The Sticky Element: the easiest way to get sticky ads set up!

For Social UX to be successful, it's vital that you have the right ads set up.

We understand that with longer sessions, we get less ad impression UNLESS you make them async and have them refresh every 20s/30s/1min -- and for Social UX specifically, since it's an addictive stream of content, we need to have some sticky ads visible.

This is why the Sticky Element was created.

What is the sticky element:

It's another element inside the Layout & Design tool that you can place within your template. Much like the Conditional Content element, you'll use it to nest other elements inside of it. The main purpose of the nesting is that you can make the children element sticky: an ad tag, a piece of custom HTML code, a FB widget.

How to set it up:

1) Go to the Layout and Design tool in the left nav.

2) Find the page you want to place the Sticky Element in. Click on '+ Add Element' and select 'Sticky'.

3) Once set, you can drag and drop any element inside of it OR add a new element from scratch.

4) If you select it the Sticky element, you'll see you can change the Offset for it in the Properties card on the right.

The idea is that you avoid overlapping it with the Top Bar or other elements this way.

5) Remember to hit save!