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The Physique Formula Review. Independent Review of The Physique Formula, Jimmy Smith's Low Fat and Lean Muscle Formula. Does It Work? Find The Truth Here.

How To Lose Weight With The Right Diet Food

The Physique Formula review. You may have been searching for a balanced review of The Physique Formula, not an easy task. Does it work? Is it an effective program by a trustworthy fitness expert? You might want to find out whether it is the best available program out there on lean muscle and fat loss, or whether it's working. Stay with me.

The Physique Formula is a fat loss, metabolism enhancing strategy program encompassing all aspects of a perfectly balanced body composition like hormones, foods, rest, supplements (if any) with the purpose of spurring metabolism back into action and lose fat, not weight, in a natural way.

The author Jimmy Smith points out that weight loss and fat loss are not the same thing at all, with the former being the loss of mainly water and muscle with a little fat, while the latter being true fat loss with no loss of water let alone muscle.

Generic and harmful weight loss is normally achieved through the obsolete notion found in all weight loss literature that in order to lose fat you need a deficit of calories intake, in other words you need to take in less calories than those you spend.

The truth is, says Jimmy, that this way the metabolism will slow down, leading to fatigue and resistance of the body to actually get rid of its fat storage. Any weight loss will be the result of not just fat, but mainly muscle and water. No sooner you start eating more calories to recover some energy, you'll put on more water and fat than before.

Weight training or cardio to further offset the calories in/out ratio will only result in over training and your body losing muscle mass and water more so than fat, hence altering body composition.

The trick is to understand how food and hormones work in order to get the body to naturally increase its metabolism so as to burn just fat and leave all the muscles there, in a ripped look.

According to Jimmy, calories restriction is not the answer, the path to fat loss does not lay in mathematical equations but rather on a set of principle around which you can even be flexible in your eating, pizza, burgers or cookies are still allowed.

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the physique formula review

Some of these ideas are:

  1. There is no need to eliminate any particular food group as advocated by other popular "diet" programs.
  2. There is also no need to eat a lot of proteins. In fact you can even eat less, as the key is not in the intake but in the way the proteins are stored.
  3. Manipulating hormones naturally in order to boost metabolism.
  4. Understanding that it is important how the food is stored in the body cells rather than the calories intake.
  5. Toxic food that we normally take for granted but significantly alter metabolism and help fat build up.

Apparently, not even organic foods are spared from criticism. A better solution is "grass fed" meat that naturally suppress appetite to normal levels. What happens normally is that we tend to over eat, but if you know what food are good for your metabolism you'll naturally need to eat less but have more energy, less fat, no joint pain and sleep better.

This is because the physique formula is a comprehensive approach to nutrition with a view to restore the body metabolism as a whole, not just to lose fat. Fat loss is probably the most important visual aspect of the program, but of course the improved diet and metabolism will also have a positive impact on related issues such as depression, libido, anxiety and sleep disorder.

The program does not come with "meal plans", there is no need for them as the basic principles and fat burning nutrition tricks are all that is needed.

The Physique Formula is also staunchly against supplements is general as they are normally promoted in fitness magazines or bodybuilding literature owned by the very same supplement companies. Supplements, even proteins, are not the key to a balanced diet, optimal metabolism, fat loss and ripped physique, even though they are supposed to feed your muscles.

Apparently, cottage cheese can work wonders if taken in conjunction with other key metabolism boosting foods.

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The Physique Formula Results

Does This Weight Management Program Work?

the physique formula review According to customers, the whole program is an eye opener. Many people have implemented the principles outlined in the program successfully, no matter what body type. Skinny hard gainers, over weight people and anything in between seem to lose fat within a week or two and keep losing it while even adding more muscle.

From a financial stand point most are happy with the money saved on useless supplements while feeling stronger, sleeping better and looking great with a very low body fat ratio, as confirmed by countless testimonials.

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