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Choosing American Made Glass

Yes, American-made glass is going to cost you more but it is better. After reading the following, you will understand more why you should only buy American-made glass pipes.

Why Buy American-Made Glass

American-made glass is much better than Chinese-made glass, plain and simple. Chinese glassblowing studios are going to produce glass products as cheap as they possibly can.

If you want a cheaply made product, then you should go ahead and buy Chinese glass, but if you want a good product, American-made glass is definitely the way to go. A Chinese glass maker is going to feature lower quality of glassblowing supplies, be made with thinly blown glass and the structure and durability is not going to be good as American-made glass.  The glass pipes often look the same to the naked eye but the internal chamber and percolators are going to significantly be more fragile on a Chinese-made glass pipe than American-made pipes.

You may find some Chinese studios that are going to contract American companies to produce glass specifically for their product, but this is definitely not going to be the norm. Always find out where the glass of your pipe cames from.  American companies like TAG are going to have specific standards for thickness and quality on their pipes. Our standards happen to be higher than others.

American Labor

American glass is going to have a higher price tag on it than imported glass from China. Labor in China is paid very low wages and you are not going to get quality specialists at a low rate. When you shop for American glass, a lot of what you are paying for is the cost of American labor. The more you support American manufacturers and get American-made glass, the more jobs we keep in America.

Additionally, all functional glass is going to be produced by humans.  Supplies and equipment used by blowers are not cheap.  By supporting American art and labor, you are contributing to the American workforce and getting a superior product.


Glassblowing as an art is one that is a lifetime pursuit.  A decent glassblower takes years to train and it can take decades to become an extremely talented glassblower.  The process of melting glass, blowing glass and putting it in the kiln takes a crazy amount of time.

In most cases, Chinese glassblowers are not going to have years of glassblowing experience as Americans have. Chinese workers are factory workers who have turned to glassblowing as a way to support themselves and their family. And essentially, glassblowing is not an art in China, but a factory job. 

Chinese factories are going to only copy existing designs from images they find online or samples that are sent to them by other companies. 

Meanwhile, when you buy American-made pipes, you are contributing to the efforts of American glassblowers.


American-made glass may be going to get more expensive as consumers choose to buy imported glass (although at TAG, we will continue to create quality water pipes for less).  The more glass products that we get from other countries, the more American manufacturers are going to be forced to raise their prices.

If you want glass pipes that are quality made and will last, go with American-made glass pipes. Yee-haw!


A Comprehensive Guide To Incyclers

It's all in a name: incyclers are basically internal recyclers. They are a very popular water pipe and dab rig style for many smokers and dabbers these days, and that is for a few serious reasons.

A key one is that incyclers will give you smooth hits by making sure to keep water constantly moving throughout the water pipe. They are one of the best ways to break your smoke down to vapor and are most commonly used for dabbing concentrates but are also used as a pipe for smoking flower.

They typically feature a unique dual chamber design which houses a percolator that will begin the diffusion process. These chambers are perfect for getting the most flavor from your concentrates with superb functionality. After the vapor and water travel through the main chamber, it will then move through the separation tubes to the recycling chamber. The water and vapor loop will then move between the two chambers. The vapor will often pass through the percolators multiple times before leaving out of the mouth piece, which ensures it is completely filtered and smooth.


There are many benefits to using an incycler.  The second chamber is going to work as a splashguard which will make sure you won't find yourself with a mouthful of water. Another advantage of incyclers is that you get a constant filtration of the smoke as it passes through the loop from reservoir to second chamber. As the vapor is cycled, it will pass through the percolator numerous times to provide you with a clean dab every time. Hits are going to be cooler and allow for larger dabs. A great example of a fine piece is this 7" Klein Incycler by TAG.


The process is going to begin as vapor is going to be pulled into the primary percolator of the incycler. The vapor will diffuse into the pipe’s main chamber. Water and vapor are then going to be pulled into the internal section of the incycler. The intakes will be positioned at an angle which will maximize the vortex function characteristic of the incycler. Vapor will then make its way through the mouthpiece of the pipe and into your lungs. This is where water is going to be constantly drained through the internal section of the piece and replenishing the main chamber.

Why Use Incyclers

You should use incyclers because water is going to be constantly moving within the incycler and your vapor will have zero time to sit there and get stale. This is going to make sure that you will taste the full flavor of your waxes and oils. Incyclers are water-driven and the vapor will be cooled down to a comfortable temperature for your sweet enjoyment.

It is common to hear people that use incyclers to talk about how they love the drain on their incycler. What this basically means is the amount of time it takes for the internal chamber to replenish the main chamber and empty completely. When this happens, you exhale your dab which will take several seconds to completely carry out.

Dabbers will give you long and steady drains to perfected incycler function. If you find an incycler that drains for a while, you should grab it up. There are many budget-priced incyclers and scientific art incyclers, so there is one for everyone to get the most out of. Some of the Dab Rigs TAG makes do have incyclers. See them here.


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