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Best Fat Burning Foods Diet And Workouts

Fat Burning Foods And Fat Burning Workouts

Your Fat Loss Switch: How to Turn it On with John Barban's Leptin Diet

A unique and unseen factor making the breakthroughs and bulldozing the Venus diet into the public's eye and then into the mouths of hundreds of women seeking help is a single hormone. Leptin.

Leptin is a hormone that balances and controls metabolism in both men and women. Low levels of this leptin hormone causes weight gain while higher levels of the hormone promotes a healthier weight. Sounds pretty simple, right? It gets more complicated than that.

Studies have shown that women have twice as much leptin than men do. Sounds perfect! That means women should naturally lose and have a healthy weight. That is not the case, however. The problem is that women don't respond to leptin as well as men! So while they have more of this ideal hormone, it doesn't function as well in a woman's body. This is called leptin resistance and it is the basis of John Barban's research and the focus of the Venus Factor, hence why it is often called the leptin diet as well.

The other big issue with leptin in women is that when women begin dieting, their leptin hormones can drop off, making weight loss significantly more difficult. And yes, it will drop faster than it does in men. Have you ever noticed that men can have a steady weight loss when they begin dieting while women struggle and struggle to shed the pounds? And then when women come off of a diet, they gain all the weight back? Why doesn't that happen to men? Because men don't lose the leptin hormone during their diet while women do. So while the leptin is at an all-time low, in combination with the already troubling leptin resistance, coming off a diet—or even starting a diet unprepared—will almost always lead to weight gain in women.

So by putting that leptin to work—the leptin you already have in your body lazing around and ignoring its main job of burning fat—the body will begin dropping the weight in a much easier, natural fashion. It turns out that counting calories and hundreds of crunches are not effective and definitely not-so in the long run. The Venus Factor is based on this research and these factors and John Barban has carefully crafted a leptin diet that will help women lose weight by treating a core issue that all women face.

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The leptin diet is not some fad; it's not about cutting out a certain food group or about restricting cravings and feeling hungry all the time. It's a 12-week plan designed to boost those leptin hormones into overdrive while at the same time eating a healthy, balanced diet while living a healthy, balanced lifestyle. All of these things working together in conjunction—a diet specifically planned out for women based on their specific needs and desires—is what John Barban has given the public.

The 12-week plan is built to give you tips and tricks to weight loss and a diet plan that will help you keep the weight off. Twelve weeks is the package needed to turn that metabolism, fat-burning switch on but if you don't have all the right tools and motivation, you won't see the amazing results that are possible. So if you follow the twelve weeks through and through, you can change your body completely. And because this plan is geared toward women, you will see fat loss from those problem areas. You know, the stubborn fat around the belly, hips and thighs. Even if women start losing weight, those areas are so tricky to see the results! So because this isn't a one-size-fits-all plan or a generic diet plan that could be for men too, women will see fat loss from the mid-section drop easily too.

So how does the Venus Factor diet help keeps leptins high in women and how does this plan help you understand what to do to keep them high?

fat burning diet

The guide will teach you all about foods that are not good for leptin levels and foods that make losing weight difficult. You will also be expected to cut out all soy and processed foods, much like any other healthy diet would suggest. It will inform you of a certain herb perfect for accelerating Leptin sensitivity and you'll learn a food trick cheat-sheet to help boost metabolism. To recap:

  • It will help you eat right
  • Let you in the-know on what will boost Leptin hormones
  • Help you eliminate foods that de-sensitize leptin levels
  • Boost overall metabolism to burn calories non-stop
  • Help lose weight where women want to lose it most
  • Learn how to exercise for optimal fat loss
  • Learn how much exercise women need

fat burning workouts for women

Like I just mentioned, the Venus plan helps women lose weight…and in areas they want to lose it most. It is not an exercise program. In fact, John Barban even says exercise is not a vital part of this program. Vigorous exercise is a huge part of many diet and fat-loss plans because those plans are designed for men or are designed to be universal. But the Venus plan is designed for women and women do not need excessive exercising in order to lose weight. They need a healthier diet and higher Leptin levels and leptin sensitivity. That is the key to weight loss and why so many women struggle year after year, diet after diet and wonder why they can't see the same results as men do doing the same plan.

Twelve weeks is all it takes, but it could become a lifelong lifestyle change. That would be great! If you have the drive and the desire to get into shape and find something you can stick with and see great results then the Venus diet plan is for you.

Check out John's website to read more about the Venus Factor.

Are The Venus Factor Negative Reviews Real?

Venus factor negative reviews - Hi guys. I'm very sure you have come across some Venus factor negative reviews on the net. And I'm sure you still have doubts after reading them. But are they really true or are they just fabricated just to make you buy their other useless products? Anyway as promised previously, I want to share with you my personal experience with the diet system below.

Venus Factor Review Week 1 Update

Just to let you know, I just finished my first week of the Venus Factor Workout Program and I have already lost an inch and a half around my waist! There was no weight difference on the scale, but I think that is because my muscles are inflamed because of all the workouts.

If you are reading this because you are interested in The Venus Factor system, but don't know exactly what it is all about, check out my full Venus Factor Review here. Basically though, this program is designed as a full nutrition, workout and supplement guide to get you to your ideal measurements. Your ideal measurements are calculated based on your height. There is an ideal height to waist ratio for all women. Of course, there is some room for fluctuation, but for the most part, all women at the structural level are created equally and the ideal measurements hold true for everyone.

One of the best parts about this weight loss program is that it is not just another diet fad. There is a lot of information in the members' area that demystifies some of the common misconceptions that most women have about dieting and losing weight. Everything in their program is backed by actual scientific research that is not tainted by misinformation supplied by supplement companies or corporate research labs that are biased to sell you their latest diet pills. It is a very mathematically oriented program that just makes sense. Consume less calories than you burn when you are trying to lose weight and do workouts 3 times a week that are burning the maximum amount of body fat in the shortest amount of time while toning and leaning your overall body's muscle mass for an athletic and slender, but curvy look. They also give you the best natural and safe supplements to take to optimize your fat burning and suppress your appetite to get used to eating less calories.

Another thing that I really like about this program is that they have an application with all of the information that I need to keep track of my calories and a workout guide with videos on how to do all of the exercises. Warning: These workouts are tough and they suck! You have to be committed to doing this program because it is not easy and there will be times when you want to quit. I have been sore every day… but no pain no gain right?!

