Among fans of Japanese domestic market sports cars, the Nissan Skyline is a legendary name. With subdued styling that, to some, brings to mind the boxy lines associated with Volvo and other makers of less-exciting cars, the Skyline's performance has never been anything but impressive. Unfortunately, acquiring a Skyline was, until recent times, very difficult to do, as it meant having a new car imported from Japan and paying for a lot of expensive work to make it meet American regulations.

Even if the Skyline was, for many, the focus of Nissan's performance aspirations for so many years, the truth is that the Japanese automaker has long produced cars that prioritized driving excitement over simple practicality. As far back as the early 1980s, in fact, Nissan was turning out cars like the 300ZX that, even if they did not always receive a lot of attention, performed with the absolute best of them.

Among the performance-oriented used cars OKC residents seek out today, in fact, the 300ZX is one of the most popular of all. The first American version of the 300ZX appeared in 1984, with the last one rolling off cargo ships in the year 2000. Although there were certainly high points and low ones during that relatively long tenure, the overall record of the 300ZX was an impressive one.

At car dealerships in OKC today, the most popular model years of the 300ZX tend to be those right around 1990. The Z32 edition of the car that was introduced in 1989, many feel, refined its predecessor, the Z31, in quite a few important and satisfying ways. At the same time, the early years of the Z32 platform are thought by many to be lacking in the indulgence and frills that some feel brought down later editions of the car.

Regardless of the model year, one of the most attractive things about the 300ZX remains how affordable it is. That was true even when the car was new, but it is doubly so now, with money spent on an older 300ZX often delivering performance that virtually no other used sports car of a similar price could.