Differences of Traditional Cigarette and Electronic Cigarette

Traditional cigarettes are made of very finely cut tobacco leaves, dried and rolled in paper. Then packed and sell in almost everywhere. You can also see some cigarette vendors in the street where you can buy 1 piece of cigarette. How about electronic cigarette? They are battery operated cigarettes that uses e-liquid. You can buy them online and different stores worldwide. Traditional and electronic cigarette may look almost the same. You will hardly noticed the differences if you don’t pay attention. Besides of looks, what are the other differences between traditional and electronic cigarettes?

Traditional cigarettes verses electronic cigarette

Are you familiar with traditional and e-cigarettes? If you are a smoker or using e-cigarette; you can tell me exactly what their characteristics are. They may differ in usage. Traditional cigarette needs to burn using a match or lighter. Then you will see the smoke in it. You will know that cigarette is over because of ashes that made when smoking. Be ready for the ashtray because you don’t want them fall everywhere. It is messy and smoke is really dangerous. Everybody is running away from you if you are smoking a traditional cigarette. In e-cigarette, you will need to prepare the battery and e-liquid to start vaping. You won’t have the smoke but only the vapor made from e-liquid. It is clean and smokeless when using e-cigarette. Your family, friends and anybody who are near you cannot inhale any smoke from e-cigarette. It means that they are safe and no need to go away when you are smoking.Here are some facts that you should learn. Traditional cigarettes have limited flavors only but the hazardous chemicals are almost the same with different brands of cigarettes. They offer tobacco flavors, menthol flavors and others. E-cigarettes are available in many different flavors that you will enjoy. Different manufacturers have different blends and mixing power to create a unique and flavorful taste of e-cigarette. That is the reason why e-cigarette users enjoyed them much better than traditional cigarettes. Let’s check the chemicals in it. It is true that there are chemicals and carcinogens found in e-cigarettes too. The good part is you have a choice to lessen or add nicotine in your e-cigarette. It is up to you. There are also nicotine free e-cigarettes that are safer and health friendly. What will be your choice?