now in getting the body shape you want. The good thing is that you are doing not just the right, but also the healthy way.

The Secret Ingredient of the Most Effective Losing Weight Program

There is always a secret to attain success and what the Venus Factor Program is doing is just so perfect that it has impressed almost all the enrollees. The only secret this weight loss program has is that it offers change.

The people behind this program are always on the move to search for the best in order to help each person who begs for their help. As they recognize that most of these people are just blinded by their most desires to lose weight, most of these individuals forgot the main solution and that would be to change their life.

That is why this program designed a 12-week straight, strict routine that every enrollee should follow so that there would be a guide on how things should be done in the proper way. With the change that this program is promoting, everyone would be motivated to change their lifestyle, their schedules, their food preferences, priorities and would start creating their health goals and one of those is to get the perfect and healthy body that everyone wanted.

What makes the program promising is that it teaches the individual to realize that with changes, they could appreciate more life, without any worries of getting injured or acquire fatal diseases. With the changes, one would value more patience and perseverance in order to realize one's dreams. With the changes you could see in yourself, you would gain confidence in all aspects because you would realize how diligent you are and how successful you are in making your plans happen.

This program promises positive changes in your body as well as a positive outlook in life.

Consulting the Doctor before Enrolling

Since the Venus Factor Program would demand your time and effort for 12-week straight, it is a basic requirement that you should see a medical expert first. The overall check up is necessary to be certain that you are capable of doing such extreme activities.

What are you waiting for?

Start transforming your life by enrolling in the Venus Factor Program, which offers a new way of living in a healthy way.It takes only one decision to start seeing changes and letting all health and happiness take over your life. Decide now!

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The Top Diet Mistakes Women Make - Cool Weight Loss Tips

There are some common mistakes that many people make when it comes to eating, especially if you are concerned about your weight.

1. Missing Meals. Missing a meal can actually do more harm than good. You may try to make up for it by snacking on the wrong types of food. Missing a meal makes you more hungry which sooner or later your body will try to make up for. You may unknowingly eat more later in the day when your metabolism is more at rest. It is much better to eat many smaller meals earlier in the day than later. Its also important not to skip breakfast.

2. Eating for Stress. Many people eat when they are stressed out. Instead of dealing with the cause of the stress and relaxation. Just like a smoker reaches for a cigarette or an alcholic a drink, many people with weight issues reach for food. In this stressed state, often people ignore their sensible diets and eat sugary foods that put on the pounds.

3. Impulsive Eating. Many people eat while doing other chores. They may eat while driving or eat while shopping. If you eat in this manner, you are not evaluating what you are eating and the consequences. Many people would be surprised if they realized just how many calories they are consuming in this manner.

4. Late night eating - It is much better to eat more frequently during the day, than to eat late at night. Your metabolism is gearing down, and probably less calories will be burned off. Many people can lose a few pounds just by not eating at night.

It may also be helpful to eat your dinner a little earlier than usual. When you are trying to lose weight, you should always remain in control over the calories you are consuming.

Here is a little weight loss tip from this venus factor review page that can really make a difference. What does food do for the body? It gives it energy. When do we need the most energy? Naturally the answer is "in the morning". Yet what do most of us do? The exact opposite. Most Americans eat the most at the end of the day.

If you reverse this bad habit you are eating the most at the beginning of the day so that all day long you are burning off the calories. You can eat a nice large breakfast of good foods, a medium sized lunch, and a smaller dinner. If you are in the habit of eating something right before you go to bed, you should try to eliminate that. This alone can make a big difference in your body fat. A good rule is no meals after 7 pm. Since your body is starting to rest more at the end of the day, its more likely to store your food as fat.

This one principle can make a big difference in your body fat. You can for example have a big breakfast of eggs, cereal, fresh fruit and even fish or meat. For lunch have a medium size meal such as a sandwich and soup, and for dinner a piece of fish and some vegetables. The exact meals aren't that important as long as you are tapering down from large to small by the end of the day. You can picture an upside down pyramid.

