Brick and mortar auto part shops, department stores and some repair facilities offer numerous auto parts and car and truck accessories, but they are not always the perfect solution. Online retailers are becoming much more popular with customers, for a number of reasons. Pricing is one valid reason, because it is often much cheaper to buy online that in a land-based store, but there are other benefits as well.

Garages will add their own markup to the parts they offer often making them much more expensive than retailers. Many prefer to only offer the parts when they are the ones installing them. They also may require the customer to return them or seek warranty coverage from the original supplier, rather than covering the part themselves.

Department stores and auto part stores will frequently offer only one or two brands or keep only the most popular sizes or part numbers in stock. For less common items, department stores are usually not able to do much to help because purchasing is handled by corporate offices or individual vendors, not the staff in the store. Auto part retailers will seek out the items, but waiting for them could take several days or longer and there is often a delivery charge when they have to be special ordered. In addition, it can be time consuming to compare pricing between retailers and the customer is often reliant on the individual employee they are talking to make certain they get exactly what they want.

Online, truck bedliner accessories are easy to research and compare. The customer can look up product reviews, check all prices from a variety of sellers and check out the details of each item to be certain it meets their needs. Assistance is available through chat or on the phone if needed, and consumers can shop at any time of the day or night, rather than rushing to get to a shop after work, hoping to get there before they close.

Online retailers also have available a much larger selection of all the items they offer, including optional items like truck accessories. Because many work directly with a variety of manufacturers, they ship directly from them. This streamlines the process and makes delivery of their items affordable and fast. While it may not make financial sense to use these companies to purchase a single, small item, for unusual items or large orders, it is a cost-effective option that can make it easy to get the best quality parts possible.