Although prices have since come back to far more accustomed levels, the run up in the value of gold that peaked several years ago was felt far and wide. Fleeing the vicissitudes of the equity markets that had suddenly turned hostile, investors took refuge in a commodity that has long been one of those most valued around the world. As the price of an ounce of gold nearly hit the $2,000 mark, many observers remarked upon the effects of this development on the financial world, but the reality was that the repercussions were far more widespread.

In the world of jewelry, for example, the double impact of the recession and gold's skyrocketing price caused what some think of as a revolution. With their incomes greatly lessened and less able to be relied upon, shoppers around the world were far less likely to consider jewelry in the first place. For those who did show up in showrooms, the shock of seeing the price tags that resulted from gold's high price often caused them to turn right back around.

In every disaster, of course, there is opportunity, and that was certainly true among the world's sharpest jewelers. Recognizing that they would need to appeal to their potential customers in different ways for so long as gold remained so expensive, some of them pulled out aces that they had long kept hidden.

The wide availability of tungsten rings today, in fact, is a likely a result of smart business moves of this kind. Long known by those in the industry as an appealing metal to make jewelry from, tungsten had nonetheless remained something of a secret to those outside of it.

Today, however, a mens wedding band is more likely than at any time before to be made from tungsten. With a reassuring heft and a deep, lustrous shine, this dark metal seems to many like the masculine sort of wedding ring that they had always wanted but never knew existed.

As this realization has spread, vendors like have done their best to help buyers find what they want and need. Although tungsten can be fairly challenging to work with, better tooling and improved skill sets mean that a wider range of jewelers are capable of dealing with it handily. Today, then, it is not only easy to buy a mens wedding ring made from this attractive material, it is also not difficult to find someone who can work with it and advise as to how best to care for it.