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Gun Violence: Russia's Dichotomy
As President Obama pushes Congress to pass measures to curb gun violence, The World continues to explore how the issue of gun control plays out in other countries. Anchor Marco Werman speaks with Fred Weir, Moscow correspondent for the Christian Science Monitor, who says Russia's homicide rate is about twice that of the United States, despite strict gun laws. Weir says knives, axes and other weapons are used instead of guns.
Shooting at a Jewish School in Toulouse, France
A lone gunman shot and killed a man and three young children at Jewish school in Toulouse, France on Monday. Witnesses said the gunman made his escape on a motorbike or scooter. Anchor Lisa Mullins speaks with Richard Prasquier, the president of France's leading Jewish group. Prasquier visited the scene of the shooting with French president Nicholas Sarkozy. (Report from March 2012)
A Brief History of Guns in South Africa
South Africa has among the highest rate of shooting deaths in the world. The country passed legislation in the year 2000 to curb gun ownership and has seen a significant decline in gun deaths since then. Still, gun violence remains a major problem. Anchor Carol Hills spoke with Adele Kirsten with Gun Free South Africa about the history of guns in South Africa.
The Science of a Shootout
It's a standard feature of old Hollywood westerns. A shootout between a good guy and a bad guy. The bad guy reaches for his gun first. And he loses. But why? It certainly makes a good story, but now there's some science to back it up - kind of. The World's Alex Gallafent reports.
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