The latest generation of mobile phones, 4G, is growing quickly and many people are trading-in their 3G devices and plans. Not only can that be expensive, it may also be disappointing to customers. The 3G devices, networks, plans, and services are readily available, whereas 4G is still not available in many areas. The improvements are also nominal. The 4G speed is faster, but only five to seven percent faster. The reduced latency of the newest network provides a better response time, but the difference is so small, it only matters when gaming or streaming video. Is it really worth learning the functions of a new phone, and paying a higher price for a new plan? That is question for each mobile phone customer to answer before abandoning a phone or service that works well.

Service providers are currently offering exclusive phone deals to 3G customers. Plans offer more minutes and more data storage at reduced pricing. Some annual plans, for example, are available with the first three months of service at half price. Monthly plans are offered at drastically reduced rates, and many mobile devices are on sale. The purpose of most of these deals is to keep plenty of customers satisfied with 3G products and services while the 4G networks are being built and expanded. The average mobile phone user will have no immediate need to switch to 4G right away, if ever.

Some customers have just begun to get comfortable with their current devices, and have no desire to move to the next best thing. The 3G network is more than adequate for most uses. Upgrading may be necessary for top executives, security and safety personnel, people with virtual offices, and some military officers, but not for everyday use. There will be customers who want the faster service and the quicker response time, and they will be happy to switch, even at a higher cost.

Before switching, compare plans, devices, costs, and coverage. Consider trying a plan for one month or three months before signing an annual contract. Annual rates are a bit less overall, but it will not be a great deal if the device or coverage is not what the customer needs or wants. Be careful, get more info regarding options, and read all the fine print to understand exactly what is included, and what is not.