Simplilearn, a premier online training company, is offering a TOGAF 9.1 online course that prepares you for certification in Level 1 Foundation and Level 2 Certified combined. The training gives you specific knowledge of the methods and framework of enterprise architecture. Enterprise Architecture is a growing discipline that has increasing job opportunities for those who are certified. It is recommended for professionals who are responsible for the development, planning, execution, operation and delivery of architecture projects. If you do anything related to those tasks, you may want to consider the training as well. Competition is fierce for jobs these days and certification is a sure way to boost your credibility in this field.

You will also find your marketability increases with Fortune 500 companies who are seeking certified professionals. Certification is a sign that you are knowledgeable and a dedicated professional. Those who hire have a lot of choice, so they do not have to settle for someone who does not have togaf certification. And it is a distinction they are willing to pay for. Studies indicate that the salary of those who hold certification is significantly higher than their peers who do not. You may want to consider what is togaf if you are looking to boost your career advancement opportunities.

The course is an instructor led online format with interactive audio and visual content. You will receive a TOGAF participation hand book, a glossary and reference cards. The first level consists of 11 chapters including architecture governance, basic concepts, core concepts and TOGAF reference models. There is a question bank of 240 questions for this level, as well as 4 online test papers to prepare you for the exam. The first level exam, the fee for which is included in the course, is a closed book exam that has 40 multiple choice questions. You will have 60 minutes to complete this exam.

The second level has 27 chapters and is a bit more intense. Examples of chapters include stakeholder management, business scenario technique and guidelines for adapting the ADM security. Chapters touch on all the phases of the framework such as phase C- application architecture, phase E-opportunities and solutions and phase H- architecture change management. This section has a question bank of scenarios and 38 real world examples across industries. This exam, fee also included in the course, is open book with 8 complex scenarios based questions that you will have 90 minutes to complete. The whole course includes 32 hours of instructor led training, 21.5 hours of e-learning content, various quizzes at the end of each chapter, and engagement/reinforcement videos at the beginning and the end. The pass rate is very high for togaf certification and you will do well.