Do you currently carry a gun and would like to be able to haul it safely and discretely in your truck? If so, you may want to consider purchasing the AR-10 truck mount. When it comes to mounting your AR-10 in your truck, safety and discreteness are key. Unless it is to law enforcement officials, you may not want to give away that you are packing heat. This article will discuss more about the benefits of this truck mount solution.

Why Should You Use This Truck Mount?

There are several reasons why this truck mount would work for you. First, this discrete defense solutions AR10 mount is easily installed. You don't even have to use any tools. All you need to do is open the console lid, place the rifle inside, and close the console lid. Also, it is very easily moved when you are not using it. Also, this rifle mount is compatible with different mags, both standard GI mags and pmags. Finally this mount will work with many different trucks and SUVs. You will be hard pressed to find a truck or SUV that it is not compatible with.

What Are the Major Benefits of This Truck Mount?

As mentioned previously, safety and discreteness are huge when it comes to truck mounts. If this mount is not correctly installed, it can have fatal consequences. First, it is recommended that you have it installed on the passenger side of the vehicle unless absolutely necessary. This mount will securely fit against your console, which is a huge benefit where safety is concerned. You don't want it to fit too loosely where the gun is easily jarred around and can accidentally be fired. Finally, if you need to be able to use your gun quickly, you will be able to remove the rifle quickly and slide the mags into the gun or out of it quickly.

Finally, this truck mount is essential when it comes to discrete defense. You need to be able to defend yourself quickly and efficiently when necessary. This mount will ensure that you are able to do so. It is imperative that this mount is in the hands of responsible gun owners only, as if this mount coupled with a rifle are in the wrong hands, the consequences could be fatal. If you are interested in purchasing this truck mount, contact Discrete Defense Solutions for more information.