A good ad begins with the title.Writing a good headline is essential. “I’m selling a 100 square meters apartment”, ""I’m selling apartment next to this historic centre"," Buying a two-room office" ok we're not here to explain the theory of ad placement on but do keep in mind these simple and effective rules and your ad will have an excellent chance of being displayed in the top positions of TheGoodDeal.com’s free ads:

1. The title should be short, maximum 5/6 words that enclose clearly what you propose
2. Used in the title 2/3 keywords (apartment, sell, furnished etc.)
3. If necessary, use the city name in the title (kohai submit your ad in the city according to the address you entered)

Do not be miserly with words. Remember writing does not cost anything except the time you have to devote. A good description, however, will help stakeholders understand and evaluate your proposal. Do remember to mention, square meters, composition and condition of the apartment (number and type of rooms, number of bathrooms), any outbuildings (garage, gardens, cellar etc.), that the fixtures are new or otherwise in excellent condition; in wood, aluminium and thermal chamber, the type of heating, the type of flooring. If it has been recently refurbished show these characteristic features of which you can leverage for the price.

Think about what can affect a potential buyer; be as much detailed as you possible can. With knowing all of this in hand the potential buyer knows what exactly they are getting, it is visually clear to them and your ads will have a higher success rate of being viewed (standout from the crowed) and bought. For example if an potential buyer is looking for a iPad they are going to get a Varity of them from the search results but if you put all the details in then they are more likely to go with you over someone else.