Australian homeowners can acquire great insight into eliminating and preventing termite infestations in their homes from pest control services. For instance, a top primary in combating termites is to ensure that the property remains dry. If a water leak occurs or roof damage is sustained, these problems should be addressed promptly to prevent infestation of termites. If you have discovered or suspect that you have an infestation in your home contact SureSafe Pest for Bundaberg termite control today.

Measures to Keep Your Home Pest-Free

Standing water and clogged gutters are common conditions in which pests thrive. The same is true of termites, which need moist conditions to build colonies. Termites dig deep into moist soil as this presents the best opportunity to create tunnels. This presents them with a way to tunnel underneath your home and reach the foundation and the wooden frame work holding up your property.

As a measure to prevent these occurrences, you should maintain your roof, clean your gutters frequently, and inspect areas that are likely to lead to water leaks. This includes your air conditioning unit and ventilation system, which could lead to water leaks within crawlspaces. You should acquire the necessary repairs needed to remedy these conditions and schedule an inspection to ensure that additional areas do not present similar conditions.

Preventative Decorating

As an additional preventative measure to combat termites, homeowners can add products such as permethrin to their wallpaper glue. They can add it also to wood varnish and paint used throughout their home. Unlike lead-based paints, the addition of this product doesn't pose a threat to the homeowners or their families. It is non-toxic to humans.

Waste Management

Homeowners should always remove waste products around their property. This includes excess wood products that are left behind after a remodeling project or wood works. This presents the right conditions for a termite infestation. For this reason, homeowners should make arrangements to eliminate them completely.


Affordable termite barriers are made of environmentally-friendly materials. A technician can place these barriers within the crawlspaces of your property. They are constructed of sand particles that blend into the existing soil well while maintaining their integrity. This stops the termites from building further tunnels for their colony. Environmentally friendly termite barriers are an effective measure whether you have existing termite infestations or not. However, if the infestation is severe, you should consider barriers with pesticides. If you wish to learn more about these pest control options, contact your preferred service provider and schedule an appointment.