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The Top Diet Mistakes Women Make - Cool Weight Loss Tips

There are some common mistakes that many people make when it comes to eating, especially if you are concerned about your weight.

1. Missing Meals. Missing a meal can actually do more harm than good. You may try to make up for it by snacking on the wrong types of food. Missing a meal makes you more hungry which sooner or later your body will try to make up for. You may unknowingly eat more later in the day when your metabolism is more at rest. It is much better to eat many smaller meals earlier in the day than later. Its also important not to skip breakfast.

2. Eating for Stress. Many people eat when they are stressed out. Instead of dealing with the cause of the stress and relaxation. Just like a smoker reaches for a cigarette or an alcholic a drink, many people with weight issues reach for food. In this stressed state, often people ignore their sensible diets and eat sugary foods that put on the pounds.

3. Impulsive Eating. Many people eat while doing other chores. They may eat while driving or eat while shopping. If you eat in this manner, you are not evaluating what you are eating and the consequences. Many people would be surprised if they realized just how many calories they are consuming in this manner.

4. Late night eating - It is much better to eat more frequently during the day, than to eat late at night. Your metabolism is gearing down, and probably less calories will be burned off. Many people can lose a few pounds just by not eating at night.

It may also be helpful to eat your dinner a little earlier than usual. When you are trying to lose weight, you should always remain in control over the calories you are consuming.

Here is a little weight loss tip from this venus factor review page that can really make a difference. What does food do for the body? It gives it energy. When do we need the most energy? Naturally the answer is "in the morning". Yet what do most of us do? The exact opposite. Most Americans eat the most at the end of the day.

If you reverse this bad habit you are eating the most at the beginning of the day so that all day long you are burning off the calories. You can eat a nice large breakfast of good foods, a medium sized lunch, and a smaller dinner. If you are in the habit of eating something right before you go to bed, you should try to eliminate that. This alone can make a big difference in your body fat. A good rule is no meals after 7 pm. Since your body is starting to rest more at the end of the day, its more likely to store your food as fat.

This one principle can make a big difference in your body fat. You can for example have a big breakfast of eggs, cereal, fresh fruit and even fish or meat. For lunch have a medium size meal such as a sandwich and soup, and for dinner a piece of fish and some vegetables. The exact meals aren't that important as long as you are tapering down from large to small by the end of the day. You can picture an upside down pyramid.

This is one concept that is used in the venus factor book that you can start doing right away. It's hard to imagine what a difference this can make for fast fat loss.

By Ruby Bishop

Why Your Diets Fail

First of all, it was probably centered around one big idea. The idea could have been low fat, no carbs, eating by your blood type, a pill that is supposed to perform some miracle, or something like that. But weight loss is complicated, its more than one factor.

The next thing is the diet has to be easy to live with. Sure it will require some commitment, but it has to be realistic. Depriving yourself is not realistic. Sure you may drop a few pounds but you will never be able to stick with something like this. A good diet system is about making changes that make scientific sense and these changes can be applied for the rest of your life. It's about changing yourself for the better for good.

That is what's so different about the Venus factor and why so many people have good results with it. It's not about a pill that no one really understands, or about giving up all the foods that you enjoy. It's about using methods that make sense and have proven to bring results. If one thing is too difficult for you, find a workaround. The point is, this is the way to do it, and you can make it work for you.

It's about avoiding food additives, about not eating at the wrong times, it's about doing short fast exercises that raise your metabolism. It's about dealing with stress and cravings. Check out the venus factor pdf. With a 60 day guarantee, you have nothing to lose, except fat of course.

I don't want to be Fat!

Yes, that is a powerful affirmation. It's one that many of us say to ourselves over and over again. But why don't we want to be fat?

It's true that we are a celebrity and fashion obsessed society. However, that is not the reason to lose weight. We are constantly hammered with videos and movies of people that are so healthy and lean looking. Don't forget, these people have personal trainers, Botox and possibly an eating disorder. Often these people are wealthy, but perhaps mentally disturbed. Its o.k. if you want to look like a celebrity, but it's not the most important of reasons.

The real reason is the positive things it will bring to our lives. Health is a big one. We want to lose weight and be healthy. Feeling fit and healthy is very important. It allows us to live better lives and enjoy more. We want to lose weight to please the opposite sex. There is nothing wrong with that thought. The right partner will be with us for more important reasons, but there is nothing wrong with trying to please them.

What it really comes down to is feeling good about yourself, and that is a healthy attitude.

If you are new to this site, welcome. There will be a lot of articles on fitness, dieting and The Venus Factor. If you are new here and looking to get started with the system, I suggest visiting the main review first.

By Ruby

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