Varicose veins, commonly called 'spider veins,' are mostly just a cosmetic nuisance. There is little indication that untreated varicose veins will lead to other issues. There is also no connection between poor blood flow through the body and the presence of varicose veins. All of these ignores the other problem- spider veins are ugly.

Though there is no correlation between bad blood flow that can harm the body, and the presence of varicose veins, they only show up after blood flow is restricted. Blood is pumped from the legs back up to the heart. This is one of the hardest areas for blood to pump, and it can cause a little backflow or blockage. If this begins to occur, the veins will actually sag from the weight of the blood. The veins will become flabby, and that looseness will actually cause them to potentially surface closer to the skin, where they become visible.

There is a difference between bad flow leading to spider veins and bad flow that needs treatment. For the most part, varice veins are harmless. They derive from a struggle to get blood back up to the heart, but they do not require treatment for anything other than cosmetic preferences. It is possible, in very few situations, where ignore varicose veins will cause swelling that needs to be reviewed. Many times, the swelling is marginal, and could theoretically be ignored. If the swelling continues, or becomes noticable, treatment may be necessary.

Spider veins either exist or they do not. There are only a few things one can do to limit their presence, such as avoiding sun. Sun exposure actually breaks down collagen in the skin. Of course, there are many benefits to sun exposure that need to be weighed in as well. As a rule, keep sun exposure moderate at the most and always wear protection.

For better or worse, varices are a cosmetic nuisance. They should be treated, partly because the treatment process is rather easy. But, similar to a receding hair line in men, spider veins can become more than a nuisance- they become a self-esteem liability.