Click Here To Visit The Official Venus Factor Website!

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive compensation if you make a purchase using this link.

Venus Factor Reviews

A Quick look at Venus Factor

The Venus factor is a 12 week program. It is the first and only guide designed to dramatically increase the female metabolism and bring out the sexy you.

It delivers to you fast, reliable and long term fat loss without restricting the foods you enjoy most. The female fat loss blueprint will work for you even if you have bad genetics, too many commitments and no time, slow metabolism, a thyroid condition, and even everything.

The Biggest Loser TV SHOW

The problem with Emotional Weight Loss = The Cravings Still exists, and come right back.

The Venus factor offers a practical solution that truly works with your female metabolism. There will be no food cravings and the pain on hips and thighs will decrease as you lose weight. Unlike the Biggest loser show where contestants go back to their old lives, the Venus factor will provide you with a 12 week Nutritional Guide without getting totally rid of your pizza.

Well you can go look up pictures showing what really happens to most of the reality TV Contestants.

With Venus factor, eating disorders will not happen. You can get a full testimonial here.

Genetics Breakthrough: Leptin

When dealing with obesity, it is not ethical to put people through intensive highly emotional experiences like the ones on TV. Trying to change a person's metabolic rate through exercise is a grueling process especially without having done enough research on their body type and diets. In simple, if one lady wants to lose weight on her butt and hips instead of overall body weight, there would be foods that are best suited to losing the masses of fat contained in those areas.

Leptin was discovered by constantly feeding animals when they did not need to eat and then withdrawing the food for extended periods of time. The animals displayed a behavior where they refused to eat for very long periods of time and that is how they discovered that this can affect their metabolic rate. Leptin allows you to eat your favorite foods without having to cut back of pleasurable tastes and calories. However, the nutrients of the food are then proportioned by a 50/50 method as shown here. You should bear in mind that vitamins are also essential as they provide the enzymes to make proteins and other nutrient functions.

Age and Exercises Catered For

Women over the age of 40 need to consume the 50 protein/50 carb / everything else diet in order to increase their metabolic rate and they should cut back on carbohydrates but rather consume the more complex carbs instead of sugars and glucose products.

This is also contained in the Leptin Diet. CLICK HERE to find out more


Exercise needn't be intense. Provided that you are already eating the right diet. You will naturally find the energy because the metabolic food that you are consuming. Jogging will do just fine. However this is not to say Venus does not come with an exercise program. Everything you need will be included in the package such as diet, book and training program together with lots and lots of extra videos and etc.

the venus factor reviews


Banishing Leptin Resistance - Fat Loss for Women

Leptin Resistance - As women, it's so hard to lose weight when we've packed on some extra pounds.

I'm going to set up a scenario for you: There is a husband and wife who are starting a diet plan together. The man loses the weight quickly. He becomes slimmer, more toned, more muscular. And the woman? She has lost 2 or three pounds. She hasn't lost weight where she wants to. She wants to lose the weight from her stomach and legs. She is eating more constrictively than her husband. Now her husband is eating more and more and it's converting to muscle. She has lost some significant weight now. Mostly in her face, chest and arms but she is proud of the weight loss. They both stop the diet. The husband stays relatively fit still; maybe just loses some muscle tone. But the wife gains even more weight and is heavier than before the diet!

Sound familiar? It's a diet-debacle we have all heard time and time again. Here are the main issues women face while part of a weight loss program.

Weight Plateau after the Diet is Over

Yo-yo dieting found its name by being just that—like a yo-yo, going back and forth, back and forth. Many women begin diets that aren't built to last. So when they stop a diet, they gain all the weight back and then some. That's because the diet was not well-rounded or it was a fad diet designed to just cut out one food group or specific food item. Now that the dieter has re-introduced that/those foods back, the body is hanging onto it all.

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Leptin Resistance is the Bain of Fat Loss

leptin resistance

Leptin resistance is the other main reason—albeit the less talked about reason—why women have a hard time losing weight and keeping it off.

What is Leptin?

It's a hormone that regulates fat loss, metabolism and the feeling of hunger. Those things go hand-in-hand. Leptin tells you when you're full and it tells you it's time to stop eating.

What is Leptin Resistance?

It's when your body does not listen to the leptin. The hormone is still present in the body, and the levels could actually be very high, but the body doesn't react to it. It resists when leptin tries to let the body know it's time to stop eating.

What causes the Resistance?

It is generally caused by a lifelong diet full of carbohydrates, specifically too much fructose and glucose. The high-carb diet has essentially covered the liver in fat and a fatty liver will turn these sugars into fat in the body. In this cycle, every time sugars enter the body, insulin levels spike and then quickly drop, altering any hope of balanced insulin and leptin levels in the body. The spike and drop also build a resistance in the body that can only be undone by cutting out these sugars and carbs (e.g., breads, pastas, sweets).

Why are women prone to Leptin Resistance?

Women often have a high resistance compared to men because their bodies have been designed to bear children. A healthy body ready for child-bearing will have a layer of fat surrounding the womb (i.e., mid-section). Therefore, a woman's body will naturally want to hang onto and store fat which is why women often complain of excess belly fat.

Fat Loss for Men is Not Equal to Fat Loss for Women

Women need weight loss programs for women. Men need weight loss programs for men. It's as simple as that. I have already discussed that women store fat easily as a body's natural way to ready itself for safe child bearing. This fact coupled with a diet heavy in carbohydrates and sugars are a wicked combination that leads to leptin resistance. Men do not have the same resistance in their bodies. Although they often have less leptin, the hormone works hard in their body to keep metabolism moving quickly and aid in fat loss. So while men (like the husband in my story) will drop weight quickly as they begin dieting and exercising due to the aid of the fat-burning hormone, women do not have it as easy which is why they need to begin by boosting those leptin levels in their body so they can have an equal chance at weight loss.

The Venus Factor (VF)

The Venus Factor diet is a well-crafted plan that will bring back leptin levels and reduce leptin resistance all through diet and exercise. It's a weight loss program for women who may be suffering from leptin resistance and who need to lose a significant amount of weight, maybe around 12 pounds or more. "Venus" is the universal term signifying a feminine quality, as in this Venus Factor is ideal for women. The program is based on a Venus Index which is going to balance leptin and insulin levels, boost metabolism, and burn fat. It's also going to help get a sexy, feminine shape from the workout routines.

