If there is one vehicle that stands, more than any other, for the still-young century, it must be the Toyota Leasing. To be fair, that pioneering car was introduced just before the turn of the millennium, but it was not until after the numbers rolled over that it really caught fire with the public. At a time when fuel prices were climbing to heights that had never before been contemplated, the Prius was a bracing breath of fresh air, delivering up fuel economy of a truly spectacular sort.

Far from resting on the company's laurels of this kind, Toyota has been busy, over the course of the last decade, coming up with new ways to impress the public. While the Prius is a surprisingly versatile vehicle, it must be said that its fluidly iconic lines are not to everyone's liking. Even in terms of more practical matters, in fact, the Prius sometimes falls quite short for some buyers.

Keenly aware of this, Toyota has been applying the technology that made the Prius so successful to a range of other vehicles. Some of these, in fact, have become even more popular than the ancestral Prius itself, an accomplishment that certainly deserves some notice.

At one dealer, Ventura Toyota, for example, buyers who ask about Toyota Hybrid Vehicles are just as likely to request a test drive in a Highlander or an Avalon as in a Prius. While those vehicles do not necessarily put up the eye-popping fuel efficiency numbers of the Prius, they tend to beat out their immediate competition quite handily.

At the same time, they offer up features and specifications that even the versatile Prius cannot match. The Highlander, for example, is a favorite of growing, active families, because it provides more in the way of passenger and cargo room than any but the largest could overflow. The hybrid Avalon, on the other hand, combines a much more refined and traditional ride and looks with much of the fuel economy that made the Prius such a big hit.

With today's Toyota Hybrid Vehicles, then, the important progress that the Prius made is being extended in other ways. The company seems firmly committed to ensuring that every buyer, whatever their particular needs, can take advantage of the advancements made through the Prius. At the same time, those who take advantage increasingly receive everything else they might want at the same time, making this style of vehicle a clear win for many more buyers.