This is one concept that is used in the venus factor book that you can start doing right away. It's hard to imagine what a difference this can make for fast fat loss.

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By Ruby Bishop

Venus Factor System - Who Should Try And Why

Since every woman has her own share of vanity and is commonly conscious over her body shape and weight more than any man does, many businesses are now promoting weight loss through the various programs that they offer. There are also different supplements that are claiming to make you lose weight without doing any physical activities and undergo excessive dieting. It seems that almost every day a new product is being introduced in the market and you can find them largely on the internet where it is easy to purchase them without getting any prescription from a health provider or medical practitioner.

Many individuals are easily attracted to both products as well as weight loss programs being promoted in the worldwide web as they are very much convincing and really appealing especially nowadays that obesity is rampant and there are many women who are overweight due to lack of eating discipline and they are lazy enough to put in effort to do exercises or any physical activities to keep them in shape. The Venus Factor system is just one of so many weight loss programs which are specifically designed for women. Although there are those which cater to both sexes, this program focuses merely on women.

The reason why this weight loss system specifically targets women is that they have different body built from that of men's which is why you cannot use the same approach for both genders and expect the same results. Women have more curves than men and while strong and hard muscles just fit the latter that wouldn't be the same for women as it would deem not feminine to begin with. This system is unique and has great differences from other programs. For once, it does not advise women to starve just to keep them in shape or lose excess fats and weight.

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venus factor system

The Venus Factor System has a workout program that is doable in 12 weeks which is divided into three main points or stages. It is packed with instructions that are easy to understand and there is no much of complexity in the guidelines. There are photos and videos included in the program to make it easier to follow in order to achieve the most desirable result. Each session has various forms of exercises in order to improve stamina and trim down the body to its desirable shape and muscles. However, only healthy individuals can perform these exercises.

What's great about this weight loss system is that those who are using this program can calculate how many calories they are able to intake through their body parts like waist and shoulder and by basing it on their height, weight and age. Doing so help these women determine how they can be able to lose their weight faster. Another benefit of this program is the immersion community which allows them to interact with all other women who are in this program online. They can share their experiences while trying to lose weight and how they overcome them.

Getting the Venus Factor System is not difficult as it can readily be accessed and downloaded online once you have already paid for it. No shipping and installation service needed as you can do it on your own. People who are not satisfied with the results can ask for a refund as it is covered with a 60-day money back guarantee which is really a great offer. The program works best on people who have a lot of pounds to lose. So those who are thinking that they have too much fat and are having second thoughts as to whether they can get rid of those fat, you shouldn't worry because the program works more for fatter bellies and larger waists.

If you have tried a lot of weight loss systems and not one of them has worked for you then perhaps you have yet to find the one that will suit you and maybe this is just the one that you have been waiting for. You don't have anything to lose if you try this program, just only your weight and stubborn fats. There is no age, height, and weight limit. Every woman can try it and see the results personally herself. The only factor that you need to consider before taking this program is your health as you will need to perform various forms of exercises.

Venus Factor System is not a miracle program that can transform your fat belly to a sexy waistline in a day but it really works and in just three months you will achieve that body that you long for and the body that you once have when you were still in your younger years. It targets the part of the body which store more fats like the stomach or belly, waist, hips, and thighs. These parts are the ones that make curves and give ladies their youthful and alluring body shape.

Aside from bringing your body back to its healthful and beautiful shape, this program can help you improve your strength. You will notice that you become stronger and can move faster than before. Those will be the result of the exercises that you are performing. Your muscles and body will be toned too. Since it is specifically for women, the approach and style really fit them as it generally considers the metabolic factors that make up a woman. You can really see the changes as you move on to the next phase.

Venus Factor system is not the program for those who want miracles and those who do not want to move and put in effort to lose weight. This is not for the individuals who don't know the word waiting and patience because this program will not give you results in one day or one week but 12 weeks. It is not for women who are lazy enough to move their asses and those who do not want to give up their bad eating habits but of course this program will not make you starve and deprive yourself of food. Lastly, this program is definitely not for men.

