The health of a person's toenails can be damaged by toenail fungus. This common condition occurs when the fungus begins to grow under the nail bed. It ends up causing yellowing, discoloration, thickening, peeling and bad odors. This condition can also cause itching and irritation. The traditional medical approach to treating toenail fungus involves both oral and topical antifungal treatments. Unfortunately, these medications can cause side-effects and are not always helpful. This is why many people are taking a homeopathic approach to healing.

Though some people view toenail fungus to be a simple cosmetic concern, it is much more serious. Ignoring a fungal condition can lead to foot pain, the spread of infection, and toenail loss. A podiatrist can take a small sample of toenail tissue and test it for fungus. If a fungus is found, it needs to be treated promptly before the condition becomes worse.

To treat toenail fungus naturally, there is a homeopathic system that includes a topical solution and a sublingual spray. When these are used in conjunction, clearer nails can be experienced as the condition improves. Though it takes time, this treatment kills the fungus without causing the risky side-effects other medications can cause.

Zetaclear contains a natural blend of oils that promote healing. The topical solution immediately goes to work on helping to stop the pain, irritation, and itching toenail fungus causes. It also penetrates deep into the nail bed so the fungus can be brought under control.

As a part of treatment, the sublingual spray is sprayed under the tongue, where a large cluster of veins allows the medication to instantly enter the bloodstream. The spray contains beneficial ingredients such as Antimonium Curdum, Mancinella, and Sulphur 12X. These help to systemically rid the body of fungus.

The topical toenail treatment contains Tea Tree oil, Jojoba oil, and Clove oil. These essential oils soothe the irritated nails and skin, helping to instantly relieve itching, swelling, and pain.

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