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Five Quick Ways to Lose Weight Easily

If you're trying real hard to lose weight fast, here are five quick tips that can help you with your quest to lose weight quickly if you follow them diligently and consistently.

1. Always Eat the Healthier Fatty Foods

According to the recent studies for weight loss, when it comes to staying healthy or losing weight, the issue is not the fats itself but the type of fats you consume. There are some types of fats you must avoid if you intend to stay healthy or lose weight.

One of such fats is the Trans fats. These are the sort of fats commonly found in most junk foods like margarine, baked snacks like donuts, cookies and cakes. They are also partially available in hydrogenated vegetable oils.

Saturated fats are a sample of the healthy fats the body can consume which could be consumed in small quantities. You get to find them in animals and they are great for consumption without any form of side effects if they are 100% organic or natural.

Another type of healthy fats you're allowed to consume even in your quest to stay healthy or lose weight is the polyunsaturated and monosaturated fats. These fats contain the essential fatty acids like Omega-3. They are also found in avocados, other nuts like coconuts, olive oils, flaxseed oils and almonds.

As a major rule, you need to try as much as possible to avoid Trans fats and consume lesser amounts of these saturated fats and larger amounts of the healthy fats. A lot of experts still tend to label saturated fats as "bad fats" even though research has shown that many of the ancient tribesmen have been consuming these animal products for ages without ever developing the symptoms of most of these degenerative diseases or obesity. A lot of the problems we seem to have today with these products have been discovered to arise from the factory farms whose owners tend to use a lot of highly questionable additives.

2. Always Get Enough Sleep

Though we all know that constant exercises can help us lose weight quickly, research has also shown that sleeping could also help. Recent studies have shown that there's a huge correlation between obesity and depriving one's self of sleep.

A lack of sleep can induce a sort of imbalance in the body's system which tends to prevent the burning of the body's fats. You seriously need to address this if you have sleeping problems.

However, regular exercises can really help you with this. You need to avoid taking any form of caffeine or stimulants beyond noon. You can take herbal teas like skull cap or chamomile that can help with insomnia if you're finding it difficult to sleep.

3. Reduce Stress

It's often difficult losing weight when stressed up. This is also quite related to the point we raised above on how insomnia can contribute to obesity.

Though we tend to think we add more weight whenever we're better relaxed or sleep more often - the truth is we need both activities for our body to be at the best and help us naturally burn fats.

4. Always Watch What You Drink

When it comes to losing weight, it's important you avoid consuming beverages at all costs. The best drink you should be taking within this period is pure water. If you must take juices, stick to pure juices and always take them in moderation.

Though there are so many healthy juices like the apple juice, most times they tend to contain so much sugar. Natural sugars could also be fattening when they're included in large quantities. Other drinks you should be taking within this period are the herbal and green teas as they have been proven to contain several antioxidants that actually help with weight loss.

Don't take soda drinks - try your best to avoid them even if they are diet sodas. Most of them have been proven to have artificial sweeteners that tend to put one's health at a serious risk. For quite a few people, a glass of beer or wine a day might actually come with several health benefits. If you go beyond these limits, it can contribute to obesity problems and serious health issues too.

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5. Intelligently Indulge In Exercises

You need to exercise frequently to lose weight fast. However, the problem most people tend to have with exercises is that they tend to start quite enthusiastically and burn out once that initial burst of energy tends to wear out.

They just quit. If this easily describes you, then you need to realize that the key to a very successful exercise regimen for weight loss is your consistency.

It's 100% better you indulge in a 45 minutes work out or walk every day and just stick with it instead of going for a strenuous or rigorous work out session in a gym at the weekends. If you indulge in more strenuous exercises rather than simple ones, you would easily wear out and never be consistent with it. Simple regular exercises is enough to help you lose weight - don't ever try to do so much.

The Leptin Diet – A New Approach to Weight Loss

Did you know that what you eat is as important as when you eat it? When it comes to losing weight, food quality is essential. Yet the Leptin diet holds the real key to weight loss success: eating less amount of food and getting much more energy from it.

This is by no means a traditional diet but a change in lifestyle in which correct nutrition is paramount. Backed by scientific evidence concerning the crucial role of the Leptin hormone, this diet is the secret to achieving long-term weight management; getting better energy; and improving your overall health.

The Leptin hormone controls almost every process that happens inside your body, and it is a crucial factor as regards weight control as well as other issues such as stress, cardiovascular health, reproduction, and thyroid function to name but a few.

