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Girlfriend Activation System Review And Buyer's Guide

Girlfriend System Review: Will The GFAS Techniques For Getting A Girlfriend Work For Me?

There seems to be some confusion out there as to what exactly the Girlfriend Activation System is, what it includes, where to buy it, who it will work for, who it won't work for, etc. and many of you have asked if I could write up a review to explain the program in more detail, so without further ado, here's my GFAS review that explains the ins and outs of Christian's program.

I really hope it helps answer your questions.  If there's a question that isn't answered yet, feel free to message me at sterlingkrosby [at] and I'll log into my GFAS account and find the answer for you (if I don't already know it) or I'll get in touch with Christian for clarification.  Just be sure to put the words Girlfriend Activation System or GFAS in the email title so I can find it quick and get back to you right away.

You can read the review here: Girlfriend Activation System Review And Buyer's Guide

The Girlfriend Activation System Official Website

Girlfriend Activation System: How To Get A Girlfriend Using Powerful Principles Of "Literotica"...The Same Principles Responsible For Making More Than 70 Million Women Ravenously Addicted To 50 Shades Of Grey And Obsessed With Finding A Committed Man To Ignite Their Inner Sexual Desires In The Same Way

Click here to visit the official Girlfriend Activation System website to purchase and download the Girlfriend Activation System video course, PDF ebook transcripts, and complete step-by-step guide on how to get a girlfriend.  Gain instant access to amazing tips, insider advice, and "weird" female erotica techniques to get any girl, including the girl you always thought was "out of your league" and the girl who always "just wants to be friends", to finally be your girlfriend with the help of pick up master and dating expert, Christian H.

Plus, learn exactly how Christian's step-by-step, easy to follow techniques inside the Girlfriend Activation System download combined with the secret psychology of literotica will keep your girl loyal, committed, and wanting to be with you and only you, even if you're kind of "dorky" or horribly awkward with women...Learn More


Lowest price and a 365-day money back guarantee available when product is purchased directly from Christian through the official website.


Where Can I Get The Girlfriend Activation System For The Lowest Price?

Is It Possible To Get The Girlfriend System At A Discount?

I've been fielding a lot of questions recently about where to get GFAS for the lowest price, so I thought I'd take a minute and help everyone out.

The Girlfriend Activation System is sold exclusively through the GFAS official website which can be found here.

Since the guide is delivered through a series of videos via a private member's area, it isn't sold at bricks and mortar bookstores. You won't find it on Amazon, at Barnes and Noble, or any other place besides the official website.

Occasionally, I'll see a site pop up on Google claiming a Girlfriend Activation System discount, but I have yet to find anything legitimate.  These sites always direct you back to the GFAS official website where the price is the same price that everyone else pays which is a one-time $67 USD.

With the rise in popularity of The Girlfriend Activation System, these sites claim false discounts to draw you in so they can sell you some kind of other junk or get you onto a spammy email list.  Total BS tactics.

The price for the Girlfriend System is $67. It's always been $67 and it's always going to be $67 unless Christian himself decides to change it. If he does (especially when he releases the new version in 2014), I'll be sure to post here and let everyone know.

How To Text A Girl That Doesn't Respond (A Tip From Christian And Race)

What Should You Do When She Doesn't Text You Back?

Most of us never go anywhere without our cell phones, and it's almost impossible these days to get a girlfriend without having a good text game.

When used correctly, texting can be an excellent way to build attraction.  You don't need to be out on a date or even in the same room for that matter.  But it can also kill the attraction just as fast if your texts don't do enough to engage the girl on the other end.

In the short video below, Race and Christian provide a quick tip on how to send a "re-engaging text" to get a girl who has gone cold and wont' respond to text you back.

Discussed in the video are...

  • Squirrels gathering nuts
  • Iceland
  • The danger in waiting too long to text a girl back 

And, if you want to improve your text game, be sure to check out Race's Text That Girl program.  If you aren't familiar with Race, he won an award for "Best Text Game" at the Global Pickup Conference in New York City.  Definitely knows his stuff!

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