Most pest experts tell homeowners one of the biggest threats to their home is termites. Since termites consume wood, they can quickly cause massive damages to a home. This is why it is imperative homeowners are proactive and work to protect their homes even before termites become a threat. Should termites be found in a home, quick treatment can help to stop the threats to a home.

Proactive treatment is crucial for protecting a home from termite damage. The best termite barriers in Bundaberg are placed around a home to deter termites and kill any that venture towards the home structure. This termiticide is sprayed all around the property to coat the ground around the base of the home. These barriers provide a high level of protection against termites.

As a part of the protective measures, the termite control company will work to instruct homeowners on avoiding termites by limiting moisture and wood sources around the home. With the pest control company and the homeowner working together, a home can be kept safe.

When termites have entered a home, a pest control company needs to be contacted immediately. The company will first come out and conduct a thorough inspection. This will assist the company in knowing what type of termite is present in the home so it can be properly removed.

Warning signs termites are in a home include:

Weak wood spots

Shed wings that resemble fish scales

Mud tube nests on the sides of a home near the foundation

Swarming termites in the spring months

If any of these signs are noticed in a home, the homeowner needs to call for termite control services immediately. The longer termites are allowed to stay in a home, the more structural damages they can cause. This can end up leading to thousands of dollars in damages.

For more information on termite prevention and treatment, contact SureSafe Pest Management. They will be happy to inspect a home for termites. If any are found, the proper treatments can be put into place to eradicate them from the home. Should no termites be found, the company can protect the home with termite barriers. Call today for your home inspection to get started.