How is the VF related to Leptin?

Like I said, John Barban (the creator of VF) is the one who discovered, through massive research ad years of training, that leptin levels are the culprit for lack of weight loss progress. Therefore, he created a plan which has been proven successful for ladies.

How can VF fight the developed resistance?

By reversing the years of damage from diet and lack of exercise and by incorporating a healthier, more balanced and organic diet, the damage can be undone. The Venus Factor diet will focus on cutting out processed foods, reducing carbohydrate and sugar intake, and incorporating a daily sweat. The VF diet suggests less carbs and more protein, healthy fats, fruits and vegetables. You will be expected to have 3 quality meals a day without snacks. There are a handful of more secrets available in the package once purchased.

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By Danielle Lewis

The Leptin Diet – A New Approach to Weight Loss

Leptin Diet Plan: Did you know that what you eat is as important as when you eat it? When it comes to losing weight, food quality is essential. Yet the Leptin diet holds the real key to weight loss success: eating less amount of food and getting much more energy from it.

This is by no means a traditional diet but a change in lifestyle in which correct nutrition is paramount. Backed by scientific evidence concerning the crucial role of the Leptin hormone, this diet is the secret to achieving long-term weight management; getting better energy; and improving your overall health.

The Leptin hormone controls almost every process that happens inside your body, and it is a crucial factor as regards weight control as well as other issues such as stress, cardiovascular health, reproduction, and thyroid function to name but a few.

The whole field of endocrinology was revolutionized when the origins of the Leptin hormone were discovered. Leptin is produced in the stored fat, which means that the adipose tissue is not just a place where extra calories are found. Instead, it is now elevated as a major metabolic organ, similar to any other gland of the body.

If you get to understand how this hormone operates and you use this knowledge to improve your daily life, we can assure that your health will change dramatically.

The 5 Rules

The Leptin diet can help you solve most of your health problems, and accomplish permanent weight control, too.

The 5 rules of this regimen will help you boost your level of energy and will help you reach and keep a healthy weight while improving your general health. The rules are the following:

1.Don't eat after dinner – Finish your last meal of the day at least 3 hours before going to bed. Allow from 11 to 12 hours between dinner and breakfast.

2.Have 3 meals a day – Allow from 5 to 6 hours between meals. Steer clear from unhealthy in-between snacks.

3.Eat small portions – Finish your meal when you feel almost full.

4.Have a protein-laden breakfast.

5.Don't eat too much food full of carbohydrates.

Let's examine the rules more closely to understand why these rules are to be followed strictly:

1. The Leptin hormone works during the evening, mainly. If you don't eat after dinner, you can help and accelerate the fat-burning process and achieve your weight loss goals sooner. It is really important that you give your best effort and avoid eating after dinner during the night.

2. It is strongly advisable that you do not have any snack between the 3 meals. By avoiding in-between snacks, you allow your liver to clear triglycerides, or fat globules, out of your body.

What's more, if you don't snack, your hips and thighs fats are more likely to melt during the night. Eating in-between snacks is by far the worst thing to do if you want to lose weight.

3. Under no circumstances must you eat large portions of meal. Try to stop eating before you feel full – it takes from 10 to 20 minutes for the "full" signal to be received.

Eating slowly is also a central aspect because you will get the "full" signal sooner while you are having your meal. It is important that you always pay attention to your internal body signals.

4. If you eat foods full of proteins in the morning, your metabolic processes can be augmented up to 30% and for as much as 12 hours.

On the contrary, a carbohydrate-laden meal increases your metabolism by only 4%. Adding cheese, fruit and eggs to your everyday breakfast will absolutely help you in your weight loss goals.

5. Overweight people usually eat 3 times the necessary level of carbohydrates – an amount that the body finds difficult to metabolize. Make sure you reduce the amount of carbs you eat, and remember to prioritize foods that contain protein.

Which Foods Should I Eat to Lose Weight?

As explained before, the aim of the Leptin diet consists in eating less and getting more energy from the foods you consume. If you decide to take up this regime, you should get informed about the type of foods that are essential for the diet to work and make you lose pounds.

Here's a list of the best healthy foods you can eat according to the principles of the Leptin diet:

  • Oily Fish

Eating a considerable amount of Omega-3 will help the Leptin hormone to increase its level. That is why including oily fish like mackerel and salmon in your diet is a great idea if you want to lose weight.

Besides, the Omega 3 fatty acid that these fishes contain is crucial to the health of your brain, your cells, and even your skin. These fish are also rich sources of protein, which is an important component for weight loss success.

By eating just one portion of salmon, you can provide your body with 70% of the protein necessary for the day. Make sure you add plenty of protein-laden foods like oily fish in your everyday meals.

  • Eggs

Eggs are great source of protein especially the yolk. By adding eggs to your breakfast, you provide your body with the necessary amount of protein you need – keeping you full and away from unhealthy in-between snacks.

Contrary to what most people think, various scientific studies have shown eggs are very healthy, and what's more, they will help you reduce the unwanted fat.

  • Quinoa

Of all the grains, quinoa has the highest level of protein. Quinoa is a complete grain that contains complex carbohydrates, fibre, proteins, and B vitamins, which helps minimize stress.

Eating quinoa regularly can also help you improve your metabolism and burn off fat. The good news is that quinoa is one of the most versatile grains – you can add it to almost any type of food to make it healthier and improve your nutrition. You can even replace your usual cereal with quinoa for breakfast.

Concluding Remarks

Unlike most diets, the Leptin diet is based on serious scientific research and has helped many people to achieve permanent weight loss. It is important that you not only select certain meals to lose weight, but also eat them in the appropriate time.

Remember that the secret of the Leptin diet lies in understanding this simple yet paramount principle: what we eat is just as important as when we eat it.

Check out these unbiased venus factor reviews here.

Written by Danielle Lewis

The Venus Index Community And Venus Immersion Info

What is Venus Immersion? What is Venus Index?

Venus immersion is a community with thousands of real users designed to make it easier for those starting the venus system. But can it really work?

