Anxiety is often a problem that seems like it's nothing at first, but then grows over time. People have a natural tendency to try to avoid the things that provoke fear in them. This is healthy, after all. Our fear of running into a burning forest helps to keep us away from a potentially deadly situation. When fear isn't focused on anything specific, or is focused on Dealing with phobias and fears something inappropriate, this avoidance becomes unhealthy. The effort to avoid the source of your fear can make it seem even more strange and powerful, and can in turn make it even more difficult to face.

Understanding Your Anxiety

It's often helpful to start out by clearly identifying what it is that most makes you anxious. Someone who is fine in virtually any situation when they are alone, but becomes terrified of facing a room full of people at a party may have a social phobia. A person who is sometimes overcome by panic attacks, on the other hand, has a panic disorder and will likely develop an intense accompanying fear of having panic attacks. Other people have very specific fears, that may target something like blood or spiders. Whatever the nature of your feelings, understanding How to deal with anxiety starts with doing everything possible to identify what's sitting at its core.

Addressing Your Anxiety

Solutions for fears and phobias don't come easily. People are often treated for a phobia to something like spiders through exposure therapy. This is incredibly effective, but is also a difficult experience to get through. It requires exposing people to the thing they fear in gradually increasing amounts to help their brain learn that the threat isn't as serious as it's perceived to be. With spiders, for example, it may start by merely talking about or picturing them. It could move on to looking at photographs or videos. Ultimately, the goal would be to help a patient reach the point where it's possible to remain in the room with a spider, and perhaps even to hold one.

The Anxiety Solution can help you to both identify the type of anxiety that you're experiencing, and to decide on the strategies that you're going to use against it. It is a process and may require some trial-and-error, as you discover what works for you and what sounded good but did not really have much effect. With a willingness to keep trying and the information in The Anxiety Solution, however, you can build a future for yourself where you don't have to leave with those constant feelings of dread.