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TWITL – week two

because knowing more about Tyler Rich is a good thing… the sun shines behind the clouds lifting our eyes up to the heavens as our tears fall to the earth what sorrow as the light dims what weariness for this passing yet the ember glows upon the laughter upon the music upon the love we […]

concert: #SoundsOfSummer

the Shoreline Amphitheatre What, a second country music concert in one year?! (Not including the Tyler Rich shows I’ve attended since April, those deserve their own posts.) We got tickets to this Dierks Bentley headliner a week before the concert for a decent price. I took off early from work on Friday afternoon then off […]

Journey well into the next…

For their 50th anniversary, 2009 My Auntie Annie died this morning. My parents called me early, while I was getting ready for work. I didn’t hear the phone and saw the voicemail, listened, took a moment, then called them. They told me that Auntie died early that morning. My sister already knew. I thought of […]

TWITL – week one

it begins with a smile the undeniable spark lighting the eyes so warm and dark then the hesitation the first whisper of the name the shift and tilt of the world will never be the same as if all the dreams converged in this moment in this touch something brighter something just a little too […]

TWITL – week five

when I say the words I mean them a different kind of promise a different kind of forever this you can trust even in the silence the words whisper ever constant ever true with every beat with every breath when I say the words I mean them fan of the month! The Tyler Rich newsletter […]

you’re so beautiful

you’re so beautiful maybe it won’t hurt when you break my heart let me just remember every touch let me just laugh with sweet reverie you’re so beautiful I’m sure I’ll forget the moment you let go say your goodbyes with such sweet regret as if your heart breaks just as slow a shatter you’re […]

this @TylerRichMusic thing

Sometimes I miss blogging everyday the way I used to do. Most days it was just whatever stuff, right? But looking back, it’s interesting to see patterns emerge even if when I was writing, I didn’t realize those patterns. Tyler with Ryan Robinette behind him… So I haven’t been able to read how my regard […]

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