Tips on How to Lose Weight Quickly and Efficiently: Meet the Venus Factor System

Picture this situation: There's a party ahead, and the occasion requires you to be dressed up. But the question is… what to wear? What to buy? A short dress? Hmmm…. Nope, these annoying extra kilos won't make me look good. Trousers? Too boring….What if a handsome guy asks you out? You'll want to look perfect. On the other hand, if your health is at risk, you will as well want to be decreased in weight. So, is there a specific reason why we women decide to undergo diet plans to lose weight? To begin with, there are countless reasons why women gain weight, therefore, there are countless reasons why they desire to get rid of additional baggage. What we all agree on, is that the battle against overweight is not easy. It is without a doubt tough for women to stick to a regimen for long, so what are the best diets for women to lose weight? To achieve a healthy weight, you need time, hard work, and a positive attitude. Some of the prompts are the following:


You should be aware that stress is one of the main factors which contribute to a person gaining weight. Some individuals find comfort when eating, as a matter, they tend to eat compulsively, because eating up the number of servings in front of us means, psychologically speaking, an achievement. On another topic, some foods like chocolate contain chemicals which enable a person to feel happy. That is the main reason the majority of women overeat when they feel lonely or low. If you can cope with stress, you'll feel livelier, more active, thus, you will have more control over your weight.


It has been reported that more women have been diagnosed with anorexia nervosa than men. This happens because once women are determined to lose fat, they yearn to do it quickly; as a result, some starve in the vain hope of getting thinner overnight. The truth, however, is that it is impossible to undergo diet plans to lose weight this way, given that those extra kilos were gained progressively. If you are thinking about skipping meals, think it through! Skipping meals is never a good choice, since it may lead to a metabolism disorder.

So the big question is, which are the best diets for women to lose weight? In order to lose weight quickly, better your appearance, and have a healthier life, a must is to check out the Venus Factor Fat Loss System.

Check out my full review here!


The Venus Factor is a 12-week dietary system designed for the female body. The developer of this popular program is John Barban, a renowned expert in fitness and nutrition whose approach to fat loss has been widely accepted and acclaimed worldwide, due to the fact that it tends to offer assured results within the time period of 12 weeks, at the most. To develop this system, Barban has worked with experts in female psychology, biology, and nutrition. His expertise in fitness training has made him aware of the fact that body types of men and women are different, as a consequence, his program is specifically for women and has been based on women anatomy, requirement, and body type.

The Venus Factor System's starting point is the leptin hormone, which works to control appetite in our body. It insures hunger and feelings of satiety. As it is secreted by adipose tissue, the fatter a person is, the higher his leptin levels are. Leptin monitors the amount of energy an organism takes, consequently, it plays a critical role in helping our body lose weight. Leptin is found in the bodies of women; this hormone is decreased thru dieting, thus eventually provoking a high reduction in the metabolism rate. To lose weight efficiently in a short period of time, it is of paramount importance to learn how this hormone works to get rid of excessive weight. To achieve this, you should follow the Venus factor regimen plan once and enjoy the results forever: it is fast, long-term, and easy to follow as it doesn't deprive you of the foods you enjoy eating.

The Venus Factor manual explains how you should adapt your dietary and exercise program in order to get the perfect shape and distribution of fat that you wish to have.The system seeks to encourage its female users to find a balance between their ideal measurements and perfect shape, as opposed to the idea of just losing as much weight as possible, disregarding health. They will be given tools to learn how to eat foods strategically, and still have a slim waist and a flat stomach.

This regimen gives women a wide variety of healthy foods to choose from, including organic food and soy-based products among many others. If desired, it is possible to combine the Venus Factor 12-week dietary system and the optional 12-week Venus Factor workout system. This will cause the Venus Factor diet to go faster.

venus immersion

This system also offers its members the Venus Factor Community, where they can meet, exchange ideas and testimonials. The Venus Factor Community is optional, yet, it is extremely useful to get relevant information on its users' experiences. This kind of information can be found in the Venus Factor Membership Area.

The Venus Factor teaches you how to fire up your metabolism by increasing your responsiveness to leptin. For this diet plan to lose weight to work out, you must be completely committed to it.

The Venus System is the diet and the gym which will give you the proper tools you need to obtain the body you want, while still being able to enjoy life to the fullest. You simply need to have the right shape. Weight loss by itself is not a strong enough target; what you need to focus on is your shape. Have you ever dreamed of this? Then stop dreaming and make it real! The Venus Factor System is one of the best diets for women to lose weight. We invite you to be a part of the Venus Factor Community!

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By Danielle Lewis

5 Phases of the Venus Factor System You Must Read Before Starting

The Venus Factor system isn't for everybody. It's NOT for men, it's NOT for those looking for a hardcore exercise routine and it's NOT for someone who just wants to lose a couple of pounds.

The Venus Factor is a weight loss system designed to help women shed at least 10 pounds or more, get in shape and achieve the sexy curves all women strive for.
Are you looking for a plan and program just for women? Are you looking to tone your body and get a healthy, thin bikini body ready? Do you want to lose at least 10 pounds? The the Venus Factor IS for you!

Phase 1: The VF History ft. John Barban

John Barban—the man behind the plan—studied Human Biology & Nutrition at the University of Guelph in Ontario, Canada. He pursued his Master's Degree, is a certified kinesiologist, and went on to do research and teach at the University of Florida. Through his extensive research, he found out a little secret which has become the much-talked about foundation of the weight loss puzzle in the Venus Factor system. He found out about leptin—a fat-blasting hormone found in the body. But more about that later.

The Venus Factor was born from a stronger basis than all that research. It was born from a love John Barban has for his sister, his overweight sister, who asked for his help. John, too, had struggled with weight and body image like so many of us have. He found something that worked for him and began changing lives of men. But when his sister needed help, he knew that the same routines and diets that worked for so many men just wouldn't work for a woman. That's because our bodies are biologically and vastly different and one certain diet does not suit both sexes.

His sister's name is Lisa and she is the reason why John began studying female metabolism. And thank goodness he did because it was through that research that he discovered the key that has come to help so many women, and his sister Lisa, lose the weight and keep it off.

It is with stories and backgrounds like these that so many great trainers have discovered and accomplished the best of the best weight loss systems, because a trainer should know what it's like to struggle with diets that just don't work. Trainers should understand that not everyone is alike and women need more specific help to lose weight and sculpt their feminine bodies.

