The dental profession has come a long way since the time when all that could be done for a rotting tooth was to pull it out before it became too painful. Many people, however, are unfamiliar with any advancements that occurred after the development and fillings and braces. It's not that they couldn't benefit from this information; advances in dentistry just don't seem to get as much time and attention from the press as other branches of medicine. Whether you have a tooth that's nagging at you already, or you just might want to know your options for the future, you'll be pleasantly surprised by how much Infinite Dental Wellness can do for their patients.

Saving More Teeth

One of the big problems that dentists struggle with is the fact that the gums have to be protected in addition to the teeth. Sadly, they often don't get the gentle cleaning and treatment that they need to stay healthy, and there are some illnesses that make it harder for your body to provide them with a good blood supply so that they can thrive.

When the gums become infected, it can be very difficult to get them to fully heal. There's no practical way that the human mouth can be made into a sterile environment, and the simple act of eating each day puts additional pressure on the gums. At Dr. Leon Kiraj

, though, you can learn more about how laser treatments now make it possible to target an infection and help to save the teeth that the gums are supporting.

Replacing Teeth More Naturally

No one likes the appearance of having a tooth missing from their mouth, but adequate replacements took a long time to develop. Dentures tend to be inconvenient, and many of their users find them uncomfortable or bothersome since they have to be properly fitted into place daily. Bridges, on the other hand, require anchoring to nearby teeth that can make those more vulnerable to decay.

Infinite Dental Wellness can now offer implants for their patients. This is basically a procedure that adds an artificial metal root to your jaw so that a crown can be placed on it. Once the work is complete, it looks and feels exactly like a natural tooth. Even better, it doesn't require continuous special care.

You can go to and learn more about these, and other, advancements in dental medicine. New technologies make it possible to repair or replace teeth in ways that no one could have dreamed of just a few decades ago, and that's making beautiful smiles a lot easier to come by.