The Dominican Republic is a beautiful place, and it is especially beautiful at Punta Cana. The focal point and the main attraction is the beach, laid out on 21 miles of white coral sand. The cool of the slightly swaying palms offsets the heat of the sun as it gains strength at midday. You'll be probably be interested in spring break college dates.

Surely this is the epitome of relaxation as one can lay in the shade all day, sipping their Pina Colada or half submerged at the water's edge.

Punta Cana is one of the foremost resorts in one of the fastest growing areas in the Caribbean. There are many new resorts going up all of the time, especially with the influx of college age tourists, always looking for a new destination.

STS Travel has been in the college age travel business for 30 years, and in fact was founded by two Cornell University graduates in 1984 to cater to just that audience. Since that time they have sent over a half million student travelers to the far corners of the world. They look for the best resorts where they can put together the best packages for the students and for the accommodations that will follow through with the results.

In the evenings there is much of the nightlife that is happening right around the resort itself. There are clubs and bars right on the property, or if you want to venture forth, you can visit the Imagine Nightclub, which is located in a cave, with even smaller caves inside for a night of intrigue and fun.

STS has a variety of party packages which offer great discounts at some of the best clubs, with express entrance so that waiting in line is a thing of the past. If a club is crowded, the line can be where many spend too much time.

During the day, you can take a different course of action with a first class zipline adventure, or take a relaxing cruise with friends. The zipline has 11 platforms and 10 ziplines for over a mile in length. This is a fantastic adventure in itself, as you will receive a panoramic view of the Dominican rainforests.

The accommodations are all first class and the rooms are well appointed with a refrigerator that is always kept well stocked by the butler. Be sure to take some time at the spa, get a massage, and indulge yourself with a mind and body makeover like you will never forget. Or, spend some time in the exercize and workout areas to kick loose some of the achy muscles you got from wind surfing.

It is not possible to describe the beauty of the Punta Cana area until you actually see it for yourself. This is a destination, according to STS Travel, where people want to return the next time they are able to do so.

Students say that there is a lot of logic in taking time off from school and being able to go to such exotic destinations, as it helps to put things in their place, and offers a nice distraction to the double-down efforts of college.