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The Left Nav: all links explained

The Left Nav can be access by clicking on the hamburger menu on the left side of the Top Bar. It will open up on the left side of the screen.

It contains mainly 22 links as following:

1) Home and other main sections of the site: these links will take you to the sections URL you have created.
Only the public sections will be displayed here (and in the top nav). Private and Unlisted sections can only be accessed by inputting the specific URL.

2) Dashboard: Access this directly on /core/dashboard/overview

It shows you the performance overview, give you the chance to re-share some popular posts from the past, search published articles, search for articles. and a list of all published articles.

from the listed articles you can:

- Edit articles via clicking edit icon

- Sort articles based on specific creation dates, check total number of views, number of views during the last hour, shows how effectively you used our social and search optimization tools, and sort articles based on sections.

3) Content Feeds: Can be directly accessed through /core/dashboard/content_feeds/ feeds

The Content and Feeds dashboard allows you to easily and automatically bring in social or feed content. You can choose to publish your content directly or to send it first to the "For Review" tab where you may moderate content before publishing. You can also choose the section you want the posts to end up published on.

The Content Feeds dashboard allows you to manage and curate User Generated Content and connect RSS Feeds to your site to give visitors more of what they love without straining your editorial resources. Read more here and here

RebelMouse supports the following networks:

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Google+
  • Linkedin
  • Flickr
  • Tumblr
  • RSS Feeds
  • Pinterest
  • Stocktwits
  • Giphy

4) Stats: Can be directly accessed through /core/dashboard/stats#overview

You can see how your content performing on social accounts (number of views) and you can see your top content, contributors and export your reports.

Our solid Stats dashboard provides insight into site growth, content engagement, social analytics, and viral activity. You can Judge overall performance of your site with a variety of metrics; from performance indicators such as views and referral traffic to engagement metrics like clicks and taps. Also you have access to a deeper layer of metrics, such as shares per social network, the percentage of traffic coming from outside your web property, and the number of community sign-ups resulting from your content.

You may view and compare data over custom time ranges, focusing on specific dates or milestones, or looking at broader trends.

You can integrate third part analytical platforms such as Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics (formerly Omniture), Chartbeat, and more.

More options on left nav. :

5) Layout and Design: can be directly accessed on /core/dashboard/designer/Global

Using this tool enables you to style your site in a very flexible manner, you can use Rebelmouse ready templates or completely customize to your liking with advanced HTML / CSS tools and flexible JS control.

  1. You can control global settings that includes setting up default colors, font type and font size. Your site will follow the fonts and color palette you establish here but you can later customize styles by page template.
  2. You can configure the layout and design for specific page types, including home page, post page and section page
  3. Add element is a great way to customize your template with highest flexibility. The Layout & Design tool is set up in rows and columns, creating zones in a grid pattern. Read more here

For more details please check this out

6) Posts Module: It allows you to add new posts, edit your drafts, access scheduled posts, and check posts that needs review and approval before publishing.

- New post: Takes you to our entry editor which enables you to create your post, format it, schedule it for later and many other great options.

Content built with our entry editor is responsive across all devices and platforms, and includes “what you see is what you get" functionality that eliminates surprises during the publishing process. With features that include input functionality for media, SEO and social optimization tools, and art direction and recommendations, creating content has never been simpler or more effective. Read more here

- Edit Drafts: Visit this directly via /core/dashboard/drafts

You can access your saved and deleted drafts, Edit and restore them.

Saved posts are new posts that were saved from the entry editor, what is really cool that even if you forget to hit save, our auto-save feature safeguards from the loss of all your work in unpublished and published posts.

- Scheduled Posts: Access this directly via /core/dashboard/scheduled_posts

You can access your scheduled posts, edit them, and schedule more posts.

You might schedule your post directly from entry editor as shown below

- For Review: It takes you to feeds posts that needs review and approval before publishing. It allows you to delete and sort these posts according to your preference. Check number 3 above for more details on content feeds section.

7) Discovery: Visit this directly via /core/discovery/posts/p1

It is an intuitive, singular interface and automated functionality that allows your team to efficiently connect your content to the social outlets. no need for to-do lists and manual spreadsheets to manage social content exchanges. Discovery filter stories to see the content most relevant to you. When you publish the social post, a ping automatically goes out to the linked social accounts. This addresses that you exist and are sharing their content so you can start of a fruitful partnership. You can take it to another level with Email Outreach drafts, where RebelMouse automatically pulls in email addresses of account owners and template language so you can easily message them, say you love their page, and indicate you have great stories for their fans, Read more about Discovery and Navigate the Discovery Dashboard

8) Digital Asset Manager (DAM): Visit it directly via /core/dashboard/dam/

Stores all the images you add either directly to the DAM or to your posts and allows you to keep source information, tag images, add them to your posts and more. DAM works as a centralized image database integrated into our entry editor. All admins will have access to DAM where they will be able to add new images easily and use existing ones with few simple steps. Read more about DAM

9) My Page: Your profile page is public and accessible to anyone who clicks on your name from front pages or article pages of your site. Through this area you can view or edit your profile image, name, description, social handles and all your published articles. Read more about setting up your profile page

