Why do luggage manufacturers make such ugly suitcases? There are usually very few colors to choose from, so as you wait at the luggage carousel it is hard to tell which gray, white, black, or brown bag is yours. Some people try to make their luggage easier to spot by tying on ribbons or identity tags with limited success. Now, customers can order personalized luggage that is attractive and easy to spot at luggage claim carousels.

Ugogags or Ugobags is a company that makes personalized luggage that is unique and shows the owner's personality. These bags are not just attractive, they are practical, well-made, and easy to use. They have the wheels and top handles travelers have come to love. This high-quality, well-made luggage comes in many colors and designs. There is a large library of designs to choose from or the customer can dream up their own design to decorate their luggage. The customer can upload a favorite photo, business logo, or draw their own design for the large decorative panels on the luggage pieces. The customer can choose the colors for the basic luggage, then choose more colors for the accessories. The customer also chooses the size of the luggage.

The base luggage colors are black, white, or silver which make good backgrounds for the custom design panels people choose. The stock designs people can choose from are colorful and creative. The option of using one's own designs is what makes this luggage a winner. Business owners can now use their luggage as an advertising format. People with a cause can use their luggage to tell the world about it. Artists of all ages and degrees of talent can show off their creativity for the world to see. These people will be able to spot their unique luggage right away, claim it, and be on their way.

This attractive luggage can be ordered online from the comfort of the customer's home. Made In America fans can be assured this product is assembled and customized in California. When ordering their luggage, customers follow a simple three step process. They choose the case size and color, then choose the front panel design, and finally choose from ten colors for the accessory components. There is a secure online order and payment protocol to follow, then it is just a matter of waiting for the new luggage to be delivered. What a wonderful, fun gift to give those friends and loved ones for the holidays. For more information, please visit the website.