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Phase 2: The Basis of the Venus Factor ft. Leptin

As I briefly touched upon earlier, John Barban discovered that the leptin hormone is a hormone that banishes fat. His research showed him that women actually have twice as much leptin than men but the problem is that women's sensitivity to it is very low. In addition to the low sensitivity, when women begin dieting the leptin levels drop. So John set out to figure out how women could boost the leptin levels and get their bodies into fat-burning mode with this hormone.

We all know the unfortunate reality that women gain weight easier than men and that men lose weight while dieting quicker than women. But with VF, women can beat those odds and lose the weight quickly with just a few changes, tips, and tricks from the Venus Factor diet.

venus factor system

Phase 3: The Venus Factor System

Now that we know leptin is the alpha dog of controlling fat loss, the VF system is geared toward boosting the leptin hormone in the woman's body through a controlled diet and down the line, some exercising meant to tone and strengthen the body.

Connecting the leptin to stimulate the fat-burning hormone by:

• Eating certain leptin-inducing foods exclusively known by VF users

• Cutting out all refined sugars, processed foods, and soy products

• Exercises focused on shorter yet more powerful workouts

Phase 4: VF for Women

This weight loss system is for women only. John Barban won't work with men with the leptin diet because he knows men have enough leptin to burn fat. Men will lose fat easier and Barban's experience has been with a totally different regimen when he began dieting and exercising and when he worked with men all over the world to get fit. Now he knows what women need and created the ideal scenario for them through:

• Exercise workouts made to be done at home, so no more embarrassing gym moments

• Exercise routines to tone and shape women's curves and tone the arms, butt and thighs

• Diet plan with a focus on losing weight around the mid-section

• Food list to boost leptin and begin burning fat quickly

• An overall regimen to keep the weight off and to stop weight plateaus

• No diet pills or fad dieting

• Speeding up metabolism

Fad dieting, yo-yo dieting, workout plans that don't get results, etc. These are all issues women mostly deal with when it comes to losing weight. But John Barban and the Venus Factor know these issues and how to resolve them.

Phase 5: Getting started!

How to get started? Should you get started? According to the hundreds of reviews, user comments, testimonials, et cetera, online ready to be digested by anyone interested in the system, it's clear to see that it works and it can work for all women out there who need to lose more than 10 pounds. There are a lot of crock diet plans out there and it's easy to be weary when it comes to buying a plan online but with the money-back guarantee, user-tested results, research-backed information, and low offer price, there is no reason not to give it a try.

Lisa, John's sister, lost over 50 pounds and so can anyone who has the determination and drive to lose the weight.

Just go to and buy the full set which comes with the 12-week program and instructional DVD for diet and exercise.

Disclosure: This venus factor review post contains affiliate links, which means I receive compensation if you make a purchase using this link.

Does Venus Factor Work?

Does Venus Factor Work? With so many different diet and exercise programs out there on the internet, it can be hard to find one that is right for you. Chances are that if you are reading this, you or someone you know is struggling with losing weight and maybe you have even tried a bunch of different weight loss products yourself. After trying so many different ways to lose weight myself, I got fed up and gave up on all of the hype about "this diet and that" and I just tried eating healthy for myself and doing yoga along some other workout things that I enjoyed. I had mild amounts of success and started feeling better, but I was not having the success I wanted and kept reaching a plateau. I felt like there was just no hope of ever getting the body that I wanted and God just gave me this body type and no matter how hard I work, I was always destined to be this size and shape.

Hi! My name is Danielle. One day, after about 5 or 6 months of not really working out or eating all that healthy at all, my husband mentioned that he wanted to start a new program called the Adonis Golden Ratio and they also had a program specifically for women called the Venus factor. I was reluctant at first because the name was cheesy and the sales video for the product was really cheesy, but we wanted to try something together and needed a program to commit to so we could encourage each other along the way. So we signed up and I wanted to make a website to show other women how the program works. Hopefully this will be some encouragement so you can see that The Venus Factor works, it makes a lot more sense than the other "hypey" diet programs out there, and anyone can do it!

So… What is the Venus Factor?

VF is a 12 week nutrition, workout, and supplement guide to losing weight fast, naturally, and in a healthy and sustainable way. It is specifically designed for women unlike a lot of other diet programs out there that are really geared towards the male body. The whole concept of the program is to get your body to look good by getting to your ideal measurements. How do you calculate your ideal measurements? Because… everyone is different after all right??

Well… it turns out that even though there are slightly different body types from person to person, based on your height, there is really only a certain amount of "lean body mass" that you genetically have. Everything over that is either stored fat or lean muscle. John Barban, the creator of the Venus Factor, who has done tons of studies, has numerous degrees in nutrition and human anatomy, and worked in the supplement industry for years, has scientifically proven that you can calculate your ideal waist, shoulder, and weight based on your current height.

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By Danielle Lewis

How to Lose Weight Fast For Women

How To Lose Weight Fast For Women: It happens to everyone – for one reason or another, you need to lose 5-8 pounds or more somewhere between right now and two weeks from now. You need The Venus Factor. To know how to lose weight fast for women, come on and read all about it!

Maybe you have an event you want to go to and you need to fit into that dress. Maybe you've got a hot date and need to lose that bloaty feeling. Maybe you made a commitment to stick to a diet and you're running out of time. Maybe you were doing great until – whoops! You ate cupcakes and mojitos at Friday office drinks.

Whatever the reason, in addition to diet plans for women, you need to know how to lose weight fast. For women, let's get real – simple starvation will fail like it always does. Since you're desperate, you're willing to do anything and everything, and pull out all the stops. So you need to hit this from every angle:

  • Food: Limiting calories per day, eating healthy meals, avoiding danger foods, eating healthified versions of your fatty favorites
  • Exercise and health: cardio, weights, more sleep, less alcohol
  • Specific strategies by location and time of day: grocery store, work, kitchen, nighttime, etc.
  • Desperation moves, e.g., push your chin forward in photos.

Change what you eat and drink – and how

Carefully targeting to change specific foods and drinks, and when you eat them, can cut up to 500 calories per day from your food intake. Here's how to lose weight fast for women.