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Leptin Diet And Leptin Resistance: A Vital Hormone that Aids Weight Loss

Weight loss has been a struggle for many individuals, especially women. Apart from hereditary factors, elements like commitment to diet and low metabolism can slow down weight loss process. This prompts people to look for the best weight loss program that delivers results. One of the studies focusing on weight loss is by tweaking leptin and leptin resistance.

Working from Within

Many people consider fat loss to be more effective if they start working from within. People then appreciate appetite suppression to keep them from eating more than what they should. This also resulted to the popularity of leptin and its potential in assisting weight loss.

Understanding Leptin and Leptin Resistance

Leptin is an appetite-regulating hormone. An increased leptin level sends signal to the brain, indicating that you're already full and stop from eating. Leptin levels rise with food and fat intake. More fats stored in the body will also boost leptin levels and would signal the brain that the body had enough.

Conversely, leptin levels will drop once the body is depleted with fats and nutrients. This drop on levels will send signal to the brain that the body requires food and trigger hunger. This is just one of the natural occurrence within the body.

However, there are instances when leptin levels fail to send signal to the brain and result to improper appetite regulation. This case is occurs when the body lacks leptin or develops leptin resistance.

The absence or insufficient amount of leptin in the body is a rare case. Only a small number of people, most notably among obese individuals, shows to lack leptin. This case, however, is easy to solve as physicians can administer leptin in the body to aid in proper appetite regulation.

Leptin resistance is a most common case and more noticeable among females than males. Reports claim that women are prone to leptin resistance despite having double leptin levels than men. Leptin resistance is often triggered by glucose- and fructose-rich diet. High amounts of these sugars as well as other carbohydrates cause fatty liver and convert them into fat then store.

Leptin and Weight Loss

Considering leptin's function in the body, it's possible to say that it has major contribution in terms of weight loss. High leptin levels will keep you from eating more since your brain signals satiation or feeling of being full. On the other hand, low levels will tell you that you need to eat. Imbalance in leptin levels and its lack of ability to send signal to the brain will affect your appetite. Even if your body already has high leptin level, it won't help the brain send satiation signals to your body. Hence, you'll continue eating more despite the body having more fats that have been stored.

As for women, they are more prone to leptin resistance, which makes them more prone to excess weight gain. This continuous problem on resistance makes fat loss for women more difficult than it's supposed to be. This results to more women having problems when it comes to weight loss.

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Leptin Resistance and Insulin Resistance

Insulin, another hormone in the body used for regulating blood sugar levels, is also important. Studies show the tendency of leptin resistance symptoms to present together with insulin resistance problem. Therefore, there's also a great chance of having leptin resistance among individuals with problems on their insulin levels. The good news is resistance involving the two hormones can be reversed with the right diet.

Treating Leptin Resistance

Diet enhancement is the best solution to leptin resistance. Administering more leptin is unnecessary in this case because leptin resistance doesn't mean extremely low leptin levels. Leptin resistance can be fixed by cutting down carbohydrate intake. This will regulate leptin and insulin resistance, resulting to the former to reset and promote its actual function to the body.

Limiting the amount of carbohydrates in the diet will start regulating leptin levels. Consider it like a therapy that will keep leptin to the normal level and promote correct function. This will ensure the body will transmit signals to the brain and inform the body that it's already full.

Aside from regulating leptin levels, low carb diets will help the body burn more fat by limiting added components that later turn into fats. Since the amount of carbohydrates are regulated, the body would need less effort burning the newly introduced calories and focus on burning the fats that were already stored.

While improving daily diet is the main contributor of improving leptin resistance, exercise will also help the body significantly by burning stored fats. Burning a huge amount of fats stored will help the body regulate fat levels and aid leptin in doing its job. Therefore, weight loss basics like improving diet and promoting continuous workout are the only two things to do to treat leptin resistance.

Which Diet Program to Start?

