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Total Wellness Cleanse

Total Wellness Cleanse

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" Our cleanse is going to greatly improve the health of your body - who couldn't benefit from that?

Most people who cleanse, while wanting to maintain their weight, might lose a few pounds of unnecessary weight that their body has been holding onto.

You'll be eating recipes that have been specially designed and sequenced to allow your body to naturally and safely purge the toxins from your body's tissues.

That's why I had to develop the Total Wellness Cleanse(TM) - my own sustainable two-stage detox program, which I used to originally help my private clients and now more than 20,000 men and women around the world purge all these toxins from their body, and keep them away for good, while also providing their bodies will all the nutrition it needs.

9 essential, yet miniscule changes you must make immediately to dramatically improve your digestion, so that the foods you eat end up nourishing your body, rather than destroying it! The almost entirely unknown secret to creating a healthy colon, repairing your intestinal lining, and banishing candida for good! The full lowdown on the amazing power of your liver, which is the powerhouse that drives almost all of the detoxification process and how quickly it can be overpowered, and beaten into submission through lifestyle and eating choices that seem entirely reasonable to you.

Typically, many raw food diets call for heavy amounts of natural sugars in the form of dates and sweet fruit and, as such, create more toxic acid in your body.

Total Wellness Cleanse(TM) Recipe Guide: 119 mouth-watering recipes that cleanse your body, and leave you feeling fed and satisfied.

The Total Wellness Cleanse(TM) is all about eating delicious, whole foods that nourish your body with the vital nutrients it needs to kick-start it's own natural detox process.

9 cleansing herbal teas that nourish your body and dramatically improve your health, without you having to pump your body with drugs, or other artificial substances.

When you finally cleanse your body of all the toxins that have plagued you all your life and when you're at last eating delicious foods that provide all the nutrition you need to function properly, and at your best you can live your life with practically limitless energy and gusto.

Our goal during the initial 14-day cleanse phase is to give your body a break from the foods that impose unneeded digestive and systemic stress.

Every cell in your body is made up entirely of the food you've eaten throughout your life.

After the first phase of the cleanse you'll be able to reintroduce your favorite foods, and find your own balance that allows your body to stay healthy and free of toxins.

Pesticides don't just enter your body through the foods you eat\/p>.

Your body is being bombarded with chemicals that simply shouldn't even exist in our natural environment - which our bodies have evolved to survive in.

Yuri Elkaim, BPHE, RHN. P.S. Remember, I'm personally guaranteeing that if you follow the steps I've presented in the Total Wellness Cleanse(TM), and eat the recipes I recommend in the correct order then you'll clean your body of the toxins that have been poisoning you all your life, shed stubborn fat, and feel more energetic.

The four channels your body uses for shuttling toxins away from your tissues and vital organs and simple ways for you to maximize their efficiency, and turbo-charge the detox process! The 5 easy steps to maintaining a clean liver that allow your body to catch and discard incoming toxins, like a high-powered air filter.


Total Wellness Cleanse

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