Cut out one "extra" food indulgence

Many of us add foods with each meal that we don't really need, but love to it. Like a blueberry muffin before work, a cookie at lunch, supersize fries, or an extra dessert late at night. You know you're being greedy, so just cut out that one thing and you will save 100-300 calories per day without even noticing it. Here's how to lose weight fast for women:

Add vegetables

Eat more fruits and vegetables!

Change what you eat and drink – and how

Whatever you're eating, just add vegetables. Pile on the extra vegetable sides with dinner, and eat them first. Eat a salad or an apple before a meal. You'll feel full before you eat the meat and carbs packed with calories and won't be tempted to add extra helpings.

Budget for cheat foods

If you have a guilty pleasure you just can't live without, like a glass of wine with dinner (or two), then budget for it – eat more fruits and vegetables during the day to create room in your calories for it rather than adding it on top of an already overstretched calorie budget.

Cut out white bread, pasta, and white grain products

Simple carbs cause bloating and weight gain, so cut them out. This includes white rice, spaghetti, and, well, cake. If you want to take this to the next level, substitute whole grains with vegetables. So eat a salad instead of a sandwich. Veggies and dips rather than chips and salsa.

Drink water instead of sodas and coffee

You should try to focus on drinking water and save the soft drinks and coffee for "treats" that break up your day. Water refreshes your system and helps you to lose weight, while processed beverages slow down your metabolism.

Add cheats one hour before working out

Time your cheat drinks for one hour before your workout – particularly coffee, which ramps up your metabolism. And drink lots of water before or after. This way, you'll be burning up the calories and the caffeine will improve your workout (and reduce the jittery effect of coffee and colas).

Eat healthy meals

Eat three light and healthy meals per day to keep the hunger cravings away. How to lose weight fast for women? Here are a few good tips.

Eat breakfast. Really.

A lot of women skip breakfast. This is a mistake. Here's how to lose weight fast for women: you should always eat a small, 300-400 calorie healthy breakfast. Include some protein to keep your hunger down.

  • Try a peanut butter and apple butter sandwich with whole grain bread
  • Make an omelette in extra virgin olive oil with eggbeaters or two real eggs, a little shredded part-skim mozzarella cheese, and add a sliced tomato. 200 calories
  • Toast an English muffin and spread almond butter and top with a sliced nectarine
  • Six ounces fat free Greek yogurt, a bit of granola, and a sliced peach
  • Order a take-out egg sandwich with bacon for about 400 calories.

Lunch And Dinner

Strive to eat about 400 calories for lunch and 400 calories for dinner.

  • Salmon. Packed with nutrients, builds muscle tone.
  • Turkey cheeseburger. Pile high with lettuce, tomatoes, and onions.
  • Linguini with pesto. Mix the pasta with bell and serrano peppers to save calories.
  • Sushi and salad. Have a tuna roll and an avocado roll – hold tempura and spicy.
  • Chicken hot dog. Spread mustard, pickle relish, cherry tomatoes, minced sweet onion, minced bell pepper.
  • Lobster wrap. Use whole wheat tortilla, mayo + fat-free plain Greek yogurt, lettuce, bell peppers, tarragon, hot pepper sauce, lemon zest.
  • Cobb salad. Cucumber, tomato, grilled chicken breast, sundried tomatoes plus feta cheese.
  • Cheese pizza. Get a 400 calorie slice of cheese pizza and top with fresh mushrooms, spinach, arugula, sea salt.


Add a 150 calorie snack for eating between meals.

  • Endive boats. Fill Belgian endive spears with baba ganoush.
  • Veggie snack. Season raw or cooked veggies with ground black pepper and sea salt.
  • Grilled apple with yogurt. Top a grilled apple half with fat free vanilla yogurt, graham cracker crumbs and cinnamon.
  • Shrimp cocktail. Shrimp with cocktail sauce.
  • Red grapes with goat cheese. 1 oz. aged goat cheese and 15 red seedless grapes.
  • Snack mix. 1 cup air popped popcorn with 12 pistachios. Season with ground black pepper and sea salt.
  • Ice cream sundae. 1/2 cup fat free chocolate ice cream with tablespoon whipped cream.

Limit calories per day

Obviously, you're going to want to limit the number of calories you eat per day. Around 1,350 is in the weight loss zone. Here's how to lose weight fast for women.

Move your body

  • Do cardio 30 minutes a day
  • Pick a routine that engages multiple muscles simultaneously like spinning or cardio kickboxing
  • Mixing short quick bursts of intense cardio with slower activity
  • Do some yoga or try Zumba class
  • Perform 36 push-ups plus 36 lunges everyday
  • Do squats and sit-ups

Change your habits

  • Skip the salty aisles at the grocery store
  • Avoid Friday night drinks at work
  • Instead of happy hour, meet your friends for a walk
  • Order grilled chicken salad instead of pasta
  • Don't supersize anything
  • Purge your kitchen of indulgent snacks
  • Eat 300-400 calorie breakfast
  • Don't eat after 6 p.m.
  • Get more sleep
  • Cut out alcohol and smoking
  • Put on your IPod and play your favorite energizing music
  • Take your dog for a walk.

Desperation moves

If you're desperate and completely out of time, here are a few emergency measures:

  1. Push your chin forward for that photo – Keeping your arms away from your body, turn your body a little to the side from the camera and place one foot in front of the other.
  2. Stand up straight – keeping your spine rigid and your shoulders back while sucking in your belly toward your spine gives you a slimmer, more trimmed waist.
  3. Pop an antigas pill – take a chewable tablet to relieve bloating and give you a flatter tummy.

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By Danielle Lewis

The Venus Factor Workout Plan: Working Smart vs Working Hard

Venus Factor Workout - We can see from the the Venus Factor website a lot of background information about the Venus diet plan and how it's completely written with women in mind. John Barban created the Venus Factor for women who were seeking a change; seeking a fat loss program that helps them lose weight and keep it off; seeking something not like all the others. And John gave it to them! The Venus Factor is not for men…it's a 12 week program for women because women have specific needs.

For starters, women looking to lose weight and transform their body shape need a plan designed for women. Not only do men's programs involve a lot more exercise than women would need to change their shape, but they involve completely different techniques and targeted areas.

