If you have been looking for something different to do, you need to purchase tickets to a Thames boat party. Most of the boat parties take place on either Friday or Saturday night. It is a great way to get down with your friends and make some great memories at the same time.

Chill Outside

During the party, when you need a break, you can take your drink and chill outside. You can enjoy the fresh breeze and the awesome sights as the boat sails down the Thames river. You can even enjoy some music on the outside upper deck as you float along the river.

Dance Inside

Inside of a London boat party, the fun does not stop. You can expect the whole club experience. Each boat features an excellent DJ who knows how to keep the tunes pumping and people dancing. You will even get to experience a great light show as you float and dance your way down the river.

Sip On Great Drinks

A party is not really a party if you cannot drink whatever you want. That is why every party boat has a full bar. They can make any drink that you can think of. Plus, they even run drink specials, just like a regular bar.

Munch On Great Food

Drinking and dancing tend to make people hungry, which is why you can enjoy food from a light buffet abroad every party boat. You will be able to satisfy your food cravings during your time out on the water. A private boat party Thames really does think about everything.

Plenty Of Time

It often seems that special events are way to short. However, a party boat on the Thames river provides you with more than enough time to do everything you want. You will have about four hours out on the water. That is more than enough time to get all of your dancing, snacking and eating in. It is the perfect amount of time to have fun, and is also not too long of a time to be out on the river.

If you want to have some real fun with your friends and create some unique memories, you need to book a ticket for a Thames Boat Party. You can dance and party for four hours while your boat floats down the river. You can drink as much as you want, and even munch on some delicious food at the same time.