Since diet is crucial in treating leptin resistance, the next question is which diet programs should a person follow to get their leptin and appetite signals into shape. The best program to follow is a low carb diet because calories in carbohydrates can be easily converted into fats. Lowering it down will significantly improve the body's metabolic process while regulating leptin levels.

Following a good low carb diet means also cutting down on fast food meals, which are typically high in carbohydrates and fats. The good thing about eliminating fast food meals in the diet is it will also make the body healthier by reducing toxins and free radicals coming from preservatives, flavorings and food colorings.

Aside from actual food, it will also be beneficial to limit sugary drinks like soda, energy drinks and artificial juices. They have high sugar levels and turn out to be empty calories that affect the body.

Leptin is a vital component when it comes to weight loss. Leptin resistance is a problem that everyone may experience. Fortunately, this problem can be treated with the right diet and exercise. Start following a good low carb diet program and promote weight loss.

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Why Your Diets Fail

First of all, it was probably centered around one big idea. The idea could have been low fat, no carbs, eating by your blood type, a pill that is supposed to perform some miracle, or something like that. But weight loss is complicated, its more than one factor.

The next thing is the diet has to be easy to live with. Sure it will require some commitment, but it has to be realistic. Depriving yourself is not realistic. Sure you may drop a few pounds but you will never be able to stick with something like this. A good diet system is about making changes that make scientific sense and these changes can be applied for the rest of your life. It's about changing yourself for the better for good.

That is what's so different about the Venus factor and why so many people have good results with it. It's not about a pill that no one really understands, or about giving up all the foods that you enjoy. It's about using methods that make sense and have proven to bring results. If one thing is too difficult for you, find a workaround. The point is, this is the way to do it, and you can make it work for you.

It's about avoiding food additives, about not eating at the wrong times, it's about doing short fast exercises that raise your metabolism. It's about dealing with stress and cravings. Check out the venus factor pdf. With a 60 day guarantee, you have nothing to lose, except fat of course.

I don't want to be Fat!

Yes, that is a powerful affirmation. It's one that many of us say to ourselves over and over again. But why don't we want to be fat?

It's true that we are a celebrity and fashion obsessed society. However, that is not the reason to lose weight. We are constantly hammered with videos and movies of people that are so healthy and lean looking. Don't forget, these people have personal trainers, Botox and possibly an eating disorder. Often these people are wealthy, but perhaps mentally disturbed. Its o.k. if you want to look like a celebrity, but it's not the most important of reasons.

The real reason is the positive things it will bring to our lives. Health is a big one. We want to lose weight and be healthy. Feeling fit and healthy is very important. It allows us to live better lives and enjoy more. We want to lose weight to please the opposite sex. There is nothing wrong with that thought. The right partner will be with us for more important reasons, but there is nothing wrong with trying to please them.

What it really comes down to is feeling good about yourself, and that is a healthy attitude.

If you are new to this site, welcome. There will be a lot of articles on fitness, dieting and The Venus Factor. If you are new here and looking to get started with the system, I suggest visiting the main review first.

By Ruby

The Venus Factor: A Revolutionary Weight Loss Regime With Almost No Negative Reviews – Fishy or Fantastic?

If you have ever struggled with weight loss (I hope & pray – not!) then you know how exciting, intriguing and nerve racking every new diet or exercise plan, out there, can be! They are all marketed as if they were the only panaceas to all your weight issues! How I wish this was true...because if it were so, we could all be Victoria's Secret Angels! The truth is, majority of them don't work and you are left praying to God for some miracle!

I recently came across an article on 'Venus Factor Reviews'. According to the review, it is a diet + exercise regime; a ground-breaking program that is tailor made for women and is based on research about the 'Leptin' hormone. I found ample information on it and the amount of positive video reviews had me stunned! It seemed too good to be true! Easy to follow, affordable, a 12 week program that comes with 60 day money back guarantee!