When losing weight, women want to lose fat stored in those problem areas. Problem areas usually have that soft, squishy, cottage-cheese type fat. It's typically around the midsection and terribly difficult to get rid of. While a generic exercise plan can help women lose weight and even tone some of the body, it won't help drop pounds in those problem areas and it won't help achieve that slim waistline and toned legs, butt and thighs that every woman wants.

But one thing on the website that is harder to find are the workout routines. The Venus Factor is focused on diet and the goal is to upgrade the leptin hormone in a woman's body while simultaneously focusing on fat-burning foods and eliminating all processed foods. Diet is the quickest way to fat loss in women and leptin levels and leptin sensitivity is the ideal (and unique, untouched upon secret of the Venus Factor) method of increasing the fat burning possibilities in the body. Because women have such a hard time using the leptin hormone in their body while men don't usually have issues in this area, women always seem to have a harder time getting the weight off and keeping it off! That is why the Venus Factor workout is not always the emphasis of the plan as a whole.

And yet…Exercise is a big PLUS in getting your dream body! According to the Venus factor, the first priority is losing weight and THEN users of the program should focus on adding in a workout routine.

>>Read My Full Review Of The System<<

The Venus Factor workout consists of 12 weeks of exercise routines that gradually become more difficult as the user gradually becomes stronger. These exercises are intended to help shed the weight and boost metabolism.

The set-up is like this:

3 sets of 10 reps with a 60 second break in between each set.

venus factor workout plan

Some example moves would be:

• Bowler Squats

• Dips

• Plank

• T-Bend

• Curtsy Lunge

• Push Ups

• Squat and Lateral Raise

• Step Up and Press

A sample workout would go something like this:

10 push ups

60 second break

Repeat 3x

10 curtsy lunges

60 second break

Repeat 3x

This type of routine is great because doing repeated repetitions of a certain movement will really strengthen the muscle group being worked, yet taking breaks in between reps will help you stay focused and motivated without over-exercising. These are going to tone the body and get blood flowing; they will be difficult but easily achieved!

The Best Parts of the Venus Factor Workouts

No Gym membership needed.

All anyone needs to get these exercises done is a yoga mat (preferably), a bench and some dumbbells. But you can even use a bed, stairs, chairs, something to do dips and presses, and heavy items as weights, and of course, some hard work and determination. All of the moves are simple to do and don't require any fancy (or ridiculous) machines.

The Venus Factor workouts get harder as the weeks go on.

It starts sort of simple so you can get your blood pumping and get back in the swing of things, exercise-wise. Then moves will get harder and faster and you could add more weights. This is designed to strengthen and tone your body as the weight starts coming right off.

You'll never get bored.

There are three phases, each phase lasting for 4 weeks for a grand total of 12 weeks. Each phase is different, exciting and brings a new challenge to the table. The plan and the workouts have been crafted to give a boost in difficulty while keeping you on your toes and yet is gradual enough to where you never fall behind. Each phase will keep your goals in mind and keep your body changing. Plus there are tons of different exercises and as workouts change up, you'll never get bored of them.
High quality instructional videos available.

When you purchase the total package, the Venus Factor System with the workouts, videos of coaching lessons are included. Many other exercise routines and plans come as only PDFs, drawings, or written instructions and can be very difficult to grasp and understand if you're not accustomed to different exercise routines and movements. With the Venus Factor workouts, it's like having a personal fitness instructor in the comfort of your own home. Get the right technique and form down to a T with the instructional videos.

No more counting calories.

The Venus Factor hails a diet high in protein and healthy fats and low in processed foods. This healthy diet with a special emphasis in leptin hormone sensitivity PLUS the addition of the great exercise program is a recipe for a smoking hot body. Lots of programs don't work because people get tired and utterly disheartened when counting calories. It can be a pain and ultimately become discouraging in the long run. But if you're exercising, your body needs calories to keep fueled so starving yourself is not an option with this plan. Do it the right way and the smart way with the Venus Factor.

The exercise routines will help tone the areas that women want toned like the glutes (butt), hamstrings (back of thighs) and abdomens (stomach). But the routines are also full body, meaning that all muscles of the body will be put to work. But it's important to focus on the problem areas for women coupled with a healthy diet and results will fall in line quickly.

>> Get more diet and exercise information here.<<

Venus Factor Virtual Nutritionist – What Is It?

Venus Factor Virtual Nutritionist - There is this nutrition calculator inside the Venus Factor members area.

When you start the program, you enter in your height, weight, waist and a few other measurements into the virtual nutritionist calculator. This will calculate your weekly and daily calorie counts. The idea is simple- In order for weight loss to happen, you should consume lesser calories than you burn daily. The program works on a "reverse taper" progressive calorie deficit. When you start out, you are eating a lot less calories than you burn to maximize fat loss. As you progress closer to your ideal measurements, you take in more calories closer to your "maintenance calorie intake". This is the amount you can consume to maintain your current weight. The goal by the end of the program is to be able to be your ideal weight and just consume close to the exact amount of calories that your body burns every day.

This is one of the things that I love about the concept of this program. The goal is to get to a state where you can just live a sustainable healthy lifestyle. You are just making a gradual journey to that goal. The main eBook that you read first, "12 Week Fat Loss System" , covers all of the real unbiased, science based information that you need to know about diet and nutrition to make sure that you have success with knowing exactly what you can and cannot eat and how to go about counting your calorie intake correctly. They even cite all of the facts that they give you with real research throughout the whole 180 page pdf e-book.

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About the Venus Factor workout program:

The workouts are technically optional because all you really need to do to lose weight is consume at a caloric deficit. However, if you want the best results to look great with a tight hourglass figure after losing your extra body fat, you are going to want to do the workouts. The workouts are hard, and honestly, I am not always able to finish them. In fact, some weeks I only do 2 of the 3 workouts. Sometimes a little extra rest in between these tough workouts is needed because you will be SORE!

The workouts consist of body resistance and weight training that covers arms, shoulders, core, and legs in every workout. The exercises are pretty standard, but they vary them up from week to week in a specific rep and set cycle that keeps your body guessing and constantly improving. There is not a lot of heavy lifting involved with these workouts and they are geared more toward toning as you lose weight. You can find on the right side of this page a short video clip of what the workout guide eBook looks like.

