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Relationship distance! How can you maintain it?

The biggest failure rate relationships remotely attributed to predominantly negative perception of the comrades that the relationship from a distance "generally does not work" and little "will show" attitude. In short once you decide to get into such a relationship should really learn to believe that this can be maintained with the text the romance back. And to override the initial negative impression of both your own mind, and the other (which would certainly take care to say their opinion!).

When you enter into a relationship at a distance with the logic of "wait and see" why do basically do not want to finish the contact, but overwhelmed by the insecurity that this thing "will not work".
With the attitude "we see" the defenses of your body will limit your gaze to negative dimensions will overemphasised sometimes small unpleasant details just to convince and not bothered and further emotional investment.

1.Theste basic questions from the start to ensure any misunderstanding, but the parameters of your relationship. I really do not imagine most "uncomfortable" conversation than to try to determine eg If this relationship is exclusive (not go with others) or to the naming as "serious" or "I see" or "go out" etc. From the beginning, try to set your boundaries, how you see this relationship and what do you expect from it and make sure you do it clearly and the other. It does not seem to you that this sounds, you know, parakaleto. No! It is early identification of what you want and what you need because as we said this relationship is not maintained if both are not perpendicular to it beginning and choose.

2.Frontiste contact each way (phone, e mail, web cameras etc.) daily and more than once if possible. Since we do not see it is important to create and maintain an emotional contact and connection. No need to make thoughtful discussions, simply to share the daily life or tell a sweet reason to ask for or give a tip, you laugh at the same joke. Note: each mode of communication has its advantages and disadvantages. Often the written word creates misunderstandings or misconceptions on the phone sometimes can be "heard" somewhat or may not respond immediately, etc. Do you make scenarios ... think like you, so every day and he has to face a bunch of stuff . For speak and those brought you together.

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