Bulk containers made of metal and plastic are designed to be used literally thousands of times, but are seldom used that often before a manufacturer purchases a new fleet of them and discards the used ones. That is a waste of resources and money and materials. There is a way to recoup some of the money your business spent on those containers when they were purchased new. Returnable packaging broker services are offered via www.containerexchanger.com. You can place an ad and sell those containers to other businesses who are looking to save money on containers rather than buy new ones. Most of the work and all of the advertising will be done for you with no up front costs.

Super Sacks, new and used plastic pallets containers, metal storage bins, carts, wire baskets, IBC totes, plastic industrial totes and used Gaylord boxes are among the wide variety of reusable containers and bags available for sale. The selling process is quite simple, really. There are video tutorials on line that include the selling process, the registration process, and how to place an ad for you containers. You can also download and print a sellers service offering sheet and a selling process information sheet so you will be clear about the processes. You, as the seller, will have no up front costs as the broker will provide advertising and access to your ad until your containers are sold or you remove the ad. They will arrange shipment of items and provide you with all the information required to ship the containers. They will act as escrow for the sale and the broker's fee will be automatically removed from the buyers payment. Selling your used bulk bags, super sacks and other containers is easy.

Steps to sell are as follows:

Create an account and log in to Container Exchange
Add your items by clicking "Sales Ads" under the "Post Ads" heading
Fill out the form completely with detailed information about your containers. Pictures are helpful if you have any.
Click "Submit". You can change or edit your listing from your account page.
You will be contacted by phone or Email when your containers are purchased.

It is that straight forward. There is nothing else for you to do except wait for your containers to be sold. The site includes blogs, articles, ideas and advantage of buying used containers, so even though there are hundreds of types of containers, it does not take long for containers to sell usually.