The Powertec Workbench series of equipment is an innovation in the fitness business. The overwhelming feeling is that you get extremely very good worth for your cash - to get a much better rack you would want to think about getting a commercial-grade unit and spend a commercial-grade price. When you purchase the Powertec power rack in either full or half version you can preserve it basic and get on with your barbell work in comprehensive safety or, you can add as a lot of of the extra components you want and have oneself a total house gym. Also missing from the web site is information about the full dimensions of the rack.

I agree with DD, i like the fact that my powertec rack came with the pullup bar but, it doesnt look wide sufficient. The dip bars are awesome though & i use them on the sides of the rack & on the front for distinct hand grips. The pullup bars on the energy tec rack were the breaking point to me. They angle down to sharply and the spacing on them is no where close to wide adequate.

While attempting to decide on which a single to get, a Powertec rack popped up on CL for $200, as if Crom himself decided for me. Powertec has proven to be extremely slow on the consumer service side and that chin up bar is a disappointment to say the least. You can get dip handles for the Physique Solid from New York Barbell that must work fine. Another style flaw is that the lowest hole in the rack places the bar 17" above the floor.

Powerline is the lighter weight solution line of Physique Solid..The Body Strong rack is the ideal I really feel..The Powertec is subsequent and much less expensive...Powline is not poor at all and very very good price tag..The Physique Strong rack is commercial rated, they use heavier components and it has a lifetime warranty inhome. I was searching for the sweet spot of cost and functions in a energy rack, all for a maximum of $500.00 including shipping.

If you have the clearance accessible and want to use a straight bar, just place a barbell on top of the rack with anything underneath the make contact with points so it doesn't scratch the rack, like pieces from an old mouse pad or these thin pieces of rubber you can use to get a greater grip on a jar with a tight lid. Evaluate the gauge of the steel and the hole spacings of these 2 racks also.I think NYBB throws in the dip bars and does not charge extra shipping. I'm still trying to get my hands on a pair so I can just stick them on my nybb rack. If you painted the 8515 rack grey you would problably error it for a powertech rack at very first glance.

I deemed three racks for obtain (Bodysolid, New York, PowerTec) and briefly considered two other choices (Elite, Rip rack), as follows: Shipping to CA is $188.00, for a total of $587.00. As of 4/13/ten, this rack is out of stock at the organization. He told me this rack is rated to 800 lbs and both of his sons (grandsons) use it for 500 lb lifts (quarter squats, any individual?) The web site is incredibly outdated, but serviceable: it has item photos but not full dimensions. The New York Barbells rack I looked at is named the 92563" Rack: This rack looks like a strong choice, with a easy, standard style.

The security pins are a strange square design that demands you to insert the bar into each of the vertical rack members at after. This design and style makes utilizing the security pin something that takes some practice it demands numerous steps and can outcome in fumbling when placing them in. On the plus side the pins appear quite sturdy, which is as it should be (despite the fact that its crazy that they are 10X thicker than the steel in the main pillars and beams of the rack.) These are simpler to place in and for some cause seem much more fitting for a power racks rack. The Elite Pro rack has 1½" spacing for a very good part of the upright, which is obviously superior.

The PowerTec rack is also not tall enough to do pressing in who offers a shit, I do them outside the rack. My biggest beef with this rack is the thinness of the metal stock employed for the vertical pillars of the rack. I unprofessionally measured the tube stock in this rack and identified it 1/16" thick, or 45% thinner than the claimed quantity. Not only that, the tubes truly bent inwards in many points on the rack when I tightened the bolts.

On the other hand, I have skilled no difficulties and the rack is probably sturdy enough to operate for the subsequent handful of years. As far as accessories go, dip bars are included with the rack which is good, as other vendors charge extra for them. Apart from the freak show at the health club, I did take place to use the sole energy rack in the property, created by Hammer Strength.