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Lean Business Planning

Get what you want from your business

Lean business planning simple but powerful way to get what you want from your business. Get focused, grow faster, and adjust to change. A lean business plan is an easy and practical way to align strategy, tactics, milestones, assumptions, and essential cash flow without the fuss of a full business plan.

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Contrarian Advice on Investment Pitches from a Pitch Veteran

“We coach entrepreneurs ‘think big.’ ‘Think change the world.’ That doesn’t mean use adjectives that are not credible. Everybody’s revolutionary and everybody’s disruptive now.”  That’s Bill Reichert, managing director Garage Technology Ventures, veteran investor, a board member on multiple startups, and someone who has heard and reacted to hundreds of investment pitches. In this talk...

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3 Simple Steps to Turn Forecasts into Management Decisions |

(This is published on the SBA Industry Word blog, Aug. 25, 2015:

You need sales forecasting to run your business better. The forecast becomes your budget, and then the budget is tracked, and tracking leads to watching results and constant corrections. Below budget sales are an alert to problems. Above budget sales are a window to opportunities. To get to the opportunities you have to forecast.

Win a 1-on-1 Session with Barbara Corcoran

I'm a fan of Barbara Corcoran. Watching Shark Tank has made me familiar with her business wisdom, and then I finally met her last fall when we both spoke at the same New York event, sponsored by Canon. She did a keynote that made me like her even more. I admire her business success and I like her front-lines wisdom on business, which highlights doing the work and giving real value.

True Story: Set Clear Goals and State Them in Public

"I didn't realize how much advantage you can get from setting clear goals and stating them outright, in public." So says Jorge Granier, CEO of Latin Everywhere with an example to prove it.

He explains that barely six months ago, radio host, author and small business expert Barry Moltz interviewed him for a Canon MAXIFY promotion and asked him to highlight his next big goal for the next year. Jorge responded with two goals, not one: doubling the audience from 50 million to 100 million views per month; and going from less than 5 million to 10 million subscribers.

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