Toyota's Prius is now widely regarded as the car that kicked off what has since become a revolution. The first hybrid vehicle to arouse mass-market interest and acceptance, it continues to sell well to buyers. So well, in fact, that Toyota has seen fit to issue the Prius in a number of new editions, from the versatile Prius V, to the sporty Prius C and the innovative Prius plug-in.

One downside of the Prius, remains, however, in the form of a price tag that is a little higher than comparable cars of the conventional kind. Buyers can expect to make much of this back over time through increased fuel economy, but that up-front investment can be hard for some to manage.

On the other hand, there are some good options even for those who might otherwise turn away from the Prius because of its price. Buying a certified used toyota can be an excellent way of saving some money while still enjoying all of the reliability and quality that Toyota is known for.

This is just as true of a used toyota prius as of any other car the company offers. Some buyers are understandably skeptical about this, believing that the increased complexity of the hybrid design means that it is less likely to make for a good used-car purchase.

In fact, however, Toyota's certification accounts for this, making this objection largely moot. The company's certification technicians go over every aspect of the hybrid systems as thoroughly as they do conventional engines and other parts, meaning that buyers can be just as confident about their used Toyota purchases as always.

That means, for instance, giving the all-important electric battery a thorough inspection and analysis. While a Prius battery can be expected to last for years under normal driving patterns, capacity does diminish over time.

Toyota's used certification program ensures that buyers not only obtain a strong warranty on that important part, but also that they get a realistic idea as to when service will finally be required. Because of such precautions and others, obtaining a secondhand Prius is often safer and more practical than some would assume.