If you are frustrated with your varicose veins and you want a treatment that works, you might be considering a varicose vein center in Phoenix Arizona. Centers like these are dedicated to treated varicose veins in two major ways: With healthy changes in the lifestyle and with medical procedures. The main goals for treatment are threefold. First, the ultimate goal is to help relieve the symptoms caused by the varicose veins. Additionally, the doctor will try to prevent any complications that varicose veins can cause. Finally, the aesthetic goals are often very important to patients. Improving the appearance of the varicose veins can allow patients who have always had to hide their legs to finally wear shorts or a swimsuit again.

Lifestyle Changes

When you visit your varicose vein doctor in Phoenix Arizona, the may give you some tips on adopting a healthier lifestyle. Ideally, you will have these changes in place before you go ahead with your varicose vein treatment so that you can have the best long term results. Some of the lifestyle changes that your doctor may recommend include:

• Don't stand or sit in one position for too long, as this can exacerbate varicose vein issues.

• Get regular exercise, as this can improve your muscle tone and help blood flow.

• Adopt a healthy diet plan to lose weight if you're obese or overweight, as this will put less strain on your veins.

• Choose comfortable footwear that doesn't put the legs and feet in unusual positions. Avoid heels and wear flats with excellent arch and side support.

• Consider compression stockings for extra support. These stockings help prevent blood pooling and can reduce leg swelling.

Varicose Vein Treatment

Your varicose vein center in Santa Fe New Mexico will be decided by your doctor, and each person's case can be different. Some people only need to make lifestyle changes as described above to get their varicose veins under control, but most people do need medical treatment at some point. These treatments may include solutions such as:

•Sclerotherapy: This treatment is an injection therapy that uses liquid chemicals. The role of the chemical, once placed into the vein via injection, is to irritate the vein. This forces it to close in self defense. Once the vein is closed off, it will eventually fade. This procedure can usually be done in a series of out patient appointments.

•Microsclerotherapy: This type of treatment is a refined form of Sclerotherapy that is intended for use only in the smallest of varicose veins. Like Sclerotherapy it is done via injections into the vein. This therapy uses a much finer needle than Sclerotherapy does.

•Laser Treatments: Laser treatments are a newer solution for varicose vein. This procedure uses guided light energy, applying it directly to the varicose vein. Usually, laser treatments are best for the smaller veins.