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Alternative Thanksgiving Menus

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Lemon Turkey Tenderloin Menu
Turkey tenderloins are easy to cook and always turn out perfectly. Paired with some flavorful roasted potatoes, a special berry salad, and homemade rolls, this is a delicious alternative Thanksgiving menu. Or perfect for any holiday party.

Roast Chicken Dinner Menu
A roasted chicken is a nice alternative to that big turkey. This delicious recipe is easy to make. Paired with asparagus and some creamy potatoes, this is a meal that is just as festive as the traditional one.

Turkey Breast and Stuffing Menu
For smaller families, this menu is ideal. It can be adapted to any taste just by changing the stuffing recipe.

Stuffed Turkey Tenderloin Dinner
Turkey tenderloins are delicious and easy to use. I'm always surprised by how quickly they cook. This menu is fun and festive.

Turkey Cutlets Menu
A cranberry and pistachio sauce makes quickly cooked turkey cutlets special. Sweet potato stuffing cooked in the crockpot and an easy make-ahead fruit salad round out the menu.

Crockpot Chicken and Sweet Potatoes Menu
Yes, you can serve chicken for Thanksgiving! It doesn't taste much different from turkey. And if you must have turkey, just use boneless skinless turkey thighs in this delicious recipe.

Roast Turkey Breast Menu
This menu is closest to a traditional Thanksgiving feast, but it's scaled down for a smaller group. You can make it for a crowd, though - just add more turkey!

Chandler's Thanksgiving Meal
Poor Chandler never had much luck with the Thanksgiving meal, so I've created this menu just for him.

Calvin Trillin's Thanksgiving Dinner
And Calvin Trillin has an interesting concept: since Columbus discovered America, Thanksgiving should be based on Italian food. Yum!

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