Basic Premise of the program-

Developed by a nutritionist and fitness coach John Barban who works in diet and supplement industry, this program is a combination of diet, exercise and community support for weight loss. Leptin governs the production of fat cells. Women are more prone to Leptin resistance. It is a condition in which the brain receives very faint signals of the hormone and through our nervous system communicates the need to store fats, instead of burning them!

To overcome this one needs to engage in regular exercise, avoid processed and junk foods, restrict the intake of carbohydrates and increase protein intake, ensure adequate fibre in your diet and get adequate sleep. The program supposedly helps you in regulating the working of Leptin hormone so that it works 'for' your body and not 'against' it. I decided to look further than simply relying on the Venus Factor reviews.

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Venus Factor Components – A Smart Package

  • A Leptin diet manual.
  • A work out guide with training videos, both by John himself and by another expert.
  • A virtual nutritionist – i.e. a mobile app which calculates how much and what exactly should eat. This really helps in this connected world.
  • A virtual support group made up of other Venus Factor users. Also includes the Podcast featuring success stories.

The Good Facts -

  • Well researched scientific regime identifying the real culprit due to which women struggle with weight loss. Let Leptin lose fat for you.
  • It is a program tailor made for women because women's bodies process carbohydrates differently than men. Evolution compels their bodies to store fats for pregnancy and child nurturing hence they need a specialised and customised solution.
  • No fad or unsustainable diets.
  • No fanatic workouts. No need to hit the gym every day.
  • Concentration on 'right/ideal' shape instead of 'low-weight' through healthy life style changes.
  • The Metabolic Override Nutrition Protocol is the secret to achieving fat-burning, body-shaping metabolism while continuing to eat.
  • Trial period and money back guarantee.
  • It is affordable.
  • Plenty of testimonials by users who swear by it.
  • Online support group. Motivation, encouragement and active support from those sailing in the same boat as you do, boost you positively in the weight loss journey.

venus factor negative reviews

The Bad Facts–

  • Just like any other regime, consistency is the key to achieve the advertised effects - which are difficult to achieve.
  • The scanty amounts of calories to be taken in are very difficult to manage and the program does recommend fasting and only 3 meals a day.
  • Workouts assume you have some basic exercise equipment at home.
  • You are hounded with sales pitches (additional products like supplements etc) while using the app and community interface.
  • The video presentation makes for an impressive introduction but doesn't reveal much and leaves you wanting more but you cannot have that until you buy.
  • The program, interface and exercises are not very user-friendly and presume some basic knowledge on your part. Also not very beginner-friendly.
  • Everything is online and a good working internet connection is a must for using the features in order to get the exact results.

The Ugly Facts –

  • Inconsistent to non-existent customer response. There are numerous complaints of money not being refunded as advertised.
  • Every time you search for 'Venus Factor Negative Reviews' or 'Venus Factor bad reviews' or 'Venus Factor Exposed', you are directed to links that attract you with these words but are in fact positive reviews! There seem to be many 'paid' or 'fake' reviews making it difficult to locate unbiased/genuine ones. Search Engine Marketing and optimization overdose?

Venus Factor – Same Old Stuff or Something New?

The most striking feature about this program is that it is based on scientific data and it tackles the root cause of obesity and fat accumulation. It should also be noted that John Barban the creator of this program is a known personality with impressive credentials and not just another 'fitness guru or expert' who is known only virtually. In his presentation he has cited that his sister was the motivation behind developing this program. He also shows her amazing transformation with which many women identify. Now whether Venus Factor will work for you or not is impossible for anyone to state with a guarantee. It all depends on your dedication and execution. As with any fitness program if you cheat, if you don't follow instructions to the T then you are bound to fail in your goals and there is no point in blaming or criticising the program.

Concluding Remarks

For me the lack of Venus Factor negative reviews seemed quite fishy. I am sceptical and I don't trust virtual people. I will be tempted to buy it when the reviews are a bit more insightful. Keeping aside my inborn scepticism, it is best to say that the effectiveness of the program can be measured only after a proper trial.

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By Ruby Bishop+

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