You Suck at Getting Laid 

You do. Or else you wouldn't be looking up The Tao of Badass in the first place. That's obvious. What's not obvious is that you're not alone. A LOT of guys find it hard to get girls these days. I know, I've been there. Itís like the whole world is against you when it comes to getting girls. And you know what? That's probably true. 

The Madonna/Whore Complex 

Have you ever wondered why it's so hard to get girls to even respond to you? Well the answer is simple really. Girls NEED to do that! I'll explain more later. But just answer this question for me: 

Which girl would you want to have sex with? A slut or a good girl? Slut of of course. More experience, better blow jobs, what's not to like? But would you marry that kind of girl, though? Exactly. You want the good girl. You don't want to have a wife who sleeps around. 

See the problem here? 

The girl has to APPEAR that she doesn't like to have sex, or else it'll be hard for her to find a proper husband. Thatís why they play hard to get. It's so obvious once you think about it, right? 

The Madonna/Whore complex means that for most guys, the perfect girl has to be the Madonna AND the whore at the same time. Impossible! 

He Doesn't Count 

So does this mean that girls never get laid until they're married? Are you kidding? What rock have you been living under? Girls get laid all the time. Not with you maybe, but that's why we're having this conversation. Girls LOVE sex. Sex and fun. Who doesn't, really? And they've found a workaround to the whole reputation thing. It's called "not counting". Youíve probably heard these conversations before. Girls talking about getting laid, and how sex with that person or this person "doesn't count". 

I was too drunk to remember, so he doesn't count. 

Jeff is a friend, so he doesn't count. 

That was years ago, so that doesn't count. 

It happened too fast, it doesn't count. 

It was purely physical, so it doesn't count. 

You get the picture. Maybe you had a heart-to-heart with your best friend who poured her feelings out on you. That's great, it means you're a sensitive guy. Chicks dig that. But wouldn't you want to be the guy who doesn't count? 

Unlimited Lays for All Eternity 

Think about it. What if you were the type of guy who, no matter how many times she sleeps with, will never make her "number" go up? What will she do? I'll tell you: She'll come for repeat business! Because what you're offering her is some fun times minus the judgement. She might even refer you to her (HOT!) friends. You will get more poon than youíll know what to do with. 

The Tao of Badass 

This program is the bee's knees when it comes to understanding the concepts of great seduction. Your seduction will feel smooth to her. She'll try to resist you, but she won't be able to, and she knows it. And she'll get more turned on because of that. Girs love guys that they can't resist. BE THAT GUY! The Tao of Baddass is not the be all and end all of dating courses out there, but it's one of the best. It will get you really close to becoming the "man who doesn't count" just by the theory alone. The rest is up to you to practice the lessons until they truly become second nature. I seduce girls automatically now. I screen them automatically in my mind. I ignore girls who are not open to be approached and spend my time and energy efficiently on girls who ARE interested to have some no-strings fun. Seduction for me is more art than science, but this program is the closest to a scientific formula that anyone will ever get. 

Here are some things I've learned: 

Screen out non-interested girls. Green light you go in, red light you stay out. Efficient Seduction! 

Is it possible to make out with a girl within 2 minutes? You bet! If you did a good job screening them, you can now test to see how open they are to being physical. Rapid Escalation! 

So you've swapped spit for a while now. How do you close the deal? Handle objections with ease! 

You can't get laid if you don't have a place to crash. There are only so many girls who are willing to get railed in the washroom at Starbucks. You need to have the basics handled. Learn your Logistics! 

Bonus: What if you really like the girl and want to keep having her around? Relationship Guide for the win! 

Also included: Multiple Relationships. That's gonna keep you busy for quite a while! As you can see, this is a holistic approach we're talking about here. It's not one of those "3 weird tricks" programs, although we do have some tricks you can use to liven up your conversations. Nope, this program is the whole package

What you can hope to achieve with this program: 

- One night stands: as many as you'd like. 

- Long term girlfriends. 

- Friends with benefits. 

- Multiple girlfriends. 

- Any combination of the above.

Wrap up

At the end of the day, what you really want to know is this: "Will this program give me the skills I need to attract and keep top quality girls in my life?" You bet. Guys of every background have had success with this program regardless of their age, weight, looks, financial standing, etc.

When do you want to start banging hot, young, and sexy girls of great beauty? When you're 40? At age 55? It won't get much easier with age.. There is a deadline to this whether you like it or not.

It's your turn. Get more info on The Tao of Badass Program now and give yourself a chance to claim what you deserve all along!