The Venus Factor Review With Personal Results

You've probably heard John Barban refer to it as the Venus Factor.

He definitely claims he has actually solved an age old problem and created the absolute best diet plans for ladies...

Could this be true? Remember, this is just my personal review and you can:

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Hello! My name is Sam, and I 'd always been a bit curious about why us ladies have such a much harder time burning fat than men. I'm sure you have some questions too, and so I hope to somethings up for you.

I began by doing some basic research online and searching the web while attempting to ignore all the flashy weight loss ads and probable scams that were being thrown in my face. I started learning more and more about leptin resistance.

After having found something decent, I decided I should provide my Venus Factor review right here on this RebelMouse blog.

This is because I recently got my friend Sarah to try it out.

Sarah was never ever afraid to confess she was dangerously obese, but she did try to cover up her sadness by putting up a cheerful attitude all the time.

She has a really dynamic and generous character.

However, she is constantly attempting to cover her emotional problems (tied to her weight issues) with jokes and assisting other individuals by addressing their troubles instead of hers.

This is precisely the very reason why I had wanted to do something unique for her to help her out.
So... I bought John Barban's program for her to see if it could finally help her.

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At first I was very skeptical because she'd tried everything.

Her third son had recently just been born, and I think all the hormones and anxiety had finally led even Sarah to have a psychological breakdown. It was very sad for me to see her in such a way.

We both knew her weight was becoming a major health issue, and it was time for a genuine modification.

Finally, I chose to obtain the Venus Factor as a result of her having tried every diet plan and weight management pill out there... This seemed different.

The thing is, John Barban's program offered a natural means for specifically women to burn fat, and it concentrates on the core physiological differences in between a woman and a man's metabolic processes.
Sarah has now (as the date of this post) actually been using John Barban's program for about 8 weeks now and she is certainly seeing some real and very positive results! I was ecstatic.

I strongly believe this is in huge part due to the fact that the steps are just so easy to follow ... and the program allows her to still eat many of the foods she really enjoys (including Zebra cakes!).

She's not really wanting me to upload any pictures (which I can certainly empathize with), but...
So far... My best friend Sarah has actually lost 27 pounds...

If you aren't impressed... let me explain first!

Sarah is less than five and half foot tall and weighed 192 pounds previous to beginning the program. 

Now she weighs a mere 165 pounds!!

I know that this typically would not exactly be deemed some incredible weight loss accomplishment, but I am very proud of her!

She's a very busy mother of three, and with all her current hormonal problems (due to the recent pregnancy), I didn't wish to push her too hard, too quickly.

I know that she could do much better because I make certain that her present development will absolutely encourage her to step it up and continue coming down to a healthy weight.

I mean I indicate, for an active mom with an active social life, losing 27 pounds in 8 weeks isn't half bad, right??

There is even better news...

The fantastic thing is that it likewise teaches individuals how to then keep that slim and healthy physique very easily.

This is all based off of Barban's Venus Index, which is normally for women who are into body sculpting (but let's not get ahead of ourselves!).

Anyways, this is due to the fact that Sarah has literally re-calibrated her metabolic rate by getting her enzymes to work more efficiently... and for good.

I'm just glad that doing a little digging around online actually ended up paying off.

Anybody else who is considering getting the Venus Factor:

I highly advise that you, at minimum, of give it a try, specifically with this link (so you can get the discount).

And... the reason I was comfortable buying it is because of the complete 60 day refund policy.
I really hope that you girls can get the results you desire!

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Rooting for you,


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