Is YouTube Blocked? Take Help from Proxy Sites

Did you just open your browser, go to YouTube and realized that it is blocked by the government. Well, there is no need to worry about it since you can take help from famous YouTube proxy sites of to surf videos on YouTube.

As we know that hundreds and thousands of videos are added to YouTube every minute and you need to watch them so today we shall guide you about proxy websites to unblock YouTube and that how can you take help from them.

The working of proxy servers can be explained in a simple way according to which communication between two blocked computers is performed by a third one in between. However it is not as simple as does it seems to be. The proxy server acts as an intermediary for demands from clients by seeking resources from various other servers. The request by a client to get access to a blocked file is sent to proxy server which then evaluates the request and then grants the access. Proxies were mainly invented to add encapsulation and structure to distributed systems however nowadays they are used to provide anonymity to users of blocked sites. Some of the famous web proxies of all time are mentioned below so that you can take help from them and have an easy access to not only YouTube but all other blocked sites such as Facebook and MySpace. is excellent site to proxy unblock YouTube. They claim to have their site optimized with YouTube so you can have the best video quality as in YouTube. It is also a general unblocking service for other websites as well. is one of the few proxies unblocking site which is online and free. One can have full access to blocked videos of all time. allows anonymous web proxy site to help one to bypass the censorships and unblock websites like Facebook etc. is a general proxy unblocking site. It makes its users anonymous and hence becomes safe, easy and reliable to use.

These proxy sites are safe and reliable for unblocking the blocked sites. However, it must be observed that excessive use of different proxy sites can result in braking of your anonymity and it may no longer remain useful. The best methods of proxy unblocking YouTube might be the use of hotspot shield which helps you creating a VPN (Virtual Private Network) by which you can easily setup your own network and use all the blocked sites. VPNs can make you totally anonymous and there is no danger of your anonymity being broken.