10) Account Dashboard: It is your interface to easily manage your team through the RebelMouse platform. It enables you to dd (or remove) individuals to the platform, invite them by email, and manage user's permission levels. Access it directly via /core/dashboard/sites#users

You can also control your email account and password, email notifications, account details and domain settings. Read more about account dashboard

11) Sections Dashboard: You can visit this directly via /core/dashboard/sections

It enables you to create and manage sections for specific topics and content within your site, update the section status as 'Public', 'Private', or 'Unlisted, reorder your sections as it would appear on-site using the drag & drop functionality, and access advanced settings which contains:

  • Add a link out URL
  • A custom image header associated with each section
  • Content tags to automatically pull in any post with the same tag
  • Meta tags and title to optimize section content for search
  • Description

From entry editor you can select which section you want that post to be published to.

Read more about Sections Dashboard

12) Stages Dashboard: Visit it directly via /core/dashboard/stages

It allow you to set up and customize a workflow process that takes a draft through its editing process. You can add different stages you'd like posts to go through before they're published to your site.

After you finished your article you wish to save it and leave it for someone else to review and approve them, you will do this by saving your article in appropriate Stage in editor like "ready for review". When editor visit drafts they find articles they need to review by selecting Stage name "Ready for review" and all articles that are ready for review will be displayed there.

Read More about Stages Dashboard

13) Slideshows Dashboard: Visit this directly via /core/dashboard/slideshows

Slideshows dashboard is the place where you can create, edit and manage all slideshows for integration into any post. As you upload your images they will go through the crop tool, be sure to choose the right crop for each image so they can appear nicely in the slideshow. You can also add images to the DAM at the check of a box. Pixel tracking for each slide is supported, enabling seamless data integration/tracking.

Read More About Slideshows Dashboard

14) Embed: An old feature that was used widely during Rebelmouse early years, It enables you to embed your Rebelmouse content to any other side through generation an embedding code.

15) Ad Manager: A direct link to this section is /core/dashboard/a_manager

If you rely on ad revenue, the best place is your article page. The RebelMouse Ad Manager dashboard enables you to easily swap out ads, change placement and generally experiment as much as you want, without relying on tech resources. Learn more about Ad Manager Dashboard

Layout and Design tool grants you a wider space to control your ad's, read more here

More options on left nav.:

16) ShortCodes: Reach this section directly on /core/dashboard/shortcodes

This feature enables you to create shortcodes to be used on entry editor to embed content across multiple posts. This can be used for inserting ad codes inside a post or any other code you want to quickly embed in Entry Editor. Read more here

17) Learning Portal: Leads you to

It is an amazing site where you can search for valuable answers about how to do something with your site. It enables you to get the most out of our features through implementing it in the right way. We are putting huge efforts to keep this portal updated and comprehensive for you.

18) Newsletter: Directly access this section on /core/dashboard/newsletter

The Newsletter dashboard makes it easy for you to set up and manage your newsletter to keep audiences engaged. You have the option to use Rebelmouse ready templates or to create your own (MailChimp Integration) which grants you full control on editing your templates. Read more here

19) Badges: Directly access this section on /core/dashboard/badges

Badges have multiple uses; some clients use them to flag their promoted content, others just to have a cool way to categorize their content. Read more here

20) Bookmarklet: Access this directly on /core/dashboard/bookmarklet

Drag the edit post button to your browser to quickly edit a post on the site. This is just an easy way to get into edit mode quickly.

21) Help: Leads you to where you can find everything you need to know about creating and optimizing content on the RebelMouse platform.

22) Logout: It loges you out of the site.

Left Nav links view differ according to permission levels; An admin can see all 22 links but what "Community Users" and "read only" users see is:

Guest Writers will have extra option to access "Edit Drafts":

Editors can access all admin links except layout & design tool, embed, and ad manager. Also they can't change users permissions via "Account" section.

NEW! Beta Posts Dashboard: Filtering and Search UI Upgrade

New Filters in Posts Dashboard

We've implemented new filters that allow users to easily find exactly what they need in their posts dashboard. You can now customize your search results by:

  • Creators You Follow
  • Rating
  • Post Status
  • Post Type
  • Period
  • Sections
Here's what the new filter menu looks like:

Easy-to-Use Search Queries

In the same slick user interface, you can also create search queries and combine them with your filtered results:

  • Post Search
  • Creator Search With Ajax Autocomplete
  • Community Search

This is an exciting step forward in enhancing the editorial experience for our users. It should now be much simpler to narrow down results to exactly what you're looking for.

Here's how the workflow looks in action:

If you have any questions about these dashboard updates, please email

Higher SEO Audit Scores With RebelMouse

SEMrush Reports Help Keep Our Sites Optimized for Search

Even the most brilliant and successful marketers will admit that chasing a perfect search strategy is a full-time job in and of itself. Google's algorithm is fickle at best, with frequent algorithm updates that can turn a site's rankings completely sideways.

At RebelMouse, we obsess over Google's algorithm updates and the latest SEO best practices so that our publishers can focus on doing what they do best: create quality content. This means our traffic experts work around the clock to make sure our sites are optimized for search, and are even a few steps ahead of what Google's next move will be.

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