As a person gets older, there are a number of different issues that can arise related to the veins in their body. Two of the most common issues are varicose and spider veins. These conditions are typical in the elderly, and there are many different challenges that people face when suffering from spider and varicose veins treatment.

The first thing to understand is why spider veins and varicose veins occur. As touched on earlier, age is one of the biggest causes. However, people who do a great deal of standing throughout the day, people who are obese, people that have been bed ridden or people that don't get a great deal of activity are particularly susceptible to spider and varicose veins.

The problem with this type of condition is that it can be very inconvenient. Most people understand the spider veins and varicose veins are somewhat unsightly. However, there are more problems, especially with varicose veins than them being something to be self-conscious about.

Varicose veins typically present in the legs. This type of condition can cause the legs to ache quite severely. Erupting capillaries can cause excessive brown staining on the surface of the skin. In addition to this, skin ulcers and skin rashes such as eczema are common with people suffering from varicose veins. Perhaps the most dangerous side effect of varicose veins is the possibility of blood clots forming in the leg.

Fortunately, most varicose veins can be easily treated with a process called sclerotherapy. In this process, sclerosants, which is a chemical irritant is injected into the affected veins. Basically what this does is cause the veins to spasm and collapse. As the vein heals, the vein is sealed off so blood no longer flows through it and the vein slowly dissipates over time. This allows the unsightly vein to simply disappear, and it typically alleviates any pain issues or other side effects. However, there are situations where surgery will be required to properly treat varicose veins.

If you're dealing with these issues, a vein clinic melbourne may be your best option. In some cases, a vein clinic can help to treat severe cases of spider veins and varicose veins. In other instances, they can work with you to help you to make lifestyle changes to help lessen the effects that varicose veins are having on you and help avoid problems in the future. Whether you're embarrassed by varicose veins or they're causing you physical distress, it may be time to be proactive and deal with them today.