Fans of turducken are growing by leaps and bounds every single day. Many people, who have had this terrific meat for dinner, swear they will never go back to eating a traditional turkey for Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner again. However, there are still many diners out there who say that turducken is no the dinner for them.

Below you will find some myths about this succulent meat dispelled so that you can consider it for your next holiday meal.

Myth Number One: You Lose the Feel of Tradition

To many people, the tradition of Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner is almost as important as the food they put on the table. Many feel that they will lose that tradition if they place anything other than a traditional turkey on the table. This is simply not true. This bird looks the same in the oven, you will have the same mouthwatering aromas wafting through the house, and you can still have your choice of white or dark meat when it is carried to the table.

Myth Number Two: It is excessively Hard to Cook

Many people believe that this type of holiday food will be too hard to prepare and get in the oven. If you have ever basted a turkey every 30 minutes or tried to turn it upside down in the pan so that the juices would drip down into the breast, then you know that cooking a turkey is not an easy task. However, once it is thawed, a turducken is ready to cook, no priming, basting, or flipping needed. Simply cook it, cover it with tinfoil for 20 minutes after it is done, then carve as you would a fine loaf of bread when you get it to the table.

Myth Number Three: The Kids will Hate it

If your kids love turkey, they will love turducken even more. If you can't get them to try it, try telling them that other kids will probably have just plain old turkey. Let them know that they can go to school and brag about what they had for dinner over the holidays, that should get them to try it, and then they will be hooked.

These are just three of the myths about turducken that you will want to look into if you are a strict traditional turkey eater. You can order your turducken online today and never have to leave the comfort of your armchair to do it.