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TWITL – week thirty

whatever your confession still the impulse to reveal let it wallow in the depths of your soul your penance of pride swallow the tears choking your throat the price of your fall relief will not be given forgiveness will elude ever out of reach whatever your confession hold it fast to your heart while it […]

TWITL – week twenty-six

you say it isn’t love no, how can it be even as your heart beats faster every time I smile and say your name you say it isn’t love no, how can it be even as you lose yourself in hopeful dreams where I laugh and say yes you say it isn’t love no, how […]

TWITL – week nineteen

whatever these dreams conjure deep in the dark night fades in the daylight Philip Winchester as Peter Stone on Chicago PD Soooo, Philip Winchester will next be on a new show called Chicago Justice. The backdoor pilot aired this week on Chicago PD. It was great seeing him on a new show and all dapper […]

TWITL – week sixteen

Today is my grandfather’s death anniversary. He died twenty six years ago. Our family got together at the cemetery for a little prayer and to catch up a bit. It was nice to see everyone. It was a lovely day… And Happy Birthday to Michael, my cousin’s son! 🙂

TWITL – week eight

toss aside your doubts leave behind every insecurity relish each challenge rise to the stars in steady fashion chase your muse hold tight your inspiration Tyler having a good time for his bday weekend… Wednesday was Tyler Rich’s birthday! He was in town and I could have gone to see him but alas, not meant […]

TWITL – week twenty-five

shining ever bright perhaps this is how love feels deep within the heart with the one and only at the A’s game last Tuesday TUESDAY We went to the A’s game! Our friends had a suite and invited us so yes, we got to live the suite life once more. As always, good times! Even […]

TWITL – week twenty-two

maybe one day you’ll hear a song after we’ve drifted away when the nights are long memories turn to dreams so unreachable in the light nothing it seems stays forever in sight but deep in your heart this beats true that even while apart I am ever with you choices in which to write Sometimes […]

TWITL – week eighteen

when you close your eyes against the darkness falling without knowing do you see me beckoning you do you hear me laughing with the breeze when I close my eyes shutting out the world surrendering to this dream you reach for me taking my hands you whisper my name as if I’m a secret do […]

Prince died today

Prince died today. The news started to trickle in on twitter this morning. Was it true? Hold my breath until it’s “confirmed.” Yes, it’s true. The tears want to fall but I’m at work and my day must continue. So write a few words, send it to the universe, and plug on with the day. […]

TWITL – week seven

I don’t remember when it began no matter the steps that I retrace I only know here I am perfection sweet this time, this place perhaps my heart will break someday wishing it could only just forget your smile, your touch your tempting ways yet I know I could never regret no matter if one […]

TWITL – week twenty-eight

maybe we will break bending too far from all this heartbreak and despair Philip Winchester on Undrafted So I made plans with my friends to see Undrafted at the Deer Valley AMC this weekend. The movie was set to play there, its only northern California showing, but as misfortune would have it, a defective breaker […]

TWITL – week fifteen

the touch of your lips the brush of a hint of a promise the smile in your eyes the spark of a light of forever the whisper in my ear the warmth of thrill of that fire the edge of this moment the choice to make just between us me looking springlike… HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to […]

TWITL – week eleven

let me just sit still remembering quiet times just being with you flowers from Tanya My first day home alone without Holli. I’m in the computer room where she didn’t spend a lot of time and I’d be distracted enough except I just posted about her. And I look at the old pictures of all […]

TWITL – week ten

he whispers his touch so light the promise lingers in his eyes he watches his patience steady the certainty so true in his smile he laughs his love inevitable plain for all to see in his reverence Sully in Blindspot TV Blindspot – Another good episode last week but the scene that totally stopped me […]

TWITL – week twenty-four

when I’m gone please don’t forget the laughter we shared the times without regret the sweet summer days the warm winter nights the shine of adventure always within our sights when I’m gone hold this feeling fast let it fill your dreams this way it’ll last someday this will end pass into something new but […]

TWITL – week twenty

nothing breaks without bending first inch by inch breath by breath nothing shatters without cracking first inch by inch snap by snap nothing falls without stumbling first inch by inch rush by rush bending cracking stumbling denying the inevitable break shatter fall Sometimes it just doesn’t mean a thing, the poetry that spits out of […]

I love you, my sweet Holli dog

I will miss your saucy eyes your deep bark your short legs I will miss your sweet little kisses your sleepy smell your playful gallop I will miss coming home to you drifting to sleep as you snore away I will miss slipping you a fry hearing you crunch on chips the way you licked […]

TWITL – week nine

why do I miss you I know you won’t forget me we’ll both remember Sully in Blindspot TV Blindspot – The show came back this week and we actually watched it the day after it aired. Action packed ep and I couldn’t help thinking of Strike Back. Sully still holds his guns the same way, […]

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