You may have heard Lena Dunham's name before, but it is now official that she is a rising star. According to the new Exclusive: Terry Richardson Shoots Lena Dunham stories published online, the famed photographer has now photographed her for V Magazine. Dunham has previously appeared in magazines including i-D and a handful of independent publications. The next issue of V Magazine won't hit newsstands until around the middle of January, but diligent fans can find the spectacular photos on the Internet ahead of the story being published.

Terry Richardson rose to fame in the fashion industry by shooting photos for a host of famous celebrity designers, including Tom Ford, Marc Jacobs and Yves St. Laurent. However, in his early years Richardson was more focused on documenting the life and adventures of punk rockers in Ojai. Richardson started out with a simple snapshot camera, which was a gift from his mother. When he debuted his first fashion photos, they were shown in Vibe magazine. That Vibe magazine spread was eventually showcased at an international festival in Paris, and he was soon the toast of the fashion world.

Richardson's relationship with Lena Dunham appears to be one that is based very much on the strong trust and admiration between the two. Dunham's first major cover, which is considered to the the V Magazine one shot by Richardson, accompanies an interview in which the actress sounds off on a variety of topics. Dunham says that she is astonished to be featured in places like NYMag, and she is even more amazed at the free perks that come with her emerging stardom. She mentions that free clothing is something that she never takes for granted, and that in fact she treats each and every piece like a tremendous gift thanks to the mentality instilled in her by her grandmother.

Dunham also talks about her weight and her eating habits in the interview, saying that she is not an actress who is willing to let her life be ruled by her weight or her appearance. She is proud to be able to eat what she wants, work out the way she wants, and then still be able to have the privilege of posing for one of the top fashion photographers in the world today. To learn more about Terry Richardson, check out sites that have photos he has taken, or look for interviews with the photographer himself!