Each of the exercises in the workouts are linked to a short video in your members area where they show you exactly how to perform the exercises. These are short and meant to be watched before you actually do the workout. They are not actual workout DVDs that you do the workout with as you watch. I like this, because I can watch all of the clips really quick and know what I have to do, then go to the gym and put my headphones on and just do it. It makes it easier to get in the zone when I am working out rather than working out in front of a TV screen.

What else is inside the members area?

When you purchase the Venus Factor, you get access to an extensive members area with a lot of information including videos of how to use the entire system, 2 main eBooks that describe the nutrition and workouts very clearly, as well as a supplement guide. There is a very important fat burning supplement that they suggest that you use. This supplement is somewhat underground and I think it is something that they want to keep a secret to members, so I will not expose that here, but it really helps and I suggest you order it when you join the program. They also include another e-book called "The Venus Factor 101". This is basically a guide on everything you need to understand to be successful using the program. They tell you everything from where to get started, to what to expect from being on the email list, to how to take advantage of the forums, to navigating the podcasts information, to the best practices for counting calories. You must read this!

On the right is a video that I made that takes you inside the members area so you can have a look for yourself what it is like.

Take a quick look inside of the members area:

Some other things that I did not cover are the forums and member blogs. There is a very active community inside the members area and there is always people there to answer your questions and encourage you when you need it throughout the program. There is also a handy app that you can download for android or iPhone that helps you keep track of workouts and calories. This has been very useful.

How much does the program cost?

On the subject of price… The main program costs about $50, but there are a number of other "one time offers" and you can end up spending around $100 or more in the buying process if you want some of these offers. I have a video of all of them below. I did get some of them but not all of them, and I explain why in the video below. Also keep in mind that the supplement they suggest later on will cost about $200 for a supply to last you the length of the 12 week program.

So now it is time for the real question… Does the Venus Factor Work?

That is a general overview of what the Venus Factor weight loss program is. But what I know everyone really wants to know is if the program actually works. Well, so far I have lost 5 lbs. and 2 inches around my waist in only 2 weeks. I'd say that that is progress. We will see if this continues to happen as I progress. I am thinking that it will work.

I will be keeping you posted with weekly updates that you can check out to see my progress and some of the other insider info on how the program works. If you are ready to shed pounds in a sustainable and healthy way and live a lifestyle that will keep you thin for the rest of your life, don't wait! Get the Venus Factor today. Click on the link below and start your new life today!

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By Danielle Lewis

Five Quick Ways to Lose Weight Easily

Quick Ways To Lose Weight: If you're trying real hard to lose weight fast, here are five quick tips that can help you with your quest to lose weight quickly if you follow them diligently and consistently.

1. Always Eat the Healthier Fatty Foods

According to the recent studies for weight loss, when it comes to staying healthy or losing weight, the issue is not the fats itself but the type of fats you consume. There are some types of fats you must avoid if you intend to stay healthy or lose weight.

One of such fats is the Trans fats. These are the sort of fats commonly found in most junk foods like margarine, baked snacks like donuts, cookies and cakes. They are also partially available in hydrogenated vegetable oils.

Saturated fats are a sample of the healthy fats the body can consume which could be consumed in small quantities. You get to find them in animals and they are great for consumption without any form of side effects if they are 100% organic or natural.

Another type of healthy fats you're allowed to consume even in your quest to stay healthy or lose weight is the polyunsaturated and monosaturated fats. These fats contain the essential fatty acids like Omega-3. They are also found in avocados, other nuts like coconuts, olive oils, flaxseed oils and almonds.

As a major rule, you need to try as much as possible to avoid Trans fats and consume lesser amounts of these saturated fats and larger amounts of the healthy fats. A lot of experts still tend to label saturated fats as "bad fats" even though research has shown that many of the ancient tribesmen have been consuming these animal products for ages without ever developing the symptoms of most of these degenerative diseases or obesity. A lot of the problems we seem to have today with these products have been discovered to arise from the factory farms whose owners tend to use a lot of highly questionable additives.

2. Always Get Enough Sleep

Though we all know that constant exercises can help us lose weight quickly, research has also shown that sleeping could also help. Recent studies have shown that there's a huge correlation between obesity and depriving one's self of sleep.

A lack of sleep can induce a sort of imbalance in the body's system which tends to prevent the burning of the body's fats. You seriously need to address this if you have sleeping problems.

However, regular exercises can really help you with this. You need to avoid taking any form of caffeine or stimulants beyond noon. You can take herbal teas like skull cap or chamomile that can help with insomnia if you're finding it difficult to sleep.

3. Reduce Stress

It's often difficult losing weight when stressed up. This is also quite related to the point we raised above on how insomnia can contribute to obesity.

Though we tend to think we add more weight whenever we're better relaxed or sleep more often - the truth is we need both activities for our body to be at the best and help us naturally burn fats.

4. Always Watch What You Drink

When it comes to losing weight, it's important you avoid consuming beverages at all costs. The best drink you should be taking within this period is pure water. If you must take juices, stick to pure juices and always take them in moderation.

Though there are so many healthy juices like the apple juice, most times they tend to contain so much sugar. Natural sugars could also be fattening when they're included in large quantities. Other drinks you should be taking within this period are the herbal and green teas as they have been proven to contain several antioxidants that actually help with weight loss.

Don't take soda drinks - try your best to avoid them even if they are diet sodas. Most of them have been proven to have artificial sweeteners that tend to put one's health at a serious risk. For quite a few people, a glass of beer or wine a day might actually come with several health benefits. If you go beyond these limits, it can contribute to obesity problems and serious health issues too.

For Better Health drinking Green Tea is a good solution. Tava Tea is now no1 green tea. You can try this.

5. Intelligently Indulge In Exercises

You need to exercise frequently to lose weight fast. However, the problem most people tend to have with exercises is that they tend to start quite enthusiastically and burn out once that initial burst of energy tends to wear out.

They just quit. If this easily describes you, then you need to realize that the key to a very successful exercise regimen for weight loss is your consistency.

It's 100% better you indulge in a 45 minutes work out or walk every day and just stick with it instead of going for a strenuous or rigorous work out session in a gym at the weekends. If you indulge in more strenuous exercises rather than simple ones, you would easily wear out and never be consistent with it. Simple regular exercises is enough to help you lose weight - don't ever try to do so much.

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Danielle Lewis

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