There are a great many people who experience the sound of one noise or another, in one or both of their ears most of the time. This sound may increase and decrease on its own, but it doesn’t seem to go away. The sound heard can be different from person to person, and can be described as a whooshing or buzzing sound, a ringing or whistle, or a sizzle sound. Some people experience a clicking in their ears. If this sound is heard, having your dentist check you for TMJ, which is a problem found in the jaw may provide the answer for you.

The first thing to do is to eliminate the possible causes for what you are hearing, before trying any tinnitus treatment. One of the most common of these is an infection in one or both of your ears. This is good news, since an infection can be cleared up with antibiotics and the sound should then go away. The second most common cause of the sudden onset or slow buildup of persistent sound in your ears is the buildup of excess wax deep in your ear. You can try to remove this yourself at home, using one of the many ear wax dissolving drops that are sold over the counter, or you can see your doctor and they can easily and painlessly remove the wax for you. There are some people who need to have this done regularly.

For those that aren’t able to find the answer with wax or infection in their ears, their doctors will often simply tell them the best thing to do is to accept the fact they will have to live with the problem, without offering any tinnitus treatment. It may be worthwhile asking the doctor about using low dose anti-anxiety medications, since these have helped others reduce or eliminate the sounds. The use of a white noise machine can help to distract you from the noise you are hearing. These are particularly helpful when they are used to help you fall asleep, when it can be hard not to focus on the sounds in your ears.

If you would rather try some tinnitus remedies that others have who suffer with this condition have found to be helpful, you should check out They have some great information about the condition and recommend some good reading that will teach you about things you can do at home to make your condition better.