The whole field of endocrinology was revolutionized when the origins of the Leptin hormone were discovered. Leptin is produced in the stored fat, which means that the adipose tissue is not just a place where extra calories are found. Instead, it is now elevated as a major metabolic organ, similar to any other gland of the body.

If you get to understand how this hormone operates and you use this knowledge to improve your daily life, we can assure that your health will change dramatically.

The 5 Rules

The Leptin diet can help you solve most of your health problems, and accomplish permanent weight control, too.

The 5 rules of this regimen will help you boost your level of energy and will help you reach and keep a healthy weight while improving your general health. The rules are the following:

1.Don’t eat after dinner – Finish your last meal of the day at least 3 hours before going to bed. Allow from 11 to 12 hours between dinner and breakfast.

2.Have 3 meals a day – Allow from 5 to 6 hours between meals. Steer clear from unhealthy in-between snacks.

3.Eat small portions – Finish your meal when you feel almost full.

4.Have a protein-laden breakfast.

5.Don’t eat too much food full of carbohydrates.

Let’s examine the rules more closely to understand why these rules are to be followed strictly:

1. The Leptin hormone works during the evening, mainly. If you don't eat after dinner, you can help and accelerate the fat-burning process and achieve your weight loss goals sooner. It is really important that you give your best effort and avoid eating after dinner during the night.

2. It is strongly advisable that you do not have any snack between the 3 meals. By avoiding in-between snacks, you allow your liver to clear triglycerides, or fat globules, out of your body.

What’s more, if you don’t snack, your hips and thighs fats are more likely to melt during the night. Eating in-between snacks is by far the worst thing to do if you want to lose weight.

3. Under no circumstances must you eat large portions of meal. Try to stop eating before you feel full – it takes from 10 to 20 minutes for the "full" signal to be received.

Eating slowly is also a central aspect because you will get the "full" signal sooner while you are having your meal. It is important that you always pay attention to your internal body signals.

4. If you eat foods full of proteins in the morning, your metabolic processes can be augmented up to 30% and for as much as 12 hours.

On the contrary, a carbohydrate-laden meal increases your metabolism by only 4%. Adding cheese, fruit and eggs to your everyday breakfast will absolutely help you in your weight loss goals.

5. Overweight people usually eat 3 times the necessary level of carbohydrates – an amount that the body finds difficult to metabolize. Make sure you reduce the amount of carbs you eat, and remember to prioritize foods that contain protein.

Which Foods Should I Eat to Lose Weight?

As explained before, the aim of the Leptin diet consists in eating less and getting more energy from the foods you consume. If you decide to take up this regime, you should get informed about the type of foods that are essential for the diet to work and make you lose pounds.

Here’s a list of the best healthy foods you can eat according to the principles of the Leptin diet:

  • Oily Fish

Eating a considerable amount of Omega-3 will help the Leptin hormone to increase its level. That is why including oily fish like mackerel and salmon in your diet is a great idea if you want to lose weight.

Besides, the Omega 3 fatty acid that these fishes contain is crucial to the health of your brain, your cells, and even your skin. These fish are also rich sources of protein, which is an important component for weight loss success.

By eating just one portion of salmon, you can provide your body with 70% of the protein necessary for the day. Make sure you add plenty of protein-laden foods like oily fish in your everyday meals.

  • Eggs

Eggs are great source of protein especially the yolk. By adding eggs to your breakfast, you provide your body with the necessary amount of protein you need – keeping you full and away from unhealthy in-between snacks.

Contrary to what most people think, various scientific studies have shown eggs are very healthy, and what’s more, they will help you reduce the unwanted fat.

  • Quinoa

Of all the grains, quinoa has the highest level of protein. Quinoa is a complete grain that contains complex carbohydrates, fibre, proteins, and B vitamins, which helps minimize stress.

Eating quinoa regularly can also help you improve your metabolism and burn off fat. The good news is that quinoa is one of the most versatile grains – you can add it to almost any type of food to make it healthier and improve your nutrition. You can even replace your usual cereal with quinoa for breakfast.

Concluding Remarks

Unlike most diets, the Leptin diet is based on serious scientific research and has helped many people to achieve permanent weight loss. It is important that you not only select certain meals to lose weight, but also eat them in the appropriate time.

Remember that the secret of the Leptin diet lies in understanding this simple yet paramount principle: what we eat is just as important as when we eat it.

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Written by Danielle Lewis

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