If you want to sell your house fast without paying a commission, performing a lot of repairs or waiting weeks for a final closing date, there are only a couple of options. Despite the housing market improvements that have taken place, the large inventory of houses available have made it hard to even get noticed by buyers, let alone actually make a sale. Real estate agents are often overwhelmed with a long list of similar properties in every neighborhood, making it difficult for the average home to stand out.

In addition, home buyers and home owners will often have different opinions on what is stylish and what is not. Home sellers are often told to spend the time repairing, painting and redecorating prior to placing the home on the market. This is not always possible because people will lack the time or the income to do the work that has been suggested.

Ignoring the advice of a listing agent is easiest when you do not have one. Choosing to put a home up for sale on your own will save time in this aspect as well as with all of the paperwork they require you to fill out before they even put a sign in the yard.

When you sell your home on your own you can avoid commissions and other fees that make the process too expensive. It makes it easier to price your home lower, often a requirement for selling your house quickly. You can advertise it however you want and wherever you prefer.

The problem is that there is no guarantee it will sell, even when sellers are aggressive with marketing. It can become expensive to run countless ads to draw in potential buyers and open houses, house tours and answering responses to ads can be very time consuming. You will also still need a contract that both parties can agree on, resulting in legal fees and delays.

The other method may be the best match for anyone who wants to sell fast. There are florida cash home buyers that will buy a home exactly as it is, without any repairs or debates. These sell in fort lauderdale offer a cash amount and the seller can either accept or refuse. If you refuse the offer they will go on their way. If you accept, you will have the money in your hand within a matter of days. You never have to fix anything and you never have to waste time with home inspections or appraisals. Find out more to